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By Investigative Reporter Ed Snook

July 23, 2013

Florida, USA – On July 13, 2013 a jury of six women returned the only verdict they could - Not Guilty - in the false prosecution case of 29-year-old George Zimmerman.

Subsequent to George Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin in self- defense, Florida State Attorney Norm Wolfinger refused to prosecute Zimmerman after local police investigated this case and concluded that no crime had been committed. Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee was fired by Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte for refusing to arrest George Zimmerman.

At this point, riots and protests started across our nation. Politically motivated Governor Rick Scott stepped in and had his henchwoman Angela Corey file manufactured, false charges against Zimmerman. The riots and protests were temporarily quelled as a result.

Facts about the trial and main participants in the Zimmerman case

On July 1, 2013, after the first week of the State of Florida’s malicious, political and racial prosecution, I published an article titled, “George Zimmerman Will Be Found Not Guilty.” Having conducted numerous successful cases in Florida for the US~Observer wherein completely innocent people have been falsely charged with crimes during the past few years, it was obvious the state didn’t have the grounds to file a criminal charge in the first place. This occurs often in the “Great State of Florida”.

It is an absolute fact that numerous Florida prosecutors no longer recognize or acknowledge our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. This would include prosecutor Angela Corey who is responsible for knowingly filing a false murder charge against Zimmerman and for deceiving the court in her affidavit to secure her false Second Degree Murder charge. Corey and her team withheld photos of Zimmerman’s injuries from the defense. Corrupted Corey fired 4th Judicial District Technology Director Ben Kruidbos after he disclosed the photos (exculpatory evidence) to the defense.

Corey subsequently showed her inner corruption when she sat and watched her team repeatedly lie in open court, in front of the jury about George Zimmerman. Corey and her team then had a cooperative Judge Debra S. Nelson add the charge of Manslaughter during Zimmerman’s trial for the jury to consider, just as soon as she knew she would lose the murder charge.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson, an appointee of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, should be removed from the bench and heavily sanctioned for allowing pure corruption into the Zimmerman trial.

Post Trial – Facts About Participants

Corey and her prosecution team comprised of Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy and Rich Mantei have continued lying to the public about Zimmerman. If justice were served, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey and her entire team should be immediately disbarred, charged with suborning perjury, etc., and face a criminal trial for their crimes.

Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott appointed Angela Corey to file charges against Zimmerman, strictly for political and racial reasons. Governor Scott should face recall and be removed from office. Scott is disgusting to me and he can look forward to quite an expose on his corrupt ties to private, abusive prisons in Florida in the near future. We have been informed by our sources that State Attorney General Pam Bondi was involved in the decision to appoint Corey and to prosecute Zimmerman – we are currently investigating this information…

A majority of America’s media should be humiliated. Defense Lawyer Mark O’Mara stated, “Two systems (Goliath) went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: you guys, the media (and corrupt government). He was like a patient on an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anethesia… you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him.”

Zimmerman defense Lawyers Mark O’Mara and Don West fought for their innocent client against all odds and the US~Observer highly commends them.

George Zimmerman’s jurors are commended for their prudent and responsible Not Guilty Verdict.

The US~Observer and this writer especially are proud of George Zimmerman. He was factually victimized-beaten by Trayvon Martin while attempting to protect his own life, his neighbors, his neighborhood and he reacted like every responsible American should. George should be heavily compensated for having his Civil Rights violated by a bunch of conspiring public officials.

The facts show that Martin was anything but a “young teenage boy.” He factually used drugs (had drugs in his blood on the night he assaulted Zimmerman), had been suspended from school numerous times and was obviously capable of physically placing an exceptional human being in fear of his life.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has recently made inflammatory statements about the “stand your ground” law to appease the mobs. Holder is a danger to all of us who believe in the Constitution and justice. Along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, he is currently enraging and enabling rioters and protestors across our nation. The same embarrassing wing-nuts who are rioting and protesting are the same people who elected president Obama, an absolute disgrace, to the office of President of the United States.

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Most Zimmerman protestors and rioters have common traits. They are progressive, reactionaries and welfare-minded individuals, who are absolutely directing America towards its ruination. They are the greatest danger that exists to our Republic. They don’t have the ability to reason or to even recognize common sense and they should disgust any decent producing American. It is not our leadership who is responsible for ruining our great nation – responsibility lies at the feet of those reprobates, who elect and support the conscious-less leaders we currently have.

Editor’s Note: Barack Obama stated, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” Edward Snook states, “If I had another son he would look, act and react exactly like George Zimmerman. Stand Your Ground George!”

� 2013 - Edward Snook - All Rights Reserved

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Edward Snook is 20-plus year investigative journalist, with a college major in criminal justice and the publisher of US-Obsrver newspaper. 541-474-7885











Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott appointed Angela Corey to file charges against Zimmerman, strictly for political and racial reasons. Governor Scott should face recall and be removed from office.