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By Karen Schoen
November 26, 2013

Lets use the Taylor county, Florida as an example for Regionalism, although it could be all 67 counties in the State.

Tucked away in a beautiful setting in northern Florida is Taylor county. Generations of good people, that are now being attacked by the United Nations Sustainable Development a/k/a/ Agenda21.

It was like dropping a bomb on an unsuspecting quiet community that trusted their county administrator and board of commissioners, along with the city manager.

Sustainable development is the infrastructure and indoctrination program for transforming America, from a democratic Republic free person society whereby the individuals vote and tell their representative what to do allowing the individual to control their own life. Into a member of the fascist-communist order whereby the government controls life and tells the people what to do.

Taylor county is home to one of the largest land owners in the state of Florida. Foley Timber and Land, having almost 600,000 acres. One of the owners Howard Leach, a former U.N. ambassador lives in California, and has been doing Sustainable Development projects there for over a decade. By the way the projects are failing miserably.

Howard Leach, along with Bo Taff, his CEO (in Taylor county), Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, Robert Day, a Los Angles investor and Ken Langore, co-founder of Home Depot, decided to do a comprehensive plan for all the citizens of Taylor county and named it the "2060 Vision Plan". This plan was their vision. The people of Taylor County were left out.

With the approval of Taylor county commissioners and our administrator, the plan was put in action without citizen input. Foley Timber and Land hired VHB Miller Sellen, sustainable development planners out of Orlando, Fl. and formed a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) between Foley and Taylor county. A PPP is a corporation whereby the public (taxpayers) pays the bills while the private corporation keeps the rewards or profit. PPPs eliminate competition and are often awarded NO BID contracts.

Please take note of Taylor county "2060 Vision Map". This is for the entire county, showing you where and how you will live. It shows rural villages, rural settlements, which the United Nations refer to as " Human Settlements".


If so, look for the terminology like: sustainable, livable communities, smart growth, public-private-partnerships, regional, consensus building, bicycle path, walkable communities forcing people to change their behavior and way of life.

How does it work? Well lets say you don't like to walk in the 95 degree Florida heat. If your new settlement has minimal roads, you will be forced to walk. Your behavior is changed.

Now we are set up for "Regionalism." Please take note of the two maps of Florida, showing the counties in 9 different areas of regionalism sections with their own names. Notice the one map that crosses the state line into Georgia.

Regionalism comes from the communist Soviet Union also called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). Those of us that have read true history know that the USSR ended in the starvation and death of millions and the desolution USSR. Regionalism eliminated borders so the individual will not have allegiance to their home town, community or county. They will live in a region controlled by unelected people.

Regionalism denies the right of representative government by denying the vote of the people giving the power to make rules and regulations to unelected bureaucrats also called administrators. Regionalism can be traced to 1945 and the United Nations, which was founded by communists with money from the Rockefeller Foundation. Regionalism eliminates borders and countries like the European Union, a failing program. Currently the US pays 22% + of the UN budget to a group of people trying to eliminate America.


Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a republican form of Government. meaning States and the people have a vote in choosing representatives to carry their policies to the Federal government. Regionalism eliminates that choice.

In 1965 the National League of Cities (NLC) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) created the National Association of Regional Council (ASRC) which proclaims to be the Voice of Regionalism in their documents. J.l Walter Tejada is the elected directed, and his job is to bring regionalism to the United States. All 11 regional councils in Florida belong to this organization. It's Communism ! giving no voice of the people.

As one planner put it, Andrea Duany: "stop all these community meetings and put the plan in place, because FASCISM works."

Fascism means that the government tells the people and all industry what to do, what to produce and what to charge eliminating free choice.

Environmental Groups play a major roll in the United Nations Sustainable Development a/k/a Agenda21. All groups are connected directly or indirectly and follow the rules of the United Nations putting nature above man.

Florida Forever (largest land acquisition organization in the country) owns 28% of Florida. Think of that, its almost 1/3 of the state. What ever is in the hands of conservationalists is NOT taxable so the people must pay extra taxes for these programs.

Some of the groups connected to the United Nations are: The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Florida, World Heritage, Audubon Society, "Fish and Wildlife, EPA, DEP, HUD, Fl. DOT, DOI and all the Water Management Districts.

Land acquisitions, permanent easements, Blueways, Greenways, are an every day occurrence in Florida.

Their programs include evasive environmental regulations which force a variety of controls on humans in the forms of wetlands, wildlands, rezoning, easements, endangered species.

No one objects to sensible environmental programs but overpowering programs designed to eliminate private property by groups connected to and following the UN are unacceptable as well as unconstitutional.

Governor Rick Scott is CEO of the Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC), and works with Florida Forever and others. Governor Scott and his cabinet endorsed the Florida Wildlife Corridor, from the tip of Florida to the Georgia "State Line. 720,000 acres of land. Lost land and lost revenue. Please take note of the Florida Wildlife Corridor map. This corridor is to run up the eastern coast of the United States to Maine.

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Our Children are being taught to be controlled without question in schools across the nation now ! These programs have been in place for years under a variety of new names. The current name is Common Core Standards. These programs follow cradle to grave implementation. "They are being forced to accept Sustainable Development, Environment comes first (the Earth Charter out of the United Nations), social justice, distribution of wealth, man made global warming, global citizens replacing America are ALL LIES !

If we don't stop this the children will all be slaves to the UN Elite of the "New World Order" replacing America with the UN, God with Government and Family with school.

This is the United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda21. Loss of God, Liberty, and Life! WHAT'S LEFT?

America stand up research our representatives before you Vote.

The fight has just begun.

God Please Bless America.

© 2013 Karen Schoen - All Rights Reserve

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Karen Schoen originally from New York currently resides in the Florida panhandle, a former teacher, dean and business owner who became an activist and devotes her time speaking to groups throughout the United States educating Americans to the communist United Nations takeover of America called UN Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development Sustainable America, Resilient cities, Smart Growth, New Urbanism etc. Should you need a speaker on any agenda 21 issue, contact Karen.

Karen has a Bachelors Degree in Education, minor in History and a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies and post graduate credits from the New School of Social Research where she was trained in psychological manipulation now applied in schools. Putting the pieces together and connecting the dots is her specialty. Karen is one of the founders of the AgEnders (Americans ending Agenda 21) writes for blogs, newsletters,,,, and

Karen co-hosts her radio show, “American Freedom Watch Radio,” on and has numerous videos on, and youtube, and she is often a guest on other radio and TV shows. Karen heads the team of AgEnders dedicated to educating Americans about Agenda 21. Karen hosts The AgEnders webinars series designed to expose the truth, by providing education and conversation and action against UN Agenda 21. UN Agenda 21 calls for the inventory and control of every aspect of human activity while indoctrination into global governance. The Elite are using environmental issues to control the population, destroy American exceptionalism, individual rights, private intellectual and real property family values, religious values and nationalism. School programs like IB and Common Core are designed to transform Americans into accepting collectivism and social justice.

Karen has testified in front of the Florida Legislature on many occasions, is a Director of Panhandle Patriots, a founder of the AgEnders, (Americans ending Agenda 21) , Co- chair of the Florida Assessment Committee on Education and Director of the Save America Foundation.

Karen has just decided to run for office FL State REP Dist 5. Look for












Lets use the Taylor county, Florida as an example for Regionalism, although it could be all 67 counties in the State.


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