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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
August 4, 2015

An 18-year-old Mexican national who police claim was in possession of a "green card" executed a Native American husband and wife who had stopped to offer assistance to him when they saw he was having trouble with his automobile. The suspect, who also shot and wounded the dead couple's daughter when she attempted to escape told police he committed the homicides because the man was too slow helping with his disabled vehicle and the daughter laughed at him, according to an FBI agent's testimony on Thursday during a court hearing.

The married couple, 51-year-old Jason Shane and 47-year-old Tana Shane, died following the execution-style shooting which occurred on an Indian reservation in the small town of Pryor, Montana. Meanwhile, their daughter, 26-year-old Jorah Shane, was gunned down when she tried to run back to her house nearby. She was shot in her back as she ran screaming.

The suspected gunman, Jesus Deniz a/k/a Jesus Deniz Mendoza, who gave Worland, Wyoming, as his hometown, told investigators he shot the three victims, when they had stopped to help him because "Jorah laughed at him." While Deniz reportedly possessed a green card, it's believed he is one of the millions of illegal aliens who possess fake identification.

“Deniz told the interviewing [FBI agents] that he shot the victims because he was getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter laughed at him,” a statement submitted by federal authorities said. Because the shootings occurred on an Indian Reservation, the FBI, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Crow Tribal Police Department -- who are sworn peace officers -- are handling the investigation because the murder victims and the wounded daughter were members of the Crow tribe.

FBI agents said that Deniz admitted shooting the three Crow Indians with an illegal owned .22-caliber rifle and that he sped from the crime scene driving the victims’ vehicle. "It's sad to say that it may take an investigation just to find out if this alleged killer is an illegal alien or one of those young immigrants who entered the U.S. during the surge of 'children' from Mexico and Central American countries. For all we know, he may be one of the immigrants being protected by President Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary [Jeh] Johnson who is a willing participant in Obama's fractured immigration enforcement plan," said former first-grade police detective Michael Snopes.

“Deniz told the interviewing agents that he shot the victims because he was getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter laughed at him.” The family came to help Deniz, who had run out of gas, after Tana Shane spotted him on her way home and went to her house just 50 yards away to get her husband and daughter, according to the Billings Gazette newspaper.

As the three Native Americans approached the suspect, Deniz pointed a gun at them and ordered them to exit their vehicle. He also allegedly demanded money, the complaint states, which will probably add armed robbery to the list of charges against the criminal alien.

When the couple replied that they had only coins having returned from a religious service in Window Rock, Arizona, the gunman told them to “start walking,” according to the criminal complaint. Jorah Shane told investigators who interviewed her at the hospital that she heard gunshots and her mother yelling to her in the Crow language to run.

While running as fast as she could, she “felt blood running down her face,” which was the result of a bullet wound, according to the document. “She heard another gunshot and felt a bullet hit her in the back,” the complaint says. Jorah Shane then watched helplessly as the suspect drove away in the family’s car, but her calls for help were heard by several people at the nearby St. Charles Mission School.

Deniz, who is believed to have lived in the United States for about two years at the time of the shooting was already out on bail after being arrested for a burglary in Wyoming. On Friday, he appeared in a Billings, Montana, federal court before U.S. Judge Carolyn Ostby.

Department of Homeland Security officials are claiming that Deniz was legally admitted into the U.S. in May 2013. It's believed he entered during the border crisis when thousands of young people where allowed by the Obama administration to enter the U.S. While Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they were aware of the burglary charge, they added they are prohibited from deporting Deniz unless or until he is convicted of a crime, according to new guidelines put in place by the Obama administration.

“This individual does not have any criminal convictions, and, as a permanent resident, is not currently removable," ICE said in a statement. "Thus, an ICE detainer cannot be placed on the individual at this time. However, ICE is closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities. If he is convicted for a criminal offense that allows him to be removed from the country, after the completion of sentence, ICE intends to take him into custody and pursue his removal from the United States."

"I'm not so sure that's a comfort to the Crow Indians and the relatives of the two victims who would be alive if the old procedures were in place and the shooter had been deported the moment he broke the law," said former police officer Iris Aquino, an anti-amnesty activist. "This administration will either cover up this double-homicide or they will blame Republicans for not passing Obama's idea of immigration enforcement. This is another case that should outrage clear-thinking citizens of this country.

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This latest killing is beginning to draw attention to the numerous violent crimes committed by immigrants. When GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Mexican society sends bad elements to the U.S., he was blasted by the news media and politicians in both political parties. However, Americans who are aware of the realities in their cities and towns have shown strong support for Trump's statements on criminal aliens.

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The married couple, 51-year-old Jason Shane and 47-year-old Tana Shane, died following the execution-style shooting which occurred on an Indian reservation in the small town of Pryor, Montana.