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By Jim R. Schwiesow

August 13, 2007

�James K. Polk Where Are You When We Need You, We Are Being Governed By Idiots�

The invasion by illegal aliens is not the only dire threat that confronts us today, but other than the fascist government that deliberately enables it, it is the most critical threat to face this nation in its history, and that includes two world wars, the fighting of which never reached our shores.

The invasion of the nation proper by millions of illegal aliens can no longer be considered to be only a nuisance or a situation that we can withstand with little consequence. We simply cannot continue to ignore or countenance the hoards of law-breaking invaders that pour across our borders with impunity and with nothing in the way of containment by our government. Our politicians should be dragged from the chambers that they profane by their very presence and be scourged and whipped as traitors to the nation and to the people who they purportedly represent.

All but a handful of Senators and entirely too many Congressional Representatives have encouraged and ignored the festering disease of illegal border crashing and allowed it to burgeon into an insidious malignancy, which rots away the foundations of the nation and threatens the people of this nation with a full-fledged insurrection by a non-indigenous people whose stated purpose is to pave the way for the overthrow of the nation, to institutionalize a socialistic order, and to banish entirely those European and African descendents who by their sweat and ingenuity built the nation and defended its principles through two world wars.

I have long maintained, and still do, that if for no other reason than to head off the possibility of such an overthrow, that every last man, woman, and child, who are in this country by a means other than lawful immigration, must be purged from the country by deportation. I have also maintained that despite what George W. Bush, the witting head of this increasingly militant insurgency, tells you we have everything to fear from the Latin-American hoards that have illegally invaded our borders and laid siege to our institutions and our society. One has only to look to the statements by militant Hispanic groups in this country and the pronouncements of equally militant leaders of Latin-American countries to ascertain that these have designs on the United States as a place to provide living space for their masses. With avaricious desire they contemplate the appropriation of the infrastructure and the resources of a nation built upon the sweat and blood of the millions of Euro-Americans and Afro-Americans who established and populated this nation. Like Hitler who looked to Poland and Czechoslovakia for Lebensraum (Lining Space) for the German people these suckers covet the United States in likewise fashion.

I once wrote a piece in which I contended that not only is the huge and ever growing number of illegal aliens - who may call themselves by various names such as Latinos, Mestizos, Hispanics, Nican Tlaca, or whatever - in this country a threat to our economic well-being and social stability, it also constitutes a precursor to a military invasion of the country from the south. As previously stated these people and these governments have no love for the United States, they have only an abiding hatred for, and a jealousy of, our people, and an insatiable lust for that which belongs to us. The only friend that we have upon the North American continent is Canada; the letters that I receive from our neighbors to the north indicates such. If, or when, the internal stability of this nation dissipates to a point where our military formidability can no longer assure the inviolability of our borders, a situation not too far fetched in view of current events, we can expect a military invasion across our southern borders, and the invaders will have the advantage of thirty to forty million or more well placed saboteurs and guerilla insurgents.

The last time that I laid out this scenario in writing, some idiot wrote and said, �Hahahahahohohoheeheehee what a laugh to think that these ignorant countries could prevail against our invincible military, dream on.� The only ignorance that I could perceive was that of the person who wrote that letter. No military is invincible; if history has taught us anything it has taught us that. The Russians thought that they were invincible when they invaded Afghanistan, and they were completely outfought demoralized and humiliated by the rag tag guerilla fighters who prevailed against them, and think of the fact that our supposedly invincible military forces have not been able to diminish or eliminate the presence of the militant insurgents in Iraq and the middle-east. Now envision, if you will, what would have been the result if some thirty to forty million well placed American and English foot-loose and unrestrained internal agents, who were loyal to the countries of their origin, had been allowed to infiltrate pre-war Germany. Of course we know that Adolph Hitler, unlike the cretin who serves as our commander-in-chief, had more brains than to allow this to happen, but for the sake of argument let�s assume that these foreign agents had been allowed to infiltrate to the extent that the United States has been infiltrated by foreign nationals and I believe that you will concede that these millions could have created an internal havoc, which would have shortened the war in our favor considerably.

I used to think that the people of this country had little discernment and even less God-given common sense, and that they were a hopeless cause. I have altered that opinion to a great extent given the fact that eighty percent of the people have demonstrated that they do have a capacity for common sense and that they recognize the dire consequence of the invasion of millions of illegal aliens. To the politically correct who think that I use the term alien to cause my readers to equate these invaders with the grotesque caricatures of space invaders, you are right. Since I am not politically correct it bothers me not to do so. It is the abysmally ignorant minions of our government who have reached the absolute ultimate in stupidity and who have demonstrated a lack of lucidity and the grievously greedy, grasping and predatory people in high places who wish to surrender the nation to selfish causes that have earned my detestation. I�m talking about those in this country who would sacrifice their mother for a dirty dollar. In other words those who sit upon their thinking apparatus and lust after the god of money. In case I have not made myself absolutely clear in this regard, I include in this group the corporations, big business moguls, some, but not all, trade unionists, the Chamber of Commerce on both the national and state levels, and last, but not least, the politically correct do-gooders who invariably champion wrong causes and do their level best to suppress the freedoms of their neighbors.

Anyone who would sacrifice the lives and well-being of his, or her, fellow citizens for filthy lucre or social expediency is corrupt of mind and soul and has no worth or value to the nation. They just take up space and breathe air that should be reserved for selfless servants of the human race.

It is sink or swim time for this nation. Illegal parasites are tied to this nation like a dead weight and are pulling us into the depths of a sea of destruction and strangulating a once vibrant society. The economic stress is overwhelming, the deterioration is fearful, and the transformation of our culture to that of a third-world nation is disheartening. The lives of every last citizen of the nation has been jeopardized by these invaders, that the criminal miscreants from among the thirty million illegal invaders have taken the lives of forty-two thousand lawful and peace abiding United States citizens points up the monstrousness of this deliberately countenanced invasion. The president and every last one of the demonically led people, heretofore delineated, who have enabled these killers will stand to account for every single life that has been sacrificed to their greed and their deviancy of mind.

The solution is simple. When I was a youth I would be required to assist my Dad who was a mechanic. Often times while toiling in his shop he would, being too engaged in his work to leave it, send me to the work bench for a specific tool. It seems that invariably I would be unable to locate the tool that he would need, and I would exclaim, �Dad, I can�t find it.� He would then disengage himself from the task at hand and walk to the workbench, pick up the tool, and then say to me, �If it had been a snake it would have bit you.� It occurs to me that we have a similar situation in regard to the need of a tool to remove from our midst these destructive invaders. The tool is fully in view and accessible; that tool is deportation. The politicians fume, dawdle, pontificate and procrastinate. They huff and puff about finding the right solution, when that solution is at hand and has been all along, if it had been a snake it would have bit them.

Reliable estimates of the annual cost to American taxpayers to sustain and provide for the welfare of these criminal invaders is, $338.3 billion dollars annually. This is the on-going cost of the coddling of these law-breakers, and it increases incrementally as untold numbers of additional aliens crash our borders daily to join the unholy flock already in the country. The politicians, and the idiots in the media who parrot them, pee and moan that a one-time cost of $230 billion dollars for the deportation of the entirety of this parasitic clump is prohibitive. One has to wonder where these geniuses received their mathematical prowess. It must have been garnered in the same public school system that they have corrupted with money, ignorance, and their infernal meddling.

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The links below are provided for access to the websites of three 2008 presidential candidates who seem to know the score in regard to the devastation wrought by illegal alien invaders.

1, Tom Tancredo
2, Ron Paul
3, Duncan Hunter

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.












Reliable estimates of the annual cost to American taxpayers to sustain and provide for the welfare of these criminal invaders is, $338.3 billion dollars annually. This is the on-going cost of the coddling of these law-breakers...