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By Jim R. Schwiesow

December 5, 2007

Only the most deceived and blindly ignorant among us have failed to note the rapid confluence of events that are moving this nation toward a third world war, a war that approaches in part by virtue of a complete departure from morality by our deeply corrupted government; a seemingly inevitable war that transfixes this nation with bloody eyes. Believing that we are greatly and divinely blessed by the very God who has been made the object of national ridicule and scorn, a God who�s Son has been blasphemed, denigrated and denied, we wander blissfully through each succeeding day imagining, without a basis in reason or fact, that we will be preserved and delivered from the very same inhumane and terrifying events that we have inflicted upon the hapless civilian non-combatants of other nations. We have sown the seeds of hate and violence and we are soon to reap the harvest; we are staring into the murky depths of a demise delivered upon us by our failure to adhere to moral principles.

Our crusades are no longer righteous and our goals are no longer altruistic. A great degeneracy has settled upon the people and the institutions of our society. Whereas our national demeanor used to reflect benevolence and justice we are now indwelled by the deadly sin of insatiable greed. This has deadened our sense of discernment and submerged our conscience. We have been delivered up to delusion. Methodical reasoning has been replaced by a dogma, which closely parallels the most recent or prevalent intimations of the government and its mouthpiece the national media. Propagandists have blurred the lines between good and evil and beneficial and destructive. Our time is short and we don�t even know it, we are like a galloping beast that has been shot through the heart and is carried forward by momentum not even realizing that it is already dead.

Until recently the United States had the trust of the international community in regard to jointly responsible monetary policies, this faith is an absolutely essential ingredient for the stability of the world�s economic system. Since the currencies of the world are not backed by tangible assets the nations must be able to rely on the sureness of the fiscal integrity of those who are partners in what now amounts to a seamless worldwide economic community. To abrogate that trust by deceitful policy is to threaten the economic stability of the entire world.

One would think that since the United States is a debtor nation and heavily dependent upon foreign investors for the capital to shore up this hugely in debt nation and a drastically faltering dollar that our government and financial institutions would pay scrupulous attention to a steady and unfailing commitment to honorable international policies. Unfortunately this nation had demonstrated just the opposite demeanor. Though many will bridle at the contention that our goals are often dishonest and our honor purchasable there is much to substantiate this contention.

The constant manipulation of the domestic economy by tinkering with interest rates in order to stimulate or maintain an appearance of continual growth and prosperity has had dire consequences. When the economy is continually stimulated artificially with no eye to allowing for a balancing of the system through natural forces it is a fool�s game. It is analogous to, as a preventative measure, providing the body with a continual stream of antibiotics, the presence of which suppresses the development of natural antibodies. Sooner or later super microbes will develop against which the antibiotics have no effect and against which the body has no natural resistance. Disaster for the poor host to these super microbes is inevitable. And disaster for this nation appears also to be inevitable.

The housing bubble calamity and the fall out that accompanied it is a case in point. The collapse of the housing market was predestined by the idiotic policies of the Fed in regard to manipulating the economy by artificially lowering interest rates in order to prop up the stock market and to placate the politicians who seemingly have an urgent desire to continually assure their constituents that they will never allow less than an always-rosy economy.

The created frenzy among the greedy, grasping and gullible in regard to the pursuit of mortgages at unrealistically low interest rates, which enabled them to acquire hugely over priced houses with little or no commitment toward equity was bad enough, but the treachery of the lenders who encouraged this wildly irresponsible borrowing and then scammed, with the help of American investment rating agencies, foreign investors into purchasing these nearly worthless U.S. mortgage securities was nothing short of criminal. The domino affect of the collapse of the housing market bubble affected not only domestic financial institutions, but also the stability of many foreign banks and mortgage lenders. These were staggered by the U.S. housing slump that deflated the bubble; some were on the cusp of a complete meltdown and had to be pulled from disaster by quick government intervention. And we wonder why the international community hates us, with friends such as the United States who needs enemies.

Throughout our history we have been a nation that has presumed to act as the moral conscience of the nations of the world, a champion for international justice and morality. We viewed it as our destiny to promote peace, to subdue injustice and discipline belligerent nations. We set up tribunals to punish those that we believed to be responsible for inhumane acts against the weak and the helpless. We condemned and executed political and military leaders of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan who we felt were responsible for heinous international acts. When one assumes this posture one had better have clean hands. Don�t look now, but ours are dirty - extremely dirty.

That the United States has become an aggressor nation cannot be disputed. We claim a right to anticipatory or preemptive military strikes to enforce our will upon nations that are subjectively labeled as rogue. The simple fact is that we deny the same right of self-direction to governments with policies that diverge from ours that we claim as a divine right. The Bush administration has carried subterfuge to new heights. Inventiveness in regard to fabricating justification for a military invasion has become an art form. The president while searching for ways to secure congressional approval for an attack on Iraq changed pretexts as often as he changed shirts, finally settling on weapons of mass destruction. Today almost five years after the inception of the attack on Iraq no signs of weapons of mass destruction have ever been found and the president has had to alter his propagation for a seemingly interminable conflict as a war for democratization. Where is it written in our laws or our Constitution that we have the authority to bomb a country and kill innocent non-combatants in order to convert them to democracy?

This country is spiritually wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked. We have reached the ultimate low in social degeneration. Our politicians and public officials are treacherous and devious. They are continually deceitful; lies fall easily from their lips. Our courts impose and uphold the aberrant and the indecent, while contravening that which is good and righteous. We have renounced any faith in the Sovereign God and we deny His Son. Perversion lies across this land like a filthy blanket. Money is our God; there is no repentance in our soul, and our fall from grace has destined our future.

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Even now the thunders can be heard in the distance and the winds of judgment swirl about us. When the thunders rain destruction upon us, and the hot winds scorch us it will be too late. No amount of pleading, begging, wailing or crying will deliver us from that of our own making.

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.












This country is spiritually wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked. We have reached the ultimate low in social degeneration. Our politicians and public officials are treacherous and devious. They are continually deceitful; lies fall easily from their lips.