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By Rob Pell
June 15, 2014

NewsWithViews readers know that I am a frequent contributor of health articles. Today however, I'm going to focus primarily on freedom.

We should have the right to make informed decisions about what what we're eating. Currently, nothing requires food manufacturers to label GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods or ingredients. GMOs can be hidden in anything. Right now in Oregon there is a statewide signature drive to put the issue of mandatory labeling of GMO foods on the ballot for us to vote on. Ultimately, passage of a GMO labeling law would increase our personal freedom by allowing us to make more informed decisions about the foods we eat, just like people in 64 foreign countries already do.

Statewide we need 87,000 signatures by July 2nd to put the issue of mandatory labeling of GMOs on the November ballot for a vote of the people in a statewide election. With your help, we can do it.

You can sign the petition at Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass to put mandatory GMO labeling on the ballot

When an industry spends billions of dollars developing GMOs, why would they spend millions to prevent the labeling and advertizing of their new products? Obviously it's because they have something to hide. Spearheaded by the bio-tech food giant Monsanto, in November 2013, opponents of a law that would have mandated the labeling of genetically modified foods in Washington State, raised over 22 million dollars to fight its passage. Their goal – to keep people in the dark. Only 6 million was raised to support the bill, which was narrowly defeated. Passage would have had no impact on the legality of GMOs, just people's right to know what they're eating. Similar scenarios play out, state by state, all over the US.

Right now, Americans are essentially swimming blindfolded in a giant test tube at the center of a massive, Monsanto-led, GMO food experiment. I can think of no other class of food products or additives that have managed to completely escape government oversight.

Virtually No Testing To Prove GMO Safety Claims

Even though GMOs have been created for ingestion as a long-term food source for humans, there have been no long or medium-term safety tests done by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thanks to a 20-year-old policy that says it’s up to the bio-tech companies to determine the safety of genetically engineered foods. So the government agency in charge of protecting U.S. citizens lets bio-tech companies, who stand to make billions in profits from GE foods, conduct their own “voluntary safety consultations.” Rather than allowing humans to be the long-term guinea pigs in this experiment, the FDA needs to step up and do the science now.

Labels are legally required to identify materials in our clothing, mattresses, pillows, etc. The purpose of the label law is to inform consumers of the hidden contents in products that come in contact with our bodies. It makes even more sense to identify the hidden contents in the products we actually put in our bodies.

Vermont recently became the first state to force GMO labeling. Oregon can be the second.

The grocery industry, bankrolled by Monsanto, will fight this effort as they did in Washington and other states. They'll claim it will cost too much to change labels, the same foolish jibberish they used when laws were proposed years ago requiring nutrition information on food labels. At this point virtually everyone who can read, has at one time or another used the nutrition label on a food package to help them make an informed selection.

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GMO labeling will allow us to make informed decisions about the foods we eat. Information is power, which is why Monsanto doesn't want us to have it. The Oregon Right to Know initiative is about transparency and empowering shoppers. It is not a debate on the science of GMOs. It's about the freedom to make an informed choice. We can expect Monsanto and other bio-tech giants to spend many millions to prevent laws that would give us the freedom to, choose or avoid, their lab-created, GMO, experimental foods.

Signing This Petition Will Force A Vote On This Critical Issue. Once It's On The Ballot, Be Prepared For The Inevitable Onslaught Of Another Monsanto Perjury-For-Profit Anti-Labeling Campaign.

They'll Do Or Say Anything To Protect Their Corporate Profits

For more information visit Sunshine Natural Foods or go to the Oregon Right To Know website.

© 2014 Robert Pell - All Rights Reserve

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Rob Pell owns and operates Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass, Oregon and has 35 years experience helping people with natural foods, products, exercise and healing.

Website: Sunshine Natural Foods





We should have the right to make informed decisions about what what we're eating. Currently, nothing requires food manufacturers to label GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods or ingredients.


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