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By Niki Raapana

September 15, 2006

Each page of the ACL (Anti-Communitarian League) website was created to explore topics that directly related to the communitarian synthesis. Today I know the synthesis includes EVERY idea, religion, theory, etc. that ever existed. Naturally, I would not have attempted to even begin the ACL if I had known how HUGE and unmanageable it would eventually become. Early in the formation of this website, when it was just an idea to expose the local Seattle Agenda 21 Plan, Nordica compiled a list of all the topics relative to communitarianism, and told me to fill them in. That's when I first realized the significant importance of our limited understanding of the history of the world, it's religion, and it's religious laws.

We also found ourselves faced with several emotional dilemmas. The first was the whole issue of using the Talmud to balance U.S. law into a Judaic interpretation. The founder of American Communitarian "thinking" studied the Kabbalah and there's also a little-known Sanhendrin Court that enforces something called the Seven Noahide Laws. There are several U.S. Congessional Acts that establish days and honors for The Seven Laws of Noah and Gaia-Mother Earth. This whole communitarian plan is peppered with religions I never heard of in my life. (When I started the ACL I didn't know what the Talmud or Gaia was; today the ACL Talmudic Law page is near the top of every search for "judaic law.") The second was the Catholic pope and priests being the first writings we found that explicitly defined political communitarianism as the synthesis in the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic.

My overeducated, and sweet, loving son has been in a Catholic private school for ten years (he lives with his Irish Catholic father). I thought they were doing a wonderful job of raising him, and the last thing I ever wanted to do was look closely at the Catholic Church. The third and most confusing area for me was finding the Protestant support for communitarian Zionism. I found myself so far over my head in areas I had never studied that the religious aspects remain the most neglected area of ACL research.

From the beginning, I tried to keep my personal spiritual beliefs out of my anti-communitarian argument. This was probably not the wisest decision, since Hegel's whole theory included the idea of humanity "achieving spirit" and dialectical philosophy is devoted to this idea. Plus there's the fact that the emerging supra-national world order includes a "new world religion" that endorses a little bit of every religion in the world. As the ACL moves deeper into the religious roots for the coming synthesis of all ideas (including all religions), I am already getting emails that question my religious beliefs. I've decided these are valid questions, as I could easily be another phony front for a blatant Satanic "light" worshipping organization (like 1000 Points of Light).

I am repulsed by Satan/light/beoming like God worship. I got real angry when Nordica uncovered the Luciferian-theosphy followers of Madame Blavatsky and we saw their extended influence on American communitarian politics via the London Fabian Society. It was disgusting having to read mainstream news accounts about the sex slave trade from Belgium to Hollywood. I wept at all the emerging personal accounts of child sexual and ritual abuse at the hands of alledgedly prominent American officials. When Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide right after a boy told a story in court about a child sexual murder at Bohemian Grove, and that Thompson had filmed it, my outraged daughter and ACL co-founder wanted me to include a topic page that addressed these "light" beings' activities, even just the accredited news accounts, but I just couldn't do it. It made me gag. It's the sick stuff.. and we still think it's why there are so many missing children in the U.S.

Please understand, I am not a practicing Christian anymore. My heart tells me to honor all people who seek a just and loving Creator to base man's laws upon. Raised on teachings in the Holy Bible, I tried to live the way I was taught Jesus wants me to live. It was nice to find out that Islamic teachings support my desire to become skilled in the art of kindness. I always loved being in prayer circles with Maynard, a ceremonial pipe carrier of the Lakota tradition. I believe that when Jesus said "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be also" that He meant that every meeting between two or more human beings can be a prayer meeting. I never came close to living up to my highest ideals or expectations, but at 50 I can say I've become a kinder, more thoughtful and forgiving person as an immediate, direct result of my prayers for help in these areas.

I readily admit I am an imperfect sinner, that only through the grace of God I am alive today, and I do believe that on my own I would be lost. Much of my ACL research has been a real test of my character and strength. I like to believe that God is what's holding me up. I sincerely hope that when I die I will be forgiven for all my tresspasses, as I have tried (yet failed) to forgive those who tresspass against me. I indulged in many worldly temptations, and I could be in for a severe scolding, if not worse. Beyond that, I cannot believe much of anything, not until I get to the bottom of this whole dialectical plan for "world peace and justice."

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In addition to the published papers by Jewish Rabbis and Catholic Priests who support a communitarian synthesis, I have found many good Israeli, Arab and Christian oriented resources for understanding Jewish, Muslim, and Christian opposition to the emerging supra-national global government. Here's a few good researchers who helped me to understand the power of the religious global vision:


Barry Chamish
Citizen Review
Bobby Garner @

Berit Kjos
Jackie Patru
Iqbal Siddiqui
John Stormer
Joan Veon

With a prayer for all the innocent victims who perished five years ago today. Ho Mitakyoashin.

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I am repulsed by Satan-light-beoming like God worship. I got real angry when Nordica uncovered the Luciferian-theosphy followers of Madame Blavatsky and we saw their extended influence on American communitarian politics via the London Fabian Society.