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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
February 11, 2016

A former deputy manager for the Romney for President campaign, who is now a devout Rubio supporter, Katie Packer, has made it her primary mission to thwart Republican front-runner Donald Trump's nomination for President of the United States. In fact, Ms. Packer is credited with saying: If it bleeds we can kill it, obviously meaning Trump's presidential ambition.

And it’s not a coincidence that Parker is linked to a mysterious Super PAC with ties to current GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio and her old boss Mitt Romney who are promising the Republican Party's so-called establishment they will end the Trump juggernaut in South Carolina.

The Mitt Romney-linked Super PAC is telling donors and supporters that there is an all-out war to prevent the New York real-estate magnate Trump from getting the Grand Old Party's nomination to run against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

The anti-Trump effort is called the "Our Principles PAC" and is believed to be chaired by Ms. Packer who reports directly to the former Massachusetts governor who lost to Barack Obama in 2012.

Katie Packer’s chief complaint regarding a Donald Trump candidacy is that he is a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Ironically, she served on the campaign team in 2011-12 for the arguably chief architect of Obamacare, Gov. Mitt Romney, who ran as a Northeast Republic a/k/a moderate. Her opponents claim it is almost comical to hear her now complaining that "The Donald" isn’t a real conservative.

Packer is being supported by a number of GOP bigshots, including John McCain, in order to try to form a steady barrage of anti-Trump messages that will ultimately turn voters against the New York billionaire no one can buy.

Packer has also admitted she supports Marco Rubio, but says she is not affiliated with the Rubio campaign.

For example, Packer had her minions send out obviously dishonest pamphlets before the primary in New Hampshire. The mailing claimed Donald Trump was anti-Second Amendment despite his being given an award by a police firearms organization.

And while Packer has repeatedly refused to identify the people financing her Super PAC, which has already spent $2 million in Iowa. She now is preparing to spend millions more before the primary in South Carolina. Because of her links to wealthy GOP backers, it isn’t difficult to guess that her former boss Mitt Romney is expected to endorse Marco Rubio.

As previously reported in, the GOP's political establishment has gone as far as advocating violence against their own party's front-runner. Pat Brady, the co-chairman of the John Kasich for President Campaign, said in an interview that the only way to beat Donald Trump is with a “head shot,” a term used to describe a single-bullet killing. Once he realized the ramifications of what he said, Brady then claimed that his head shot comment regarding Trump wasn't referring to a literal gunshot to the head.

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Not to be outdone by Brady, Republican political consultant Rick Wilson appeared on MSNBC and was more direct when he said the GOP political establishment has to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head

According to conservative firebrand and Trump supporter Ann Coulter, "FOX News is ignoring these death threats against Donald Trump. Disgusting." And NRA firearms instructor Rick Smith noted, "Never thought it would be possible, but Fox now makes MSNBC look like a professionally run news media [organization]!"

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Packer has also admitted she supports Marco Rubio, but says she is not affiliated with the Rubio campaign.