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By Rabbi Nachum Shifren
November 30, 2009

How the ADL is working to destroy America

It is difficult to write about Jewish traitors, but I have the obligation to do so. My life as an American and a Jew is rooted in one miracle: individual liberty and freedom of speech and conscience. We are living in dangerous times, times when men of good will are afraid to speak out. There are some things you cannot say in America today.

I will say them anyway.

For years, I have noticed something curious about religion in America, Israel, and elsewhere. When I go into an establishment to pray, I notice how thick the carpet is. The gold and silver on doors and paneling's. The "honorees" abounding with their plaques and pictures adorning walls and halls. I have prayed in many different shuls (synagogues) throughout the world, and I admit a proclivity toward those humbler, more "hamish" (homey) environs, with the simple wood benches and plain floors.

For me, it is in a place surrounded by holy books, next to the Torah, with those dust-coated windows, that I find solace with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. No games here, no power trips — and you are only as good as your cleaving and yearning to be a part of His world. I reckon there's lots of folks out there who feel the same, regardless of their beliefs.

Our history as a people has been divided, roughly, into two camps.

There is one camp that stood at Mt. Sinai, witnessed great miracles, received an awesome legacy, and despite the most horrific of human travails — pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, and more — decided to hand down that legacy from generation to generation.

It is because of that meritorious Jewish tradition that I am here today and am able to write these words.

There is a second camp — a more sinister group, that has done more damage to the Jews and caused more murder and destruction than all of Israel's enemies combined. To this troika belong Jews and non-Jews, and our Jewish heritage has been irrevocably altered by this movement.

This second camp is about control of human beings. It holds a vision of a One World Order, together with Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin — an evil that, to date, has claimed nearly two hundred million souls.

With these international bandits and mind-control wizards stands the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). Now, if anyone else would say this, that person would be labeled an anti-Semite. But as anyone that knows me will tell you, I am a Jew who strives always to do good, give to charity, and am diligent in study and prayer. Of my many shortcomings, anti-Semitism is not one of them.

There are things that for a Jew, there is no excuse. One aspect is the unrelenting war waged by radical Islam against the Jewish people (they say they're not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist).

But far worse are those who aid and abet this satanic force. For the leftist control-freaks of the ADL, there cannot be a Land of Israel! That would mean they'd be out of a job! They thirst on dissention and division — anything that will drive up their stock. Their support from the outset of a two-state solution means the destruction of the Jewish homeland.


No amount of agreements with terror and those who support it, will buy peace. The ADL, in a very real sense, is anathema to the survival of the Jewish people. Moreover, they never cared about the survival of the Jewish People!

The ADL’s agenda is simple: anything that will increase their power and control is good. Anti-Semites could never have destroyed the Jewish people. Only Jews can destroy the Jewish People.

The entire world, including Christians of all faiths, knows and understands that there is only one people in the world that was given the Land of Israel as an eternal inheritance: the Jews. The only people in the world who rebel against this eternal truth is the ADL and their communist comrades and enablers. Why?

In order for there to be a ONE WORLD ORDER, man's spirit and soul must be brought low, be subjugated to the level of the beasts. This was the communist credo, to claim that we are no better than animals that must be controlled. G-d must be destroyed, faith debauched, and religion — ALL RELIGION — extinguished.

In this camp we find the ADL. Let's be clear: The ADL has nothing to do with Judaism, Jews, or Jewish Survival. It is a collection of communists, anarchists, Jewish 60's drop-outs, bitter about their nothing status and eager to spread their venom about a socialist paradise at which they believe only they can succeed. (The earlier Bolsheviks and Trotskyite's, they assure us, just didn't get it right.!)

It's more than interesting how Obama has surrounded himself with these same radical leftist rejects from the 60's. Interesting also, is how the ADL and the present administration are working hand in glove to make us safer with insane, counter-productive “Hate Crime” legislation.


Now, the ADL is on the warpath again, this time advocating for a federal data bank to be housed (with them?) in Washington, where each American can be monitored and pursued, for ever having said anything "hateful."

And what is the definition of "hateful," you ask? Simple, whatever the ADL dictates. And how, you'll ask can that possibly happen here in the land of the Free, the home of the Brave? Again, simple: just play the anti-Semitic race card, and you will have people tripping all over themselves to acquiesce to your every whim. The facts are:

not one Christian today in America dare read the Bible, with it’s exhortation against bestiality and homosexuality without looking over their collective shoulders to see if the ADL is monitoring.

So why would the ADL, an organization supposedly founded for the purpose of helping Jews in peril, be spending their capital railing and ranting about Christians and what they do in the privacy of their churches. Interesting, how the ADL could care less about groups like ACORN, ISLAMIC JIAHAD, HAMMAS, CAIR — could it be because they're people of "color?" Or maybe it's because they are necessary in their scheme of ONE WORLD ORDER, neutralizing the fabric of America, getting it ripe for a takeover in which the ADL can take part.

Why is the ADL, supposedly the "sentinel" of the Jewish people so disposed to the rights and whims of radical gay and lesbian groups? Is this the pervue of the ADL? The answer lies in one simple concept: power and control. What the Soviets could not do in Russia, the ADL will attempt to do to America.

Witness the ADL at work:

1- advocating federal statutes and punishment for just "saying" something negative about Gays, essentially making every Christian a law-breaker in America today.
2- storing thousands of files on suspected "haters," including names, addresses, and phone numbers to be shared with both local and federal police whenever these "haters" get out of hand by saying what they believe.
3- advocating massive censorship where media and films must pass a litmus test before being called "kosher"
4- proposing legislation for simply expressing "seed ideas" (Biblical in origin), concepts or utterances that “stimulate” or “cause friction” against targeted groups.
5- lobbying Canada to pass hate crime legislation: $5,000 misdemeanor, serving up to 2 years in prison.
6- working 24/7 for their new "messianic" legislation: HR 262, the “Hate Crimes Bill,” where the ADL will be positioned to establish a massive, pervasive and fascist bureaucracy that will monitor every single American and impose in this country Nazi Germany-style control — the ultimate vision of the leftist ADL.

The far-reaching consequences are: no church director will ever be able to utter the word of G-d! Is this not the communist “utopia” coming to fruition? Massive mind control about bias is even now, being established in education — inculcating our youth from kindergarten through college about politically correct speech. Churches that do not hire homosexuals will be closed down. Preachers will be jailed. Here in California, our insane legislature just passed such a bill, a bill that will fire faculty or expel students that make a slip of the tongue.

Isn't it amazing? We're not allowed to have the Ten Commandments in our schools. No "minute of prayer" allowed. No mention of G-d allowed. But plenty of mind control about how the White Christians have destroyed the earth and must be neutralized. The Day of the multiculturalists is here, aided and abetted by the ADL, using "hate speech" as the Trojan horse that will destroy our once-great America.

I find a certain peace in getting back to that earlier mention of the plain synagogue, permeated with an aura of stark truth and humility, the sometimes shaky rafters and squeaky doors giving testimony to a simplicity lending itself to truth and the eternal peace.

How this contrasts with the monstrous and ostentatious ADL building in New York! A skyscraper pointing to heaven, symbolically raising its accusing finger at the Master of the Universe. No, the tons of glass and concrete here cannot mask a horrifying lie and evil intent for this country.

I find myself having crossed the political Rubicon. As a conservative, passionate advocate of America's freedom for individual liberties and speech, I have become a pariah in the Jewish community. Who knows, maybe the ADL is monitoring this very message?! But one thing is clear: I stand on the shoulders of many great Americans who have given their lives for this great land. I will not shirk from my responsibility as an American, as a beneficiary of this grand and blessed legacy. I hope that my urgent words are heeded and that people will wake up about those alien forces threatening our very lives.

To all my friends throughout America: G-d bless you, and G-d bless America

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Rabbi Shifren is a southern California native. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Spanish and German literature. He has been a language teacher in LA City schools since 1992. He is also fluent in Hebrew. Having lived in Israel for nearly a decade, he has been an observer and commentator of developments in Israel, the Israeli and foreign press, and the recent rise of Islamic Jihad.

He is also the dirctor of "surf and soul" surfcamp, where teens learn self-discipline, proper attitude, and physical fitness. A Malibu surfer since 1962, he is known universally as the surfing rabbi. Through his seminars and classes, he has taught thousand the challenge and thrill of wave riding and the postive aspects of the surfing life style.

Rabbi Shifren has declared his candidacy for the Calif. State Senate in 2010, and is the only candidate to openly pledge to oppose the advent of Sharia law in the United States. He is a tireless supporter of individual freedoms and preserving the distinctive greatness of America, her language, and culture. Known for his no-nonsense approach to education and prison reform, Rabbi Shifren is in his own class of patriotism and staunch conservative values.

Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen said: "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow."











Why is the ADL, the "sentinel" of the Jewish people so disposed to the rights and whims of the radical Gay and Lesbian groups? Is this the purpose of the ADL? The answer lies in one simple concept: power and control. What the Soviets could not do in Russia, the ADL will attempt to do to America.