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by Alan Stang
October 1, 2008

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They could almost feel the ropes on their necks. First they would feel the weight as the heavy hawsers settled on their shoulders, then the scratching of the bristles on their throats. They would start to lose air. Now it would be hard to breathe. And there would be a view of the reflecting pool they had never seen before, as they stood on the tall platform hastily erected on the lawn.

Then Dr. Ron No Such Candidate Paul would give the signal, the hangman would pull the lever, the platform would give way, and the former Member of Congress would fall, reflecting on his crimes in the instant before the weight of his bloated carcass paradoxically broke his neck. And he would dance again for the last time, in the air, this time without the protection of congressional immunity. Isn’t that what defrauded depositors traditionally do when they discover that the banker has squandered their funds?

That is why many members voted no. They did so because you had made them more afraid of you than they were of their party leadership. Had they voted for the Goldman Sachs-non Federal non Reserve banana republic coup, they would have been afraid to visit the districts they allegedly represent. That is the most important lesson to be learned from the fiasco. So, kudos! According to one report, opposition was running about 300 to 1. One California Congressman got 15,000 messages. Ten of them endorsed the “bailout.” Nothing like it has ever been seen on the Hill. Pat yourself on the back.

But only with one hand. Toward the end of the week, they will surely be back. Remember, the conspirators at the top, who control both parties, are certifiable criminal psychopaths. They know how much you hate their scheme. They don’t care. They do not represent you and will try again. Next, they will tell you they have rewritten the bill to allay your fears. They will present evidence of tinkering. But tinkering is all it will be. The black heart of the scheme will remain the same; they will not propose something that doesn’t give them what they want. You must keep the congressmen’s attention where it belongs: on the rope.

It is important to understand that the “money” they want is nowhere near as important as the power. It isn’t money – minted gold and silver – anyway. It is no longer an amount written in a ledger or even a number typed into an account. It is a computer entry, nothing more. That is the nature of the scam. They lend you computer entries and demand payback in your labor, blood, time and net income after taxes.

Section 115 (3)a of the original scam says the spending by Hank Goldman Sachs Paulson “shall be limited” to the infamous $700,000,000,000, yes, but then it adds, “outstanding at any one time.” Which means that at another time there would have been more spending. In effect, Hank could spend until Dr. Paul sentences him to dance on air outside the Capitol building. So, more important is the fact that what they want is total Communist control of the economy. Remember that Communism does not rise up from the bottom; it is imposed from the top.

Like the “Patriot” Act, the Goldman Sachs Swindle was concocted in secret. Republican Congressman Mike Burgess of Texas says that he and his colleagues were called “unpatriotic” because they withheld the blind support the leadership wanted. Members like Dr. Paul were told to vote and shut up. Burgess explains, “I have been thrown out of more meetings in this capital in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible, as a duly elected representative of 825,000 citizens of north Texas.”

Indeed, said Burgess in a speech on the floor of the House, “I understand we are under martial law as declared by the speaker last night.” It is eminently reasonable to expect martial law, because the present Jorge W. Boosh administration and its predecessor, under President Billy Bubba Slime, have made all the changes necessary to impose it and make it “legal.”

For years your Intrepid Correspondent has been warning that the conspiracy for world government would concoct some excuse – another terrorist attack; nuclear war; a natural disaster; an epidemic; or a financial collapse – for the purpose. We knew they would do that. We did not know which excuse they would choose. Now we do.

So, at the bottom in both parties you have Members of Congress like Mike Burgess. Again, at the top, the same people run them both, from Pelosi to Boosh to Hussein to McCain. Everyone at the top – from media to academia to government to business, etc. – favored the swindle.

Only the people opposed it. McCain, the Man from Hanoi, could have given them what they demanded; thereby he would have struck another electrifying blow like the choice of Sarah Barracuda and guaranteed his election. Like Senator Hussein, who represents the Communist Party and Goldman Sachs, he did as he was told.


Another benefit of the confrontation is that for this political generation it thoroughly trashes the Democrat claim to represent the worker, the retiree, the poor and small business, etc. But the Goldman Sachs-non Federal non Reserve banana republic coup makes clear that the Democrat leadership, like the Republican, represents the “super rich and powerful” the Democrats routinely pretend to oppose. That is why many Democrats rebelled.

Remarkable among new-con radio hosts covering the event was Hugh Hewitt, known around here as Blewitt. Hugh Blewitt is of course a flagrant homosexualist. He claims to endorse the Roman Catholic position on baby killing, but when a bull dyke or a faggot calls, he fawns on it revoltingly. “There’s nothing wrong with that!” he exclaims. Hey, Hugh, did you know that the pope says no to buggery?

Blewitt was horrified by the House vote. He blames so many Republican naysayers like Mike Burgess and Dr. Paul on a speech by Miss Nancy denouncing the GOP just before the historic confrontation. In the broadcast I heard, he totally ignores the hurricane of opposition that made Ike feel like a spring breeze. Instead, he says, the robbery was thwarted by Miss Nancy’s lousy speech alone. Blewitt is even more malevolent than Limbag.

Is there a good solution to the problem? There is, but consider that when a conspiracy has deliberately turned a problem into a disaster for many decades like this one, it is not realistic to seek an easy, painless solution. The genuine solution unavoidably must include what the natural physicians call a “healing crisis.” The fever must break. The choice the people have is on one hand a healing crisis; on the other, passage of some phony “solution” that will perpetuate and intensify the problem.

That is what the conspiracy for world government’s “solution” would do. It would reward criminality and incompetence. It would impart the lesson that crime does pay if it is big enough. It would magnify inflation by $700 billion times x. It would put total control of the economy in the even fewer hands of Goldman Sachs and the non Federal non Reserve System than it is already.

Even the blind now can see 20/20 what Dr. Paul was talking about and that he was right. At the heart of the manufactured crisis is the fact that our “money” is no good. It isn’t money; it’s a fraud. It isn’t even pieces of printed paper, phony “notes” that promise nothing. Again, now it is mostly nothing more than computer entries “backed” by the empty unfaith and discredit of the federal government; nothing more.

The solution is to restore honest money as still defined in federal law. In a letter to his friend, the Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, not an economist, expressed his delighted amazement that the abolition of the worthless Continental and the installation of real money, gold and silver coin to replace it, almost instantly cured not just the fiscal problem, but also cured almost every social woe, including alcoholism, wife beating, divorce, laziness, crime, etc.

The restoration would include abolition of the non Fed non Reserve System, which was illegal the moment a few congressional toadies of the conspiracy voted for it on December 23, 1913, while most of their colleagues had gone home for Christmas. It is illegal because the Constitution, the law, says Congress alone has power over the money; but Congress lacks the power to give away its power.

When cringers tell you that abolition is a cockamamie idea, ask them why then the authors of the bill that created the Fed included in it language explaining that Congress could abolish it and setting forth the means to do so. Remember, the Fed was not created by constitutional amendment, which the conspiracy could never have slid through; it is a mere act of Congress, which could abolish it tomorrow morning. Now that national attention is on the Fed, keep it there. Recruit Dr. Paul and Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., author of Pieces of Eight, the two-volume definitive history of our money, to do the job.

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One argument the bailout advocates use is that the crisis is the product of “unrestricted, unregulated, cut throat” Free Enterprise. What? You call all these handouts and payoffs, this restricted enforcement, this corporate favoritism, these conflicts of interest, this overwhelming government intervention and on and on, “Free Enterprise?” No, it is enterprise as “free” as the Mussolini and Hitler economies. It is Fascism.

The solution to the problem is genuine Free Enterprise. Abolish the Fed!

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For years your Intrepid Correspondent has been warning that the conspiracy for world government would concoct some excuse – another terrorist attack; nuclear war; a natural disaster; an epidemic; or a financial collapse – for the purpose. We knew they would do that. We did not know which excuse they would choose. Now we do.