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By Niki Raapana

January 2, 2007

A well-thought out con job covers every possibility beforehand. Any opposition or potential problems are predicted and prepared for. Every crucial role is filled by the perfect actor. In order for a scam to fool everyone targeted by it, nothing can be left to chance.

Managing the con requires gaining the absolute trust of the intended victims. For very large cons, this process can take several generations. The final targets must believe that what they're seeing and being told is real. As long as the victims themselves can be convinced to silence all dissenters, it doesn't matter if some of the victims can obviously see everything isn't all it's cracked up to be. Well placed agents for the con can easily eliminate or gather all dissenters to their phony side. During a con, the best behaved victims become "heroes."

Cons are developed by social deviants, professional liars and scam artists. The ultimate goal of every con is taking something that doesn't belong to the scammers. The bigger the con, the greater the illicit rewards.

The communitarian con is the biggest, most daring con ever attempted in the history of mankind. The rewards are simply incalculable. The sky is the limit with this one, and there's a role available for every minor scammer in America. Want to steal your neighbors' property? Think everybody should live up to your personal expectations? Believe you're better than everyone else? If so, then this is the con for you!

Stealing property is easy as long as you join the Community Developers. Making everyone into a clone is easy as long as you join Neighborhood Watch and help the new Community Police shore up everyone's behaviors. Proving your superiority is easy as long as everyone else is so dumbed down they can't see what a fraud you are. The bottom line to the communitarian con is, anyone who tries to argue against the new requirements for communitarian citizenship must be silenced. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, including marginalization, ridicule, and providing absolutely no funding or academic recognition for legitimate research. The ultimate weapon against exposure is Hate Crime Laws. Make it a crime to study historical facts, and fake free people will never understand (or care to know) what it means to really live free.

Americans are the biggest suckers for the con, and the loudest cheerleaders for their own national demise. Whereas in Europe and the Middle East many people have identified the scam for what it is, most of us here in the "land of the free and home of the brave" are so immersed in the con (and so afraid of the new laws) we will defend the con leadership unto death. Our ignorant support for the con ensures the untimely death of our entire nation and every other nation in the world. We have all been fooled into adopting a phony international "solution" to the "problem." What was the problem? The highly successful experiment in freedom called American political economy was the problem.

The problem was solved. One by one, our internationalist leaders have stripped away every protection our national citizens had against central, imperialist control. Our rule of law changed into international law. This required a major shift in our thinking about the foundations for our original law. This shift took over one hundred years. Today the "real" America is a minor regional union under a provisional, one-world government. Today real Americans follow every rule and regulation the imperialists design, and our nation supplies the troops for expanding the imperialist's domain into the Middle East. Every nation in the world (including Iraq and Iran) has been redesignated into a "regional government body." Look carefully. The entire anti-war movement supports the communitarian-U.N. leadership solution. You'll find virtually nothing about the foundation for exporting communitarian wars on "anti-war" sites or leftist anti-Bush sites.

Today most of our ACL detractors accuse us of being "individualists" or Libertarians. We are neither of these. This is a very easy way to reduce the ACL argument against the communitarian solution into a phony argument that leads directly to a communitarian solution. The "final debate" was designed by the scammers as the great Libertarian-Communitarian divide. The facts don't support this on any level. There is zero debate against the Communitarian solution. The left is so confused by communitarian slogans and rhetoric that they go along with anything they're told. Leading Democrats who support and promote communitarian candidates don't even know what the DLC represents. The right is so stuck on what they've been taught about "principled" capitalist selfishness that the vague concept of importing communitarian law is never mentioned by the complicit Republicans, and only sporadically mentioned by the phony Libertarians and Right Wing American "Patriots." Since 1901, the Communitarians have written thousands of laws to denigrate the American system, they've planned and executed three world wars, and they quietly infiltrated every U.S. government agency charged with protecting individual rights; their goal was to modify our "outdated" laws.

U.S. official's say they are the champions of "freedom," yet every new program they introduce actually limits individual freedom. This is because the new meaning of the word freedom is: the global authority for government-corporate control over all land and individuals.

Communitarianism is the pre-determined, global solution to the British imperial conflict between capitalism and communism. It's called by many different names: Market Socialism, The Third Way, bipartisan consensus, sustainable development, rebuilding community, the emerging supra-national synthesis," the balanced middle, and social equity. And don't worry, by the time anyone figures out that these are communitarian programs, there's a bunch more nifty ideas for creating a global order. The communitarian solution entails: "constitutional innovation of agencies of public policy, and practical administrative coordination beyond borders" (Jos De Bues, 2004).

Constitutional innovation means changing the U.S. Constitution. The problem with "balancing" U.S. law against Communitarian Law is they are diametrically opposed and cannot combine into one whole system. Either your government supports rights for individuals or it doesn't.

Before we became a nation of suckers, our common born citizens rose to heights never imagined in the stunted, inbred brains of the European aristocracy. The whole idea was this: individual citizens are born with the right to live free and bow before no man, to participate as freemen in a fair and protected market, and to live peacefully under a FIXED rule of law that protects their assets from professional robbers. The American Union of free and independent states was a TRADE union that protected the markets for union members. The British Imperialist system is global Forced "Free Trade." The English Constitution is not FIXED law. It continually "evolves." What an asset it has been to their elitist thieves. U.S. Constitutional Law was established to protect citizens' property from American colonial imperialists. Many high-born Americans were opposed to creating the original U.S. government. They wanted a monarchy and to practice nepotism. (A modern example of this is the Bush II presidency and the habitual practice of no-bid contracts granted to corporate developers associated with the office of the vice-president.) Each branch of U.S. government was originally established to maintain a difficult balance of power. Elected officials were rotated regularly so that our nation of free people would always be protected by non-professional politicians and other common born businessmen using American common sense.

Changing the meanings of commonly used words takes more than one generation. Two hundred years ago the term freedom in the United States meant unalienable, individual rights to life, liberty, and private property. To the aristocratic British and European merchants who lost control of the American market to the upstart common born American colonials, a "Yankee Ape" was someone who practiced American economic freedom. The structure for an imperialist system places the "high-born" and "well-educated" upper class in all ownership positions. The structure for the American system eliminates the class system and places the common-born man who uses common sense on equal footing with the former "upper" classes. A commoner with an advanced education became a formidable force in American politics (Abraham Lincoln for example).

The American's "balance" of power was not between American individuals and some vague idea of "community." The term "community" is part of the con. So is the term "balance." The balance of power in the USA was between the lazy, titled, high-born elites (who hold common labor in utter contempt), and the average, common laborers who don't speak or understand the elite's high-born language. The term "common good" is not used anywhere in America's founding documents. Neither is the term "communitarian" (which describes a collectivist community). These are both Marxist terms for rebuilding global aristocratic control over all nations and peoples. According to the elitist gurus, freedom now comes with responsibilities to the global community. Under global communitarianism, individual rights are "balanced" against vague ideas of protecting things for the future. Communitarians focus on things that are difficult to define and therefore highly effective tools for change, i.e. the environment, health and safety, free trade, diversity, children, women, victims, etc.

Genuinely free people own their own property, and this includes everything in their rightful possession, even their own bodies and souls. Free people are free to make choices. Free people take responsibility for all their own mistakes. Free people choose their own destinies, they determine how they will live, what they will eat, and how often they will give to charity. Free people make things they think other free people might buy. They build businesses and take their goods to local markets for sale and trade. Free people don't have to ask permission to do anything from agents of imperial governments.

The completely conned American people are rebuilding the "class" culture that their founding fathers rejected as un-natural and wrong. Our citizens base their entire opinions of others on material wealth and gain. Our most ignorant, illiterate citizens have embraced the whole idea that their wealth and status means they are somehow better people than poor, educated, studious researchers like me. My financially "secure" friends and family cannot respect what I've done with the ACL website because I don't make any money from it. I can count my supporters on one hand. Obviously I have a higher purpose than immediate financial gain or gratification. But I certainly don't have to explain it to smug Americans who won't lift a finger or spare a dime to save the future of genuine American freedom. Americans who've made a fortune off the "new" idea of investing in corporate stock and slave labor just cannot give up their piece of the communitarian pie. That their own children will become slaves for the global communitarians is a fact that just ruins their whole golf game. Come on, can't we talk about something more important, like who's going to win the Super Bowl or the Oscar this year?

There can be no denying the facts about communitarian plans, programs, policies, and laws. If anything, there is too much evidence. There is a public record of all their main activities, all their foundations and organizations, and they love to publish their plans! They brag and gloat about the scam openly, laughing in the face of Americans who don't "get it." Their actions and words all speak the language of the con. All we have to do is listen and read. But we won't. The existence of an entirely foreign system of government that places U.S. citizens under the supreme authority of communitarian law doesn't matter to our people. The records of their laws and plans in every state of our nation will never be read or studied by our citizens. Our people don't want to know about the con because then they might not be as "happy."

There's not a thinking person in America who can't see there's something very wrong with our nation. But how very few people choose to learn anything about the whole new system of government that rules supreme over our formerly free nation. Really, for most "educated Americans," this topic is so far out and fantastic it hasn't even made it to Alex Jones's website. (He's the American "expert.") All opposition to the New Vision for America is relegated to coverage by fringe groups and lone wacko sites (like the ACL). Whereas most fringe websites will talk about anything under the sun, nobody discusses the real con. Reptiles, Grays, the Illuminati, and Lucifer are well covered topics on thousands of sites, but I can assure you, very few of these sites publish one word on communitarianism.

Funny how the primary places online talking seriously about communitarianism and the law are at academic institutions. It's a topic well-covered by social scientists, Marxists, communists and socialists alike. It's taught in law schools, law symposiums, and seminars. As the foundation for all regional governments it has a huge compilation of expert opinion papers, dissertatations, and case law. It's sometimes mentioned in the Press, in Press Releases from the White House, and of course there's the prolific Dr. Etzioni and his vast network of spies and traitors. As far as the vulgar masses are concerned, it's a total information blackout.

I was born to be the perfect sucker for the most elaborate con job in the history of modern mankind. As one of the few people in the world who's focused on the communitarian con (you can count us on one hand), I finally understand why the entire American "opposition" to the communitarian coup rests on "wackos" like us. There can never be any legitimate opposition to a global communitarian government. It cannot withstand even the most basic investigation. It's based entirely in Utopian theory. Like all good cons, it "proceeds by way of imagination" (Bastiat). In order to comprehend communitarianism, we must proceed as American political economists did, by way of "observation."

Our nation has already adopted all the new laws Etzioni advised our Presidents and Congress were "necessary" (as far back as 1979) to rebuilding America into a regional communitarian union. Besides all the new ways his new police have "improved" our quality of life in America, all community development and sustainable communities programs are communitarian legal agreements. The lead agency in every local emergency is communitarian Homeland Security. If communitarianism isn't real, then why is Kelo explained as a "benign communitarian decision" (Dr. Antonio Rossman, Berkeley Law)?

Communitarian politics and law control America, which means almost any other political system or law we believe in doesn't really exist. And yes, if you're a sucker, that sucks. Nobody likes admitting they've been had. Accepting the truth about the whole con is so painful that one lawyer working for a Congressional Committee in the 1950s went "crazy" after she verified only part of the con for herself. She read the Carnegie meeting notes, which openly stated it was established to re-train Americans to think collectively. I was born in 1956 so I've lived under their collective brainwashing my entire life. I still don't know exactly how or when I was able to start thinking for myself. It could be that I lived such an extreme lifestyle for 43 years that I lost any reason to hang onto the illusion anymore. Now I'm fifty and still finding all sorts of illusions I never let go of. The con is so huge and so successful we are all in it somehow; it has managed to get under our skin and into our brains (via a nifty little box called the telly).

Much of the pain of knowing comes from frustration that people cannot see their way out of the con. My friend Nancy Levant, bless her busy heart, has put our work out there as often as she could. Nancy understands that when they fully change our law over to communitarianism, our people are no longer free. In her last piece she addressed the most important topic of our era. The U.S. transition to a Communitarian legal system should be headlines in every American newspaper, and the focus of every American politician's speeches. But it's not, is it?

Why do American colleges devote so much time and effort to teaching American law students about the challenges of achieving Market Socialism? The U.S. Rule of Law is Market-socialist Communitarian Law. The sooner all our people know that, the better off we are as a nation. Cuban Corporate Governance at the Crossroads: Cuban Marxism, Private Economic Collectives, and Free Market Globalism (pdf file at University of Iowa). Iowa is also one of the few states that openly advertises their support for U.N. Local Agenda 21.

"Step five (final step). The communitarian way-out is a complex process of evolution of moral feelings and images of the self toward a new consensus, constitutional innovation of agencies of public policy (a new architecture), and practical administrative coordination beyond borders." (On The Idea of Global Sharing of Values, Powers and Costs- Comments on Amitai Etzioni's From Empire to Community (EC) (2004), The Hague: WRR, 6th September 2004, by Jos de Beus. (Is the US Communitarian "guru," Dr. Amitai Etzioni, an Israeli?)

What does it mean to achieve a "new consensus?" American government has been completely reinvented as global communitarianism. Out of 1423 ACL visitors who answered the ACL's poll, only 9 percent agree to eliminate the U.S. Constitution in favor of Communitarian Values. That's consensus. In 2005, Dutch and French voters rejected the European Constitution's Supremacy of Communitarian Law. Dr. Amitai Etzioni calls the European Constitution a great success! It's to be the practical administration "model" for all Regional Constitutions. Out of 390,694 German BILD readers, 96.9% against the Europe constitution in phone-in vote. Germany says NO too! In the U.S. the government pays Amitai Etzioni and bills him as a guru who "shores up" American's morality and values. In Iraq, the U.S. buys arms for small militias to fight back against rule by clerics. Consensus is reached when all dissenting opinions and religious beliefs are molded into one theosophical spirituality, called a "complex process of evolution of moral feelings."

One favorite, vague memory from my childhood is a movie featuring W.C. Fields working at a carnival. Every time this eager little boy tries to purchase an entry ticket, Fields smacks him on the head and tells him to "Get lost." Fields' character is much more interested in the lady he's flirting with than his "paying" customer. Selling tickets to annoying short people is clearly not his top priority.

As one of the short minority who understands communitarian law in the United States, even in my sleep I'm trying to figure out who I'm "selling" my anti-dialectical "potion" to. The only thing on my mind last night as I fell asleep, and the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was, "What's my real role in the communitarian scam?" No matter how I look at, it appears to me that I'm just another sucker. I dropped everything else in my life to fight the land-grabbers and carpetbaggers in Seattle. I haven't stopped trying to expose their lies and plans for seven solid years. My daughter and I have exposed Hegel and Marx as frauds (that's our thesis). In order to bring the fraud into the light of day, I've faced and survived treason, lies, deceit, homelessness, family exclusion and derision, hostile attacks, crude accommodations, tent camping in 40 below zero, no water, no sewer, no stove or fridge, near starvation, and communitarian criminal charges. Yet I'm not ready to admit defeat. I'm just one lone, little old woman, and I'm still motivated to beat the planners and the plotters in our midst.

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People keep writing me and asking how we can combat them. How can Americans expect me to do more when they've done so little?

Here's what a sucker I really am. I always thought an American of "higher standing" would take over the lead in this war against our freedom. If the heart of America is teaching the emerging synthesis as "more moral" than the U.S. Constitution, and nobody in America is teaching the anti-thesis to the perfectly crafted magical synthesis, then you might not be a happy communitarian yet, but your children surely are.

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Managing the con requires gaining the absolute trust of the intended victims. For very large cons, this process can take several generations. The final targets must believe that what they're seeing and being told is real.