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By Niki Raapana

February 17, 2006

East Germany passed a public disclosure act soon after communism "fell." The German people took their new freedom seriously. They insisted on their right to see government documents.

The office in charge of turning over police files became overwhelmed with requests. A month after the new law passed, some 36,000 people demanded to see what was inside their communist files.

Lots of requests were for names of the people who had filled in the blanks for the KGB and local cops. As the number of requests grew, German officials became very concerned. What if these people seeking their files planned some kind of retribution against the informants?

I never did follow up on that bit of news. I have no idea how many East Germans saw their files, or if the situation became violent. An American like me can only guess what it would be like to live under constant surveillance and surrounded by nosey informants for forty years. I have no real concept of the kinds of hate a system like that breeds in men. I never thought I would.

But now I'm not so sure about that.

American communitarians promote the same kinds of surveillance and neighborhood informants the communists used to control East Germans. Americans are slowly being taught what East Germans had to learn very quickly. Today the KGB trains "community" police all over America. Our friendly neighborhood cops are saving our communities from criminals and terrorists.

It's evolutionary. The theory of human evolution poses man has gone through many stages of development. (The Bible says God created man in his image.) An offshoot of of human evolution is social evolution. Communitarians say it's society which passes through evolutionary stages.

What America is experiencing is the natural conclusion to all of human society's evolution. Some bad, selfish people need incentives to evolve, but for sure, all cops are good now. Leaders are humanitarians. Even movies and rock stars have become better people. We should listen to their advice. All rich people care about human rights now. And based on our ability to take the best and leave the rest, we can now admit the communist system has a few good ideas.

Like the feared and hated KGB, communitarian police train citizen groups to monitor American communities. Except the modern system is way more evolved than what they had in 1950s Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia. American cops "care" about the communities they serve.

The American KGB is nicer. They partner with Israeli Mossad assassins to train community cops properly. Israeli cops are the "experts" in combating terrorist attacks. They know that cops need personal files on everybody just so they can help them "find jobs." The database doesn't just identify the "bad guys." It's used for good things too. Cops find problems and fix them. They don't hurt the good people. They help.

Don't ever ask what happened after the German people were liberated from Hitler by the Soviets in 1945. It doesn't matter anymore why the Americans waited for the communists to enter first. It's ancient news that over 100,000 German women were raped during the fall of Berlin by their communist saviors. Freedom fighters would never do that. Modern soldiers don't plunder, rape and kill; they're peacekeepers. The global army cleans up after disasters and nice things like that.

We're in the final phase of humankind's social evolution. We are all reborn as freeborn fascists. Don't think for a second you can opt out of evolving. It wouldn't be natural if you could.

Community policing is a federal program under the Department of justice. American community cops are not actually neighborhood cops. Unlike real cops who investigate and arrest people for real crimes, these new cops provide community services. Our new cops are problem solvers.

The Office of community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) was established by President Bill Clinton in 1995. COPS was authorized by the revised Violent Crime Act of 1994. 100,000 new cops were added to police stations across America throughout the late 90s. When American community groups began writing land management plans to go along with the UN Local Agenda 21 cops agents of change were trained and ready to take their places on LA-21 planning committees.

LA-21 COPS suggested numerous ways to solve community problems. The new COPS helped local governments rewrite local rules to allow COPS access to private homes. Each community now has a special unit of Community Services Officers (CSO). CSO duties include visiting homes and people in the neighborhoods and identifying personal problems. COPS train all government employees to report any signs of a "threat" while inside homes on routine duties.

The list of threats that must be reported includes messy kitchens, unlocked garbage cans, unwashed children, domestic noise, abuse, marijuana growing operations and meth amphetamine labs. Workers are trained to log threats into a national ID database program called COMPASS. COMPASS is the acronym for Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies. COMPASS was created in 1999 by officials at the COPS headquarters in D.C.

American property and privacy rights were balanced against communist-community safety. This is a natural evolutionary process. It was predicted by Karl Marx. MArx understood the power of constant conflicts. He encouraged opposing values. He taught his followers how to feed on arguments that would naturally change the ideas and the values of the people involved.

For example: American prize home ownership. It's one of their highest ideals. Communism holds private property in utter contempt. The Communist Manifesto insists it must be eliminated. So, the communitarians more evolved solutions says property should be regulated and monitored.

It's sometimes called conservation easements or wetlands protections. Other times it's called a Scenic By Way or a Community Land Trust. It's often called a 2020 vision. In old urban areas it's called Brownfield's. Everywhere it's called Rebuilding Community. (Bush identified Rebuilding Community in his 2002 State of the Union address. He called it part of the War on Terror.)

Another example is privacy rights: Americans demand privacy. Communists invade and control all areas of private life. So, evolved communitarians suggested just limiting personal privacy, while enhancing government secrecy.

A global communitarian database of individuals is necessary to fight crime, drugs and terrorism. A communitarian assets database was also recommended in LA-21 efforts. We should all be grateful that thousands of Americans have lost their homes and property. It's obvious these owners were not responsible enough to care for it. Some people don't deserve to own private property and can't be trusted with their own life. We must revise local laws that hinder the COPS' efforts to build safe and livable communities. Revising public nuisance abatement procedures, noise ordinances, and regulations concerning rental properties are all necessary facets of social justice. It's too bad some people have to lose their homes. But if they can't abide by rules that enhance the quality of life then they can't be allowed to stay in the neighborhood.

Still, there is not one scrap of scientific evidence to support the theory of social evolution. Communitarian professors base their belief in one thing: faith. That makes it more of a religion than a science. But it is the basis for many new laws so maybe there's some substance to it, somewhere. How long will it be before all national laws based in Natural Law become extinct? Does this put freeborn Americans on the endangered species list?

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Niki Raapana was trained in government document research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Raised by a career Army NCO, she traveled the U.S. most of her life. Her dad taught her it is every American's job to defend the rights of people who are unable to defend themselves.

After her landlord complained that the city was out to steal his land, Niki agreed to study Seattle's development plans for him in March 1999. In September 1999 she found out the city planned to do a lot more than steal Hugh's land. She identified the Communitarian Network's connection to the plans in March 2000.

Niki filed many public disclosure requests for Hugh Sisley and in the fall of 2001 the City of Seattle ceased actions against his properties based on Niki's research. By 2002 she had provided 2500 documents for Dawson et. al. v. The City of Seattle et. al, a 4th Amendment lawsuit currently under consideration before the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

Niki co-founded the Anti-Communitarian League with her (then) teenage daughter Nordica, in April, 2001.









Another example is privacy rights: Americans demand privacy. Communists invade and control all areas of private life. So, eveolved communitarians suggested just limiting personal privacy, while enhancing government secrecy.