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By NWV news director, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
July 7, 2008

Some well informed conservatives in the United States are sounding the alarm about plans to tax Americans for carbon emissions purported to cause what's been dubbed, "Global Warming." Adding to their fears of oppressive global climate taxation is a recent event in Canada. Read GPF on global taxes.

On July 1, citizens of Canada's British Columbia began paying a so-called carbon tax for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The provincial government is levying the tax on most fossil fuels, including gasoline and home heating fuel. British Columbia hopes the new policy will cause people to drive less and conserve more energy, thus leading to a significant cut in greenhouse gas emissions that allegedly contribute to climate change.

In addition, according to Mike Baker, a political strategist who has studied the new Canadian tax law, citizens will be expected to pay taxes for wood stove and fireplace emissions, farm equipment, trucks, automobiles and anything else that utilizes fossil fuel. He predicts there will come a time in the not to distant future when even water and clean air consumption by individuals will be taxed.

"New 'Gobal Warming' cops will be hired to drive around the county looking for smoke coming out of peoples chimneys and write hefty tickets to those that refuse to comply. A goldmine of new found money coming to city and county cofers," added Baker.

"If replicated in the United States -- as Al Gore and others want -- this will be one of the biggest power grabs in US history. It'll create bigger government and poorer, expendable citizens. For instance you better buy a bicycle, because only the wealthy, the powerful and those working for government will be able to afford to drive cars," Baker warns.

"That's why they are building bike paths and walking trails in every town and city across America. Getting ready for the day when private automobile ownership will either be outright banned or too expensive to own and operate, all under the bannor of "'Saving the Planet'" added Baker.

Canadian politicians are debating over whether or not to tax their entire country and liberals in this country will no doubt use it as an arguing point in pushing for a similar tax on Americans, according to Baker.

Baker gives the example of one US congressman who is already looking to replicate the British Columbia tax plan. Last week, Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Washington) in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill that would require utilities to pay for the electricity generated by small renewable energy producers. While the proposed legislation is not a tax on individual Americans, Baker and other conservatives view it as a first step in that direction.

For Canada, the carbon tax affects just about every aspect of citizens' lives, but British Columbia lawmakers, who introduced the tax in February, claim it will generate more than $1.8 billion in revenue for three years. "It's a gold strike, 'a bonanza' for those that live off the public purse" said Baker.

The tax would add $9.90 per ton of carbon emissions in 2008 and increase by $4.95 per ton each year for four years. That means an additional 2.41 Canadian cents on a liter of gas (about 9.13 Canadian cents per gallon), which costs about $1.40 ($1.38) per liter, according to Reuters news agency.

According to NY Times, Boulder Colorado prides itself on being the first City to Approve ‘Carbon Tax’ in Effort to Reduce Gas Emissions.

There's no surprise to learn that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said he would support a carbon tax in the United States but, conservatives fear, it will be even more far-reaching than the tax plan in British Columbia.

"It's all about who will control the earth resources. It's big government laying claim to the waters, oceans, lakes, forests, birds, animals, earth's land surface, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the sky and space, as well as you and me!" said Joan Veon, CEO of the Women's International Media Group and a recognized expert in politically-motivated scientific research. British government is already dictating to their citizens to stop wasting food.

"Little by little, the world is being re-organized using capitalism as the global engine to also change the structure of government from government to public-private partnership which is a co-management of government by business," she said in a telephone interview with

According to one Oregon resident and Josephine County coordinator for Americans for Prosperity, Attorney Jack Swift, "The public is every day coming more and more to the realization that Al Gore’s "Inconvenient Truth" is in fact a convenient lie that fails all analysis according to history and experience. Yet here, and obviously in Canada, our elected representatives feel compelled to rush ahead with legislative attempts to save the planet from man-caused global warming with their vehicle of choice: taxation.

"Given the paucity of fact supporting the allegation, one has to wonder about the true motive of these legislators. These people are not ignorant. One can only conclude that their interest is in the legislation, not the problem it is said to cure. The goal then is the taxation and its justification is "save the planet." No more. No less. And the objective of that taxation is, as always, the redistribution of wealth according to the standards of the intelligentsia in the government.

"Here in Oregon that redistribution is laid upon our power utilities (and paid by consumers) and then given to chosen environmental groups to effect some redemptive ecological project. Under the Kyoto Accord, it would be given to underdeveloped nations to compensate them for the burden imposed by developed nations.

"Did any of us get any opportunity to vote on any of this? Do we want any of it?" said Swift.

At the forefront of the carbon taxation movement -- besides Al Gore -- is Dr. James Hansen, considered by many to be perhaps the world's foremost authority on the 'greenhouse effect' of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Hansen's statements are typically regarded as expressions of fact.

"In many cases, however, they are merely his opinions," said Dr. Sherwood Idso, who is considered a leading skeptic of much of the global warming research.

"When Hansen's testimony is compared with what has been revealed by the scientific investigations of highly competent researchers in a wide variety of academic disciplines, we find that he paints a very different picture of the role of [carbon] emissions in shaping the future fortunes of man and nature alike than what is suggested by that larger body of work."

Dr. Sherwood points to some of the inconsistencies between Hansen's House of Representatives' testimony and current scientific literature is Hansen's claim of a sea level rise this century measured in meters, due to "the likely demise of the West Antarctic ice sheet."

However, the most recent and comprehensive review of potential sea level rise due to contributions from the wastage of both the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets suggests a century-long rise measured in millimeters. Similarly, whereas Hansen claims the rate of sea level rise is accelerating, century-scale data indicate the mean rate-of-rise of the global ocean has either not accelerated at all or has actually slowed over the latter part of the past century, according to Dr. Sherwood.

"The neo-Marxist liberals in this nation and throughout the world have failed in bringing about global socialism with their many attempts at duping Americans. Now they've found a weapon they believe will scare even the staunchest capitalist, freedom-loving American into giving up his or her freedoms for the sake of saving the planet from the evils of human existence," said Mike Baker.

Baker added "In order for the people to reverse this diabolical trend, they must vote out all the sell out politicians on the local level across the whole country, and only elect those who will serve the people."

"And using science is a plus since most Americans aren't scientists and have limited knowledge of climatic subjects including historic changes in temperature on earth," he added. "What better way to dupe even the most intelligent among us?"

Businesswoman and journalist Joan Veon sees an even more sinister game being played. "In the old days when the explorers discovered various parts of the New World, they planted their flag and said it belonged to the king or queen of their respective country. Do you think it is possible that the United Nations and a small group of very, very powerful insiders have just planted their flag and now they are looking for ways to control their booty?" she said.

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"Is this possible? Have we become nothing but turnips (since man no longer is sovereign) and now they can tax us for every breathe of air, every shower, every hot cup of tea, every yard we drive in our car, every hour that we have a light bulb on, and every carrot we plant and water?" Veon added.

To better understand their phrase "Green is Gold" read Veon's article "Capitalizing on Sustainable Development - Making Gold out of Green."

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"New 'Gobal Warming' cops will be hired to drive around the county looking for smoke coming out of peoples chimneys and write hefty tickets to those that refuse to comply. A goldmine of new found money coming to city and county cofers, added Baker.