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By Niki Raapana

November 24, 2006

Our once healthy nation is now very, very sick. We've caught a deadly, silent virus, called communitarianism. Nations that have not immunized their citizens against dialectical communitarianism won't survive the world plague. If it's not stopped in time, the communitarian disease will destroy every healthy human in its destructive path. Every free and independent nation's survival depends on every citizen getting immunized or treated for exposure, ASAP. While there are few good paths to full recovery, one of the best unknown cures for the spreading infection of communitarian poison is a heavy dose of anti-dialectical exposure.

This virus slowly destroys each citizen's capacity to remember their human survival instincts and the reason people formed tribes, nations, alliances and unions in the first place. Sold to the public as the antidote to "full-blown-fear," it causes severe depression, anxiety, self-destructivness, and very short attention spans. Mass individual confusion is the result of the four primary symptoms.

Toxic communitarian victims focus primarily on self-gratification and personal pleasures; this keeps them from having to think (which now hurts) about their confusion. Like AIDS and cancer, communitarian symptoms cannot always be seen by the naked eye in the early stages. Infected people can easily appear completely healthy and "normal" on the outside. The virus distorts reality in such a way that abnormal human concessions to slavery and servitude are common. The communitarian infection attacks the intellect, the spirit, and the body, all at once. It appeals to the most gullible first. It begins invading its host by slowing numbing the thinking capacity of the victim.

Benign physical hosts carry the infections to the unaware pleasure-seekers; television, magazines, videos, movies, cartoons, newspapers, syringes, straws, pipes, and websites continually repeat (and repeat) mind-numbing, dialectical persuasion. After a while, the infection takes permanent hold over the mind, usually when users begin to believe (not think) that they can trust infected, sick communitarians to ensure their personal survival. Evolved signs of full-blown communitarianism are: confusing delusions of grandeur, self-worship, arrogance, cruelty, racism, supremicism, elitism, greed, and bragging. Publically advertising communitarians as more moral is also a late sign of infection.

The earliest unrecognized communitarian infections began in London when the British lost control over the American market. All aristocrats were stripped of their lands and titles after the war. All Imperial property holdings were claimed by the upstart colonials. The new virus was created to poison the concrete system that promised freedom to common born men. The "new" virus soon spread into all the "best" imperial universities in the world. Highly educated, infected social scientists designed the ways to spread the silent but deadly poison. Year after year, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Berekley, Univeristy of Chicago, and universities around the world spread the virus to their students. Their schools spit out infected teachers, they, in their turn, spewed communitarian vomit over every student they went on to teach.

For over a century communitarian academic elites have been rewriting U.S. and World history. But U.S. history cannot honestly be reduced to ideological theories created by infected communitarian "thinkers." Our history can't be defined as a "struggle" between individualism and the "collective good." There was no such "struggle" when the United States became a nation. The American struggle was between common born men and Imperialist aristocrats. Ours was a war for economic independence from the British Empire.

The U.S. Constitution is the structure for a revolving government body answerable to the individuals whom they represent. It separates government powers between several branches at every level, with no one branch having more power than any another. The states are the seat of power. The national government was established to ensure the Rights of the state citizens. This "separation of power" formation was to keep public servants wary, alert, and watching each other for signs of despotic, maniacal, elitist, aristocratic criminal behaviors. The First Ten Amendments were added to the structure by the state representatives sent to the Constitutional Convention, whose constituents back home did not trust the central government's potential for taking power away from state protected individuals. The Bill of Rights were ten simple laws specifically designed to protect individuals and their private property from the newly formed federal government. Period.

The Rights of the Individual, which are the very foundation for constitutional government in the United States, are being slowly eliminated under vague justice theories that protect the "community." Communitarian Law, Programs, and Policy Studies are taught in all American universities. We have already become a communitarian nation. While our public schools teach our children their new communitarian requirements for global citizenship, the majority of adult American citizens have no idea what this means.

Communitarianism is an ancient, repressive, social-political theory. It re-emerged in Israel in the 1940s under the guidance of the Marxist-Hassidic philosopher Martin Buber. The founder of the American Communitarian Network was an early student of Buber's in Jerusalem. Their logical formula for worldwide corporate-military leadership supports the (now standard) practice of replacing national law with international law. In less than fifty years, global communitarianism replaced every other justice theory in the world. Today, every country in the world is undergoing a "wrenching transformation" into a sub-state, under a sub-regional, "supra-national" organization.

Social theorists claim that human society is only being "helped" into naturally evolving into planned communitarian sub-regions. Political and Religious Experts (and Communitarian "gurus") tell us this is the highest evolutionary progression mankind will ever make. It's a giant leap forward, it takes a great deal of faith in mysticism and magic, and only a few special people are so evolved they understand it. The new system must therefore be led and staffed by a trained, superior race of more moral humanitarians (which would be them). Whatever. Whether the law evolves naturally after an armed invasion or just magically springs from the same chanelled "entity" across America, the results are ultimately the same. The end result is the total abolishment of all national and state constitutional law.

While I do appreciate the ACL being cited as a topic under Individualism at the Modern History Project, I'm confused. Maybe I took too big a sip of the anti-dialectical antidote, but I don't trust this term. What is "individualism, really? The US principles for individual liberty and freedom for all isn't a vague theory of selfish individuals taking precedence over the vague moral community. I'm afraid Individualism is, (in my slightly recovered, albeit still confused mind) merely another dialectical label used to confuse everybody.

Now I don't have a Ph.D., a Masters, or even a Bachelors degree, but I'm fairly certain the U.S. Constitution is not some vague, debatable, theory of "individualism" verus "collectivism." As far as I know, it's our national law, not our national dilemma. But even if it is a dialectical conflict, the conflict ended in 1789, and individuals won. The 1787 draft U.S. Constitution was heavily debated in the thirteen original state legislatures. Intense public debates raged between common born men in the states for two full years before it passed, but only after it included the Bill of Rights. U.S. laws, like "freedom of speech," right to bear arms," and "authority of law" were pressed on the Constitutionalists by the free men in the free former colonies. Common American people wrote the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The American legal system that was based in the U.S. Constitution is barely functional anymore. American judges trained in communitarian colleges and law schools always favor "community rights" over "individual rights." American attorneys trained in communitarian colleges and law schools act like they made a sworn, secret pact (with the ABA founders, in London) to never allow the actual communitarian terms that define the actual communitarian laws into an American individual's actual defense against a communitarian regulation.

So Americans like me, (see picture) continue to go into their American court system charged with communitarian "crimes" while still believing the court honors the Bill of Rights. Every new communitarian law that protects the "community" (i.e. masses of faceless "victims," women, children, and humans) drastically eliminates laws that protect specific individuals who may also be real victims, women, children, and humans. It allows corporate-state theft of all individuals' property, including their animals, plants, water, air, land, and anything else they can think of stealing.

Everybody wants to know who's on top. I don't know who the leaders are in this vast communitarian conspiracy to overthrow legitimate governments. The top level is still a murky maze of layers upon layers that always lead back to London. (The ACL has never taken the global hierarchy past the ties between the Communitarian Network, the Rothschild's Bank of England, and the Bilderberg Group.) The "real" leaders may be hard to find and almost impossible to pin down, but believe us, once you get started, that won't matter so much anymore. Recognizing who's running the bottom tier opens up the local players (some of whom we personally know and have voted into office). Every local area, from forest to farm to town to city to county to state, is being transformed into a communitarian neighborhood, by local communitarians.

Just like the original American system, there is an entire political and legal structure for the emerging government. It's fully documented at every local, regional and international level. Yet, many "infected" people continue to insist Communitarian Plans and Laws are a "conspiracy theory." Doesn't it seem a little odd that while communitarian policies and laws have been implemented in the USA for several decades, every American attorney refuses to even whisper the real charges to their clients? Shhhhh. There is a major taboo against average Americans studying or discussing American Communitarian Law. Only the communitarians are allowed to understand exactly how (and why) their vague new laws have any authority of law, anywhere, or just exactly how these anti-constitutional laws came to be so blatantly applied in the United States.

The main purpose for a communitarian system is to protect the economic interests of a small group of corporate elites who aim to control the global market. Communitarians suggest "ideas" for eliminating American laws that have been identified as barriers to global expansionism and a new form of nicer slavery. (The entire Bill of Rights is an "identified barrier.") Communitarians, not the Arabs, are the people who most "hate our freedoms." Their emptied brains never challenge the core communitarian idea that freedom for individuals is passe.

Communitarianism ia a political system that seizes all property and people for the "good of the community." The theory is not part of the first two components of a dialectical conflict, it is the final solution to every conflict. It's neither capitalist nor communist. It's neither right nor left. It's always somewhere vaugely in the "middle," smugly posing an innovative solution to every two or more opposing ideologies. Communitarianism is the basis for every new science, law, theory, program, policy, war, and agenda that finds a purpose for balancing individual rights against the rights of the "global-to-local community."

American education teaches only the "official version" of communitarian theory, values, and Global Supremecy. Many corporations and colleges certify their brightest students in communitarian facilitator and management skills. It's as if it's so perfect and brilliant it creates no worthy opposition. In fact, the final communitarian solution to the Marxist dialectic is supposed to be so perfect it gives rise to no opposition. That's why the ACL Manifeto begins with a short note explaining why our ACL Hegel page "cannot exist."

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The earliest unrecognized communitarian infections began in London when the British lost control over the American market. All aristocrats were stripped of their lands and titles after the war. All Imperial property holdings were claimed by the upstart colonials.