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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
November 17, 2015

Despite the connection between France's Syrian refugees and the shocking ISIS attack on Friday that left more than 120 dead and three times that number wounded, President Barack Hussein Obama is continuing his quest to allow at least 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country over the next year, according to one of his national security team members on the Sunday morning news shows.

While the Obama administration and its mainstream media cohorts depict the Syrian refugees as hopeless women and children escaping the onslaught of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) -- or as the Secretary of State John Kerry has decided to call them: the Daesh. However, even the United Nations High Commission for Refugees admits that 75 percent of the refugees who are men, while 13 percent are children and 12 percent women. And only a slight majority, 51 percent, of the refugees are Syrian.

“We’re still planning on taking in Syrian refugees,” said Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes on Fox News Sunday. “We had very robust vetting procedures for those refugees,” he told host Chris Wallace and later Jake Tapper on CNN.

“There are women and children, orphans of this war, and I think we need to do our along with our allies to provide them a safe haven,” he said, intentionally or unintentionally omitting the truth that the vast majority will be young men.

"This is just another example of the lies this administration puts out there to get their way. Another point they fail to mention is that the vast majority of the refugees are Muslims not Christians. President Obama, who the media claims is so intelligent should already be aware of this information," said former law enforcement commander Michael Snopes. "And the news media are helping him by showing images of women and children with cuts and bruises, and looking as if they are starving. It's another Obama scam just like 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor' only this is more dangerous for American families," Snopes added.

“I think we would stand shoulder to shoulder with France in whatever decision they make,” Rhodes said. “In any case, we’re going to be cooperating with them militarily going forward.” Rhodes also said he does not envision a U.S. ground campaign in Syria.

“We do not believe that there is a solution to the challenge in Syria or Iraq that involves significant numbers of U.S. combat troops going in,” he added.

"Rhodes is a glorified speechwriter. In fact, he is the guy who wrote Obama's now infamous "New Beginnings" apology speech that the President used to apologize for 'America's actions' in the past," according to former military intelligence officer and later police official, Stanley Knudsen.

Knudsen also asserts that Rhodes was the adviser who counseled Obama to withdraw support from Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, becoming a key adviser during the 2011 Arab Spring that led to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. The assistant to Susan "Benghazi" Rice, who most law enforcement officers believe is a fraud and liar, Rhodes is said to be one of Obama's sneakiest minions.

Regarding the influx of Muslim refugees, experts have said repeatedly that U.S. and Europe are incapable of vetting the millions of refugees fleeing Syria and other Islamic nations, a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said while appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

"The intelligence is simply too thin to dig deep into the backgrounds of each and every refugee," former Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, said. Rogers served as a FBI special agent before entering politics. “I’m not sure why this shocked everybody. There is not a vetting process … that can vet every single individual refugee coming in on the refugee program,” he added.

On Friday night, the world watched in horror as a large-scale, coordinated Islamic terrorist attack unfolded in Paris, France, leaving over 140 people dead and perhaps three times that number wounded. The attack included bomb explosions, shootings and a hostage-situation that turned into an mass execution. While many believe the perpetrators were members of ISIS, some also believe the attackers were part of the thousands of newly migrated Syrian hostages. As with the Russians in Syria and the recent Russian airliner bombing in Sinai, the United States appears to have been blindsided by the hugely successful and terrifying jihadists' attack on the City of Lights.

Unfortunately, claim a number of military and law enforcement counterterrorism experts, the American people aren't getting any benefits from the enormous amount of money taken from them in taxes to pay for a state-of-the-art intelligence gathering and analysis operation. In fact, a growing number of Americans believe that most of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is being misused to maintain surveillance of the American people. Even government agencies not considered part of the intelligence network, have abused privacy rights such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The largest number of complaints of unconstitutional surveillance of American civilians have been leveled at the National Security Agency (NSA), which runs the nation's high-tech surveillance programs.

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Meanwhile, Larry Klayman, the founder, chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, who once served as a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, announced this week that the Honorable Richard J. Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia had granted Klayman's motion for preliminary injunction.

The federal judge this week ruled against the NSA's collection of Americans' phone records that has outraged a growing number of citizens who say they never signed on to giving up their rights for the still inadequate national security. Judge Leon asserts that the current high-tech spy program "likely violates the Constitution" and said he believes "the loss of constitutional freedoms for even one day is a significant harm."

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“We’re still planning on taking in Syrian refugees,” said Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes on Fox News Sunday. “We had very robust vetting procedures for those refugees,” he told host Chris Wallace and later Jake Tapper on CNN.