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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
November 11, 2014

While the usual post-elections analysts explain away the anger felt by many American voters, those casting their ballots for GOP candidate may have done so in the hopes of putting an end to what they discerned as a lawlessness and deceitfulness in the current White House, according to a report on Thursday by a top watchdog group that investigates and exposes government corruption and out-and-out criminal acts by political leaders and their subordinates. Despite being told that voter fraud is rare by the people who benefit from illegal voting and their media sycophants, Americans believe that the security of U.S. elections is a necessity.

One of the fears during the election cycle was suspected unlawful voting by illegal and legal aliens that's been mocked by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other leftist critics of voter identification requirements. Whenever the subject is discussed with administration officials, Americans are told that Voter ID laws are discriminatory and burdensome, especially to blacks and Hispanics, according to Judicial Watch.

However, a large number of Americans -- most of whom are Republicans, but some are Democrats and Independents -- don't agree with the likes of Obama and Holder and they don't believe the new state laws requiring voters to prove their identity is as unduly burdensome and discriminatory as the Democrats claim. "Now that the Republicans control both houses of Congress, it's time to put an end to the corruption that exists in our nation's elections process. It's not difficult and it's not racist. It's a commonsense to a growing problem," claims political consultant and attorney Mike Barker.

Despite the continuing vilification or ridicule of those who espouse Voter ID laws by the Democratic Party establishment, a survey of voters on election day conducted by The Polling Company Inc. for Judicial Watch and reveals a clear majority of American voters favor laws that verify the identity of voters before they cast their ballots. According to officials from both organizations, the poll was drawn from the responses of 806 actual 2014 voters.

The Judicial Watch/Breitbart Election Day survey reveals that 76 percent of voters agreed that “laws that require voters to present a photo ID before casting a ballot” to be “mostly fair.” Only 21 percent of those surveyed said it was “mostly unfair.” Also, 69 percent of American voters consider to not be a burden for someone to show valid photo ID.

What may surprise the most cynical Washington politician is the survey results for minorities: 45 percent of blacks and 51 percent of Hispanics consider voter ID “not a burden at all.” "The race card played by the Obama administration against voter ID is so ludicrous that even minorities reject it," noted Judicial Watch.

This same poll also addressed the so-called immigration controversy in Washington dues to the obvious support by politicians in both political parties for amnesty and their lack of enthusiasm for enforcing the law. But the Judicial Watch/Breitbart survey clearly demonstrated that for American voters immigration enforcement isn’t the least bit controversial this is shown by their unmitigated support for the rule of law approach to govern the nation's illegal alien crisis that shocked and amazed the U.S. population last spring and summer.

A majority of voters polled (58 percent) said they believe “We should enforce current laws that require illegal immigrants to return to their home countries.” And 50 percent of American voters said the United States government should go even further and change current immigration law to slow the rate of legal immigration. Attached to the illegal alien problem is the practice in some U.S. states that permit illegal aliens to get in-state tuition rates, which are actually subsidized by taxpayers, for state-run institutions for higher learning.

A whopping 76 percent of voters disagree with giving illegal aliens a benefit not enjoyed by American children from other states, and 65 percent said they felt "strongly" about the subject. Among minorities, 58 percent of Blacks and 59 percent of Hispanics disagree with cheaper tuition for illegal aliens with 8 percent of Blacks and 31 percent of Hispanics saying they strongly disagree.

"For a political class that's always bellyaching about fairness or a 'fair playing field' why haven't they been asked by politicians and the news media why is making a student who lives in Arizona pay twice the tuition rate to attend college in California, but an illegal alien from Mexico -- another nation -- gets to pay the same as in-state tuition-payers?" asks political strategist Mike Barker.

As far as President Barack Obama's threat of using executive orders to help illegal aliens become legal or even citizens, when the voters on Tuesday were asked: “Do you agree or disagree that President Obama should through executive action allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States, 63 percent disagree (53 percent “strongly,” 10 percent “somewhat”) but only 30 percent agree.

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"The new Congress has a strong mandate to pursue Obama’s abuse of power in the IRS scandal, hold him accountable for the Benghazi lies, protect our borders, close the door on amnesty, end Obamacare, confront government secrecy, and ensure the integrity of our elections. Judicial Watch has been happy to do the job of Congress, the establishment media, and the Justice Department for six years. Again, this election shows that Americans want Congress to follow our lead and get Washington back under the rule of law," stated officials at Judicial Watch.

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One of the fears during the election cycle was suspected unlawful voting by illegal and legal aliens that's been mocked by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other leftist critics of voter identification requirements.