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by Alan Stang
November 2, 2007

This coming Monday, November 5th, Ron Paul patriots will do something that, as far as I know, has never been attempted in a political campaign. On that day, we are aiming for 100,000 Americans to go to, scroll down to the green button on the right, labeled �Donate Today,� and contribute $100.

That of course would yield $10,000,000 in just one day, and I can assure you it would drive the so-called �top tier� Republican candidates and their Democrat counterparts even crazier than they are. They already don�t know what to do. Some commentators have compared the Dr. No phenomenon to Ross Perot, who split the Bush I vote in 1992 and put the Arkansas rapist in power.

But Ross the Boss had the money to finance his own campaign, and his support was nowhere near as broad as Ron�s. Believe it or not, our military�s favorite candidate is Dr. No, who says we should immediately get out of Iraq. The Republican Party has not been able to arouse substantial interest in the black community, but word now arrives that Dr. No is the favorite Republican candidate of American blacks.

Yes, Howard Dean, like Ron, raised big money on the Internet. But Dean, now chairman of the Democrat National Committee, is not the man the people who contributed all that money thought he was. Dr. No is.

His support is erupting from every voting bloc in America, and now that he has appeared on the Jay Leno show, millions of Americans who had never heard of him know who he is and what he will do. Leno was friendly and Tom Cruise shook his hand, even though Ron apparently wasn�t sure who he is. Indeed, Johnny Rotten � whom I had never heard of � turns out to be a libertarian supporter, so you had better believe I am now a Sex Pistols fanatic.

If you missed it, go to the Jay Leno archives. Hear Jay Leno say that gynecologist Dr. No has told more women to take off their clothes than even the Arkansas rapist. See Dr. No cracking jokes. See Dr. No calmly repeating that he will abolish the income tax and take us out of war. See the latest boffo combo that took Hollywood by storm: Dr. No and the Sex Pistols.

Yes, it was a joke at first. A hayseed country doctor from South Texas running for President! In the big city with all those sharks! Imagine! But guess what? As Dr. No says, the freedom message is intoxicating and it�s the only thing he says. Everybody likes it, everybody except the conspiracy for world government and its political puppets like el presidente Jorge W. Boosh, and the Prostitute National Press that includes the Communist Broadcasting System and Republicrud front men like Shallow Sean Hannitwerp.

Dr. No already looms on the political horizon like a Category 5 hurricane. Raising ten million dollars in one day would turn that hurricane into a firestorm. The media have been trying to keep the lid on. Right wing Communist talk radio like Limbag and Levin and Mike Weiner try to get through each broadcast without mentioning the hated name, which gets harder to do every day. Right, Mike?

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Friends, I can assure you that if you pull this off, if you raise ten million dollars in one day, it will blow the lid off. Godzilla henceforth would be in the debates. Do you think that�s worth a hundred bucks? Consider that if you don�t do it, you won�t be able to say later that there was nothing you could do.

On Monday, go to, scroll down to the green button, click on Donate Today and contribute one hundred bucks.

Say Yes to No!

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Alan Stang was one of Mike Wallace�s original writers at Channel 13 in New York, where he wrote some of the scripts that sent Mike to CBS. Stang has been a radio talk show host himself. In Los Angeles, he went head to head nightly with Larry King, and, according to Arbitron, had almost twice as many listeners. He has been a foreign correspondent. He has written hundreds of feature magazine articles in national magazines and some fifteen books, for which he has won many awards, including a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for journalistic excellence. One of Stang�s expos�s stopped a criminal attempt to seize control of New Mexico, where a gang seized a court house, held a judge hostage and killed a deputy. The scheme was close to success before Stang intervened. Another Stang expos� inspired major reforms in federal labor legislation.

His first book, It�s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, was an instant best-seller. His first novel, The Highest Virtue, set in the Russian Revolution, won smashing reviews and five stars, top rating, from the West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars in only one per cent of its reviews.

Stang has lectured in every American state and around the world and has guested on many top shows, including CNN�s Cross Fire. Because he and his wife had the most kids in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where they lived at the time, the entire family was chosen to be actors in �Havana,� directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, the most expensive movie ever made (at the time). Alan Stang is the man in the ridiculous Harry Truman shirt with the pasted-down hair. He says they made him do it.












Remember that we are talking about the version of feminism that erupted in the last half of the Twentieth Century, at about the same time as the latest extrusion of organized sodomy.