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by Alan Stang
October 16, 2008

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The first Barney Frank scandal involved a sodomite prostitution ring operating out of Barney’s Washington apartment. Barney wasn’t implicated, of course. It is true that his partner in buggery at the time was running the ring, and customers were going in and out, but Barney “didn’t know,” which if true proves he is stupid enough to be a Member of Congress.

How many people would “not know” if their bedmates were running prostitution rings out of their apartments? Voters in his Taxachusetts district keep sending him back to Washington, which means either that they are stupid degenerates themselves – remember, they are Yankees – or that they cleverly do so to keep him at a distance.

Whatever, the fact is that lisping cartoon faggot Barney Frank is one of the wreckers who gave us the present financial debacle by righteously claiming there was nothing wrong at Fannie Mae. Barney presently is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee in which capacity he guided the $700 billion Goldman Sachs swindle to passage. And now comes the latest Barney Frank eruption.

Herb Moses was assistant director for product initiatives at Fannie Mae from 1991 until 1998. According to National Mortgage News, Moses “helped develop many of Fannie Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement lending programs.” In other words, Herb helped put people in homes they could not afford.

The problem is that at the same time Herb was also Barney’s partner in buggery. Barney met Herb in 1987, when we first learned that Barney’s lisp was not a speech defect. In 1991, Moses wrote as follows in the Washington Post: “I am the only member of the congressional gay spouse caucus. On Capitol Hill, Barney always introduces me as his lover.” The lovers lived together until 1998. They parted soon after Herb Moses left Fannie Mae.

In 1991 the Boston Globe reported that Barney pressured Fannie to relax regulations on mortgages for two-and three-family homes. At the time, two-family homes were already defaulting at twice the rate of single-family homes; three-family homes were defaulting at an incredible five times that rate.

Barney and Herb tried to dissipate the stench by telling the Wall Street Journal in 1992 that they took great care to avoid conflicts of interest. Everywhere you look in the mess, you see Barney Frank’s pudgy fingers. Now Barney tries to exonerate himself and his fellow Democruds by sticking all the blame to the Boosh administration. Of course the leaders of both parties are guilty as usual.

But all of this is prologue to the latest revelation, which concerns Mark Buse, another sodomite. You can read and hear all about Buse’s bar hopping sodomite adventures on the internet. Ordinarily, it would be a waste of time to mention just another Washington queer, except that this one is chief of staff in the office of el Senador Juan McCain, the Man From Hanoi.

That’s right. Homosexual Mark Buse runs McCain’s senatorial office. In fact, they have worked together on and off for almost twenty five years, mostly on. McCain certainly knows all about Mark. All of which raises the question of family champion Juan’s attitude toward buggery.

El Senador McCain turns out to be another staunch homosexualist. Remember that a homosexualist is someone who staunchly endorses sodomy. In a written interview, he told the Washington Blade, a sodomite magazine, that he was glad to get the endorsement of Log Cabin Republicans. Has a major party nominee for President ever given an interview to a sodomite magazine?

Log Cabin Republicans has an interesting history. It is a sodomite organization created to penetrate the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan was its inspiration. Reagan denounced the Briggs Initiative that would have prevented homosexuals from teaching in California government schools. Briggs failed because he intervened, and homosexuals teach sodomy in California schools today because of him.

That is just one of many reasons United Republicans of California, the biggest conservative Republican group in the state, withdrew its endorsement of Reagan in disgust after enthusiastically endorsing him to run for Governor. In fact, Reagan’s rejection of Briggs inspired Republican butt jumpers to create Log Cabin and they give an annual award in his name to a leading homosexualist.

You will find the real record of Ronald Reagan in a couple of books by Kent Steffgen, Counterfeit Candidate and Here’s the Rest of Him. There is also the speech I made on a national tour in 1984, when Reagan was running for reelection. I called it “Reagan v. Reagan.” If you would like to hear it on disc and to see the four pages of reasons UROC gave for denouncing him, send $10 (including postage) to P.O. Box 580503, Houston, TX, 77258.

A recent winner of Log Cabin’s Ronald Reagan award was Der Arnold Schwarzenfagger, the Governator, who first came to public attention when he posed utterly nude for homosexual magazines. Those photographs are available on the internet, if you are willing to pay. In fact, Der Arnold posed in flagrante delicto for Robert Mapplethorpe, whose magnum chef d’oeuvre is a photograph of himself with the handle of a bull whip protruding from his anus. Who says Western culture is dead?

Again, el Senador McCain says he is glad to get Log Cabin’s endorsement. Could he win the coveted Ronald Reagan award? Because of his long support for Mark Buse, we believe he is a contender. Juan McCain says: “I appreciate Log Cabin’s support. I’ve had a friendly relationship with the organization for almost 15 years.” The fact that a Republican candidate for President could be saying such a thing openly tells you how far down the cloaca to utter degeneracy the conspiracy for world government has brought us.


Now look at Steve Schmidt. Schmidt runs the Juan McCain campaign. Go to Enter “Steve Schmidt” and “Log Cabin.” There you will see and hear Steve Schmidt tell Log Cabin about his lesbian sister. You will hear him tell these Republican butt jumpers, “I admire all you do.” “I encourage you to keep fighting.” “You are an important part of our party.” Again, homosexualist Steve Schmidt runs the McCain campaign.

Consider that our degenerate Communist media – from the Communist Broadcasting System to the Communist News Network – which have been routing like the pigs they are through Sarah Palin’s frozen garbage for some scintilla they could use to discredit the Republican ticket, could cripple McCain by exposing Mark and Steve. But they have scrupulously avoided mentioning either of them.

Could the reason be that their love of buggery even overwhelms their passion for Hussein? As Senator Hussein has said in a different context, many of these pigs do wear lipstick, but they are still pigs. Notice that they are talking about family values champion Tim Mahoney, who replaced Florida faggot Mark Foley in Congress; as I write, Tim has two mistresses and counting. But so far they have said nothing about Mark Buse and Steve Schmidt.

And neither have our allegedly “conservative” media. Remember that putative Roman Catholic Hugh Hewitt is a rabid homosexualist, who never misses a chance to defend buggery. I used to believe that the dumbest man in network talk radio was Shallow Sean Hannitwit. I was wrong. Blewitt’s endless extrusions of stupidity and ignorance leave the unsuspecting listener gasping in disbelief. Of course there is an obvious explanation He is a lawyer.

But Mark Foley was not an aberration. Steve Schmidt and Mark Buse are just the latest examples. The Republican Party is riddled with sodomy from top to bottom. Did you know that David Dreier, top Republican in the House, is a sodomite? The butt he jumps belongs to his chief of staff, who by coincidence is the highest paid such factotum on the Hill.

To understand what this is all about, you really do need to read Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? The book deals with the homosexual penetration and takeover of the Republican Party. You need to read it not just because I am the author, but also because it is the only book I know about on the subject. For a copy, go to and click on STORE. You can order it there.

It will make plain that the sodomite explosion during the last twenty or so years did not happen by itself. The conspiracy for world government is orchestrating it for the specific purpose of collapsing our society from within, to destroy resistance to the imposition of totalitarian dictatorship. So the Republican Party is contributing to that collapse just as much as the Democrats.

Not Holier proves all that from the mouths of the perpetrators themselves. The people of this country are presently being brainwashed, frightened so that they will keep their mouths shut. Sodomy is one of the weapons the conspirators are using for the purpose. The remarkable thing the sodomites apparently do not realize is that if the conspiracy is successful, it will exterminate them – however helpful they have been – precisely because the conspirators certainly do understand how destructive to a civilization sodomy is.

Some victims of that brainwashing – sensitized because of it – complain about my language, about the fact that I make it a point to call a faggot a faggot. They say people will reject my message until I make nice. This tells me they do not understand what they face. They don’t know what we are talking about. They haven’t seen sodomy close up.

Here is a challenge I urge normal skeptics to take. Get on the internet and go to the buggery sites. They are easy to find. Immerse yourself for a day or two. Look at the pictures. See what the buggers say and do. Ask yourself whether it could ever be normal. Consider that since butt jumpers do not multiply, they must recruit. Then you will be ready to talk about my language.

Here are some sodomy sites: Happy viewing! Also go to, which is run by Pete LaBarbera. Pete works tirelessly to oppose and expose the sodomite conspiracy. If it concerns the nation’s faggots, it will show up there. Be prepared to see some intensely disgusting material.

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Meanwhile, remember that el Senador Juan McCain, like his Democrud counterpart, has no problem with any of this. Their positions are indistinguishable. Again we see, as we did in the recent Goldman Sachs robbery, that at the top the contenders and the parties are the same.

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� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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That’s right. Homosexual Mark Buse runs McCain’s senatorial office. In fact, they have worked together on and off for almost twenty five years, mostly on. McCain certainly knows all about Mark. All of which raises the question of family champion Juan’s attitude toward buggery.