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By Ron Edwards
November 4, 2016

Once again, our republic faces a huge day of decision. There are two distinct visions at play. One encompasses a continuation of the current destructive state of affairs. The other involves a move toward the good Constitution and Bill of Rights influences. For at least six decades, far too many of our fellow countrymen and women have been fooled into believing that destroying the United States through various means is a correct thing to do.

Far too many Americans are now enamored with allowing liberty hating Islamic refugees and illegal immigrants into the country. They are so sick in the head that to them it is more bothersome for them to hear Donald Trump declare that he is going to protect the borders and drain the swamp in Washington DC, than to learn about illegal immigrants and diseased Islamic refugees murdering their fellow Americans.

Even in the sphere of Christianity, millions of my brothers and sisters in Christ have taken on both a holier than thou and Pharisee attitude when it comes to the Donald. Their sorry complaint has been that he is so horrible because of his tone and of course those horrible foul mouth recordings of over eleven years ago. What they do not understand is that Mr. Trump decided ten years ago to change his ways and to become a better person. Now that is a lot better than what I can say for Mrs. Clinton, who for over the past seven years has worked tirelessly, (when she had the energy) to undermine American security on behalf of president Obama.

I find it rather disturbing that Mrs. Clinton, President Obama, Uncle Joe Biden and others are willing to pretend to stand up to Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular. They Blamed Russia for hacking Hillary’s emails that she handled irresponsibly. Their words of fake anger toward Putin rings hollow because of how they go out of their way to break U.S. immigration laws and bring in thousands of diseased American hating Muslim refugees. Then go out of their way to allow in millions of illegal immigrants and house them at taxpayer expense. All the while, many American born sovereign citizens have been raped, bludgeoned, or both. By the way, at least five nations hacked Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

The fact that there is not a greater concern among more Americans about the horrific deal that enables Iran to build nuclear missiles is mind boggling. Or the string of sudden mysterious deaths of dozens of individuals who had close ties with the Clintons but may have strayed away from their inner circle of evil. Now with hundreds of thousands recently discovered emails, Mrs. Clinton may finally get the tough scrutiny from justice she deserves. Mrs. Clinton lied to Congress under oath. She made 13 cell phones disappear and a few were beaten into smithereens.

Everyone who still prefers Mrs. Clinton as president, you should look in the mirror and ask what in the hell is wrong with my thinking? The United States of America lost 100,000 jobs to South Korea after a trade agreement that Mrs. Clinton supported when she was Secretary of State. It is difficult for me to comprehend how some individuals will relentlessly force policies upon America that they know is detrimental to our cohesiveness as a nation. But what we the American people comprehend, or care about does not matter to Mrs. Clinton.

She has let it be known that as president there would be a 550% percent increase in Syrian refugees allowed to storm into our republic. Mrs. Clinton does not even care that American women throughout the republic would be in immediate danger of being raped and otherwise tortured by thuggish Muslim extremists who have a general disregard for the unalienable rights of individuals, especially when, the proof of what I am illustrating in this column is clearly on display in the streets of America where such atrocities already occur. Unfortunately they go unreported by the progressive dragon media that is in the tank for Mrs. Clinton. Her philosophy centers around destroying our constitutionally limited form of government that was meant to be of by and for the people, meaning you and I.

Next to indoctrinating generations of American students against our beloved republic, the greatest way to destroy America from within is bringing in millions of American hating illegal immigrants. There are now so many within the U.S. that there is no where to house them. So don’t be surprised if you are suddenly confronted in some way by ungrateful illegal immigrants brought in by the Obama administration and supported by Mrs. Clinton.

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I for one am looking forward to President Donald Trump draining the despicable political swamp in Washington D.C. For those of you, especially my Christian brethren who prefer the horrendous likes of Mrs. Clinton over Donald Trump who has done many good deeds in his life and unlike Mrs. Clinton is honest and loves America, shame on you. I suggest you go seek providential guidance and wisdom. Also despite your warped viewpoint, Trump will win and so will America. You can also win by Joining me Fridays on the radio via KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nev. And at 2:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 PM Eastern.

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Next to indoctrinating generations of American students against our beloved republic, the greatest way to destroy America from within is bringing in millions of American hating illegal immigrants. There are now so many within the U.S. that there is no where to house them.