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By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

August 28, 2010

The story is that when a condemned convict has finally exhausted his appeals, stays, and pre-execution pleas and is making that final walk to the execution chamber his last faltering steps are marked by these echoing words, “Dead man walking.” The words are chilling and at the same time prophetic as they mark with a certainty that soon - very soon – the vital physical functions that sustain life and animate the being will be terminated and he will go from life to death and exist only as a memory.

It occurs to me that nations and civilizations are like men in that they live and function, establish relationships, make enemies and friends, inhabit a temporary space as an infinitesimal speck in a boundless universe, enter into a terminal stage and die, are mourned for a while, and then exist only as a memory. Some live longer than others, some are more prominent than others, some are more benevolent than others, some are more evil than others, but all enter into that final stage and ultimately perish.

The heart of a man pumps the blood that sustains the function of all of the organs that make a man a living being. When the heart of man becomes diseased and corrupted it can no longer provide the vital organs with nourishment and the man dies. The heart of a nation is its people. When the people become diseased with the filthiness of immorality they no longer provide the healthy nourishment that sustains the life of a nation, and the nation dies.

The United States is a dead man walking.

The filthy immoral practices, the corrupt and perverse politicians, the deadly social disunity, the crumbling constitution, the debased young of society, and above all the rejection of the one true God - God the Father, God the Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit - are all symptoms of a diseased heart. This nation is taking those last faltering steps to the chamber of death.


During my tenure as sheriff I collected a number of amusing stories and anecdotes. Among them is the following.

One morning my Chief Deputy came into my office carrying a taped account of an emergency 911 call that was processed by the communications center. The dialogue as recorded on that tape follows:

911 Operator: “What is your emergency?”
The Caller: (very agitated) “My mother stabbed my father.”
911 Operator: (misunderstanding the caller) “What’s wrong with your mother?”
The Caller: “She’s distraught!”
911 Operator: (finally realizing that the father is the emergency) “What is the nature of your father’s injuries?”
The Caller: “He has been stabbed (inaudible) and is bleeding heavily.”
911 Operator: The operator assuming erroneously that the victim had been stabbed in an extremity explains that a tourniquet should be applied above the wound and twisted tight to stem the flow of blood. Then as an after thought asks, “where exactly is the wound?”
The Caller: “In the neck.”

In this nation today we are continually entertained by the dimwitted politicos who - like the 911 operator in the preceding story - make one ignorant assumption upon another causing them to put forth simple-minded and dim-witted solutions to stem the flow of life’s blood from this Commonwealth. These idiots are wrapping a tourniquet around the neck of this nation and cinching it tight. They are stemming the intake of life-sustaining nourishment to the economy and commerce and systematically strangling the nation. Old Uncle Sam is turning blue, his tongue is protruding, his eyes are bulging, and he is in the grip of the spasmodic throes of death; neither the king nor his horses will bring him back to life.


“And he said, who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?” Genesis 3:11

God of course knew the answer to the question that He put to Adam and Eve before His words were spoken. And He knew from which dark and evil mind came the impetus for the disobedience of Adam and Eve and the subsequent fall of man into sin and separation from God. It is this same black spirit that leads and directs the actions of all who fail to re-establish rapport with God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is the same evil entity that rules the nations of the world and controls the destinies of the unsaved. Those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ are, by default, the sons and daughters of Satan and under his control.

When a society rejects the God of Creation, institutes vile works, pursues depraved human activity that is condemned and prohibited by Scripture, and lives by an unholy creed, that society belongs to - and is in possession of - Satan’s demonic kingdom. This is dear reader the present status of the United States.


Consistently I am told that in order to salvage what is left of the Republic we must regain or restore states rights, if one could circumvent a corrupted and activist non-constitutional judiciary that might be an option. The problem is that states rights were effectively nullified, in fact destroyed, by Abraham Lincoln and his New Englander war cabinet those many years ago when the southern states boldly stepped up and asserted their constitutional right to secede from a rapidly forming unholy union. These were brutally burned and savaged by a bestialized federal government. It was the first bite out of the constitution and was followed by a long series of successive bites from the venerable documented founding of the establishment of the law and the immutable principles upon which the nation was based.


When it suits their purpose the Republicans, who claim to be conservative and non-progressive, incessantly clamor for a restoration of constitutional governance when in fact constitutional governance was actually destroyed by their own political party. By refusing to strictly adhere to the constitution as written and established the politicians and the courts make it appear that it is ineffective and have opened the door to that new constitutional convention that the socialist Democrats have been mightily striving to bring about. If this comes to pass, and if we last that long which I sincerely doubt, the ragged remnants of a nearly perfect constitution will be thrown out and replaced with a communist manifesto that the socialists can rule by.

The constitution should never have been amended beyond the Bill of Rights. Every change and addition beyond the first ten amendments has brought this nation interminable grief.

In a recent article “Rules Of Engagement For Freedom And Prosperity” newswithviews writer Andrew Wallace succinctly laid out the politically caused degradation that is upon this nation and suggested a remedial program to restore constitutional governance and the sovereignty of the people. I do not quibble with Andrew’s findings, they are well documented, but I see the anomalies that he highlights as the symptoms of a spiritually diseased and debased society.


My previous article, “Disarming America,” brought an interesting assortment of mail. I received, as I knew I would, letters from a smattering of pacifist Christians who seemingly refuse to take Jesus out of the cradle and recognize Him as the mighty God of the Universe and the creator of everything that was created, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Too many visualize Jesus as a wandering longhaired hippie, mildly benign and ever pious. Is it any wonder that the heathen depict Him with a peace sign draped around His neck and think of Him only as a nomadic guru. Those who call themselves servants of Christ and then contribute to the fostering of this image of the God of the Universe ought to be ashamed.

A few wrote to take issue with my characterization of Luke 22: 35-38 and John 18:11 in regard to the sword and the use of the sword. That I extrapolate from these scriptures an inherent right to possess firearms apparently irritated a few, but these were far from a majority of those who wrote.

Several writers took exception to my gun rights stand by equating firearms with killing. These always misquote the Sixth Commandment as “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, when what the unexpurgated Holy Bible really articulates is “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder” To simply say that we shall not kill does not differentiate between the taking of a human life and the killing of an animal for food and covering. It is pretty difficult to compromise this misperceived blanket censor of killing with the fact that God slew an animal to obtain a hide to clothe the nakedness of both Adam and Eve.

The stricture against killing is construed, by those who should know better, to include living species other than men. Many goofy pacifist Christians take it to that level. I like steak, and I certainly am not going to be able eat steak without the slaughtering (killing) of a steer. It is this line of thinking that explains the mindset of the dovish noodles that think that they can live on vegetables alone.

Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by another human being, in other words the taking of a human life with malice aforethought. I hate the person, I am going to kill the person, I will carry out a plan to kill the person, and I kill the person. This is murder, and is forbidden by God. Premeditation in regard to murder has no affixed time limit; one might premeditate a murder for seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, or years.

Now, consider the following. I am in my home minding my own business when some felon who has premeditated my killing breaks into my home with a gun or a knife with the express intent to murder me. I don’t know how long this person has premeditated my murder and I don’t care. I like the life that God has bestowed upon me and don’t want to give it up to a filthy Godless miscreant. So before this felon carries out his intent to riddle my hide with bullet projectiles or the blade of a knife I produce a firearm and shoot him to death, have I committed a Biblically forbidden act? No, I have not.

Now suppose that before I can defend myself this murderous felon (with malice aforethought) carries out his premeditated killing of me. The state steps in as they are called by God to do and establishes that my murder was premeditated (with malice aforethought) and sentences the murderer to death. Agents of the state carry out the writ of execution and stick him with a needle, pour the juice to him, stretch his neck, or ventilate his vitals with a taxpayer-funded bullet. Is the state, or the designated agents thereof, transgressing Biblical edicts? Nope. The Bible condones the stoning to death of cold-blooded murderers, does it not? Read the Book.

Finally, you have killed another human being accidentally and without malice aforethought or premeditation. But, the family has blood in their eyes and plans, with malice aforethought, to murder you to gain retribution for the accidental death that you have caused. What do you do? Better run to the temple and grab the horns of the altar. The horns these days are the courts where justice is rarely served or dispensed, but it is your only hope for refuge.


In my writings I have been fairly consistent in expressing my belief that the day of the Lord is hard upon us. Some have written in an attempt to disabuse me of this belief and to remind me of Christ’s impartation that not even He knew the day and the hour of His coming. That the day will arrive is a certainty, and if it did not God’s Word would have returned to Him void, which is an impossibility.

I have repeatedly declared that I am neither a prognosticator nor a prophet. And I put no faith in those who claim such God-given insight. My faith is solely and solidly in Jesus Christ. So to those who have admonished me in regard to my speculation I will just say that it is based upon a juxtaposing of the rapidly unfolding vile and evil corruptness of men and the rapid succession of truly cataclysmic occurrences that are being visited upon the world in diverse places alongside God-given Biblical prophesy. The following words by Peter confirm that even an obdurate denial of Christ’s soon coming is a sign that the last days are neigh.

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” II Peter: 3: 3-4

If one is truly a believer in, and a servant of, the Lord Jesus Christ that person is expected to have the wisdom and the light to discern the signs of the times and to extrapolate from those signs the immediacy of Christ’s return. The Apostle Paul expressed it best with the following scripture:

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“But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 4-5

And finally an admonition for those who love Christ, but are spiritually uncertain as to His coming:

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Matthew 25:13

And all God’s people say – Amen!

� 2010 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.










In this nation today we are continually entertained by the dimwitted politicos who - like the 911 operator in the preceding story - make one ignorant assumption upon another causing them to put forth simple-minded and dim-witted solutions to stem the flow of life’s blood from this Commonwealth.