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By Investigative Reporter, Ed Snook

October 4, 2013

Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg Hinders Justice

(US~Observer) West Palm Beach, Florida – Sadly, on October 13, 2006, 85 year-old Lucy Miller was killed while making a reckless U-turn. In April of 2007, Jamie Clark, the other party to the accident, was charged with D.U.I. Manslaughter. Now, evidence has emerged showing prosecutors withheld evidence of Clark's innocence. Justice is not being served here. More-so, this case exemplifies the old adage “Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right.”

On August 27, 2013, 41 year-old Jamie Clark’s Post Conviction Relief (PCR) hearing began in front of Judge John Kastrenakes. The hearing lasted 3 days wherein 15th Judicial District Assistant State Prosecutors Leigh Miller and Judith Arco extracted numerous twisted lies from their witnesses, in an all-out effort to deceive the judge. Jamie Clark's attorneys Alan Ross and Benjamin Waxman were able to clearly show that material evidence was not made available to Clark's original defense council prior to or during his trial and subsequent false conviction.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg has been aware of the facts of this case for many months – he has been well-aware of Clark’s innocence, yet he has chosen to hinder justice and cover up the false conviction of Jamie Clark. Aronberg allowed his prosecutors to make blatant attempts in open court to twist and distort information. If any prudent person were to analyze the evidence presented to Judge Kastrenakes during the recent PCR case, they would have to conclude that the prosecutors were actually attempting to make Kastrenakes look ignorant and gullible, which he is not, by trying to get him to accept distortions that completely contradict fact and common sense.

Briefs are due on this case by October 11, 2013 and Judge Kastrenakes said he will give his ruling by November 15, 2013. Before I expose some of the lies and deceptions that were perpetrated by State Attorney Aronberg’s Office during this recent PCR hearing, I prompt you to read our initial investigative article titled, “Florida’s 15th Judicial Circuit – Past Officials Flip-Flop on Justice”.

A Brief Review of Clark’s Case History

Clark was involved in a car accident on October 13, 2006, and was eventually charged with D.U.I. Manslaughter on April 7, 2007, regarding the death of 85 year-old Lucy Miller. An exhaustive US~Observer investigation showed that the accident was unavoidable due to the fact that Miller, while attempting to make a U-turn, pulled directly in front of Jamie Clark. Miller failed to yield to oncoming traffic, as required by Florida Statutes. The State of Florida would, after two years, add a charge of Vehicular Homicide. Clark's charges were originally dismissed by Judge John Kastrenakes in December of 2010, due to the state filing a “Nolle Pros” Motion (The State of Florida dropped charges to avoid the court’s order to go to trial immediately).

According to information obtained by the US~Observer, Assistant State Attorney Ellen Roberts, after much influence by people associated with “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” (MADD) and Lucy Miller’s son Steven Schumer, re-filed Clark’s criminal charges in January of 2011, over 4 years after the accident. Clark was represented at his September 12, 2011 trial by Attorney David Roth and according to witnesses and trial records, Roth failed to adequately represent Jamie Clark. Jamie was convicted on September 15th 2011, and incarcerated that same day, nearly five years after the accident.

Jamie Clark has spent over two years in prison for an alleged crime he did not commit – one that was politically and maliciously motivated!

Just how far will bad and dangerous human beings (prosecutors and their accomplices) go in an effort to exact misplaced vengeance and vindictiveness? Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg should not be the State Attorney for the 15th Judicial District in Florida or any other “District” for that matter, as he is a potential danger to any one of his constituents at any given time. In my opinion, prosecutor Ellen Roberts and others involved in wrongfully destroying Jamie Clark’s life should be placed in a prison cell for a good, long time.

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Read the rest of this informative article wherein the US~Observer exposes the lies, as well as the truth and facts presented during Clark’s PCR hearing and you will clearly see the common sense that proves Jamie Clark’s innocence. You will truly be incensed!

And, how about this absolute shocker; the only eye witness to the accident and whose testimony was restricted at Clark’s trial was Rabbi Marci Bloch. She is a Jewish Rabbi. Lucy Miller was reportedly coming from “Temple,” so I would assume she was Jewish, just as I would conclude that her son, Steven Schumer, who has reportedly pushed for the continued incarceration of Jamie Clark, is also Jewish. Now for a real kicker; State Prosecutor Dave Aronberg is Jewish! Could there be a connection here?

State Prosecutor Dave Aronberg

I happen to have Jewish friends and the US~Observer is not big on conspiracies, unless they can be proven, but my readership can rest assured that we are currently digging into this subject matter. By the way, Jamie Clark is not Jewish.

Once you have been shocked, please be responsible. Call State Attorney Dave Aronberg at 561-355-7100 or by email at and let him know that you don’t appreciate unethical and dishonest prosecutors attacking Jamie Clark or any other innocent person.

Read the rest of the story here.

� 2013 - Edward Snook - All Rights Reserved

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Edward Snook is 20-plus year investigative journalist, with a college major in criminal justice and the publisher of US-Obsrver newspaper. 541-474-7885











State Attorney Dave Aronberg has been aware of the facts of this case for many months – he has been well-aware of Clark’s innocence, yet he has chosen to hinder justice and cover up the false conviction of Jamie Clark.