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by Alan Stang
November 2, 2008

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As the people head for the polls, many shell-shocked Americans are wondering how Senator Hussein could get where he is. He is the most mysterious candidate for President in the history of our country. We don’t know a little thing like where he was born, and he won’t prove it. He won’t release many of the documents that would validate what he says he has done. His birth certificate has been sequestered. We can’t get his college records, etc. Now it appears that we don’t even know for sure who his father was.

On the other hand, what we do know about him would instantly disqualify anyone else. We do know for sure that he was raised by Communists, one of whom admits he was a sexual degenerate. We do know that he has associated with Communists all his life. We do know that one of those Communists laments that he didn’t bomb and kill more Americans. We do know that his “spiritual” mentor for twenty years says, “God damn America.” We do know he was a Muslim and could recite from the Koran like a native Arabic speaker. Those are just a few of the things we do know; again, anyone else who presented such a résumé would be kicked into the street.

How does such a man become the nominee for President of a historic American party? The answer is that our people have been subjected for many years to a systematic program of Soviet brainwashing. Only people who are the victims of such a program could take seriously a candidate so preposterous. Do you scoff that such a thing would be impossible in a country so big? Communists did the same thing in China, which is bigger. See Edward Hunter’s classic Brain-washing in Red China (New York, Vanguard Press, 1953). Ed Hunter is the journalist who coined the term “brainwashing.”

In this country, the brainwashers have used a different weapon for the same purpose; used it quite successfully. Indeed, it has become the central issue in this political campaign. Yet, characteristically, it has not been discussed. It has not been mentioned. That issue is race. Yes, I know perfectly well that Senator Hussein is not black; he is a mulatto. But the distinction is lost because the black voters flocking to his standard believe he is one of them. His wife does appear to be black. Sadly, she lacks even a scintilla of his considerable charm. Her hatred and disgust for white people could make Eva Braun appealing.

How does the brainwashing work? The most important time you learn about something is the first time. Since you know nothing about it before you hear anything, you have no opinion. What you hear about it the first time becomes the matrix, the template, for that subject in your mind. From then on, you will compare everything you learn about that subject to the matrix. If something you hear contradicts the matrix, you will think it must be wrong.

You do something akin to that every day. When you hear something new, you compare it to what you already know. If the new thing you hear contradicts what you already know, you will probably conclude it is wrong. You reject it. You do that whenever you read one of my pieces or listen to me on the radio. But what if the matrix is wrong? What if the first thing you hear about the subject is wrong? How would you establish that? It would take a heroic effort, a mental surgery, to change your thinking.

Indeed, suppose the first time you hear about something, you are six years old. Suppose you hear the same thing about it for twelve years, or even for sixteen years, for hours every day. Suppose you never hear anything else about it. And suppose what you heard every day all those years is now reinforced every day by the media. What would you think if, after all that, you finally hear something different? You would reject it. You would call it stupid, wrong, bizarre, crazy, extreme, etc.

This is how the brainwashing works. The six year old child entering the nation’s Communist government schools is told that the “white man” is the cause of every problem from acne to xenophobia. The white man caused slavery. The white man causes “economic injustice.” Have you lost your job, your house, your car, your girl? Are you poor, ugly, stupid, ignorant, unable to speak English? The school child is told the white man is to blame.

Later on, this shows up in the text books. Look at them, if you can. Some text books are so inflammatory, students are forbidden to bring them home. Contradictory facts that give the lie to all this are minimized or concealed. Little is made of the fact that African blacks enslaved other blacks and sold them to slave traders waiting at the coasts. Students are not told that Muslim Arabs bought and sold kidnapped black slaves for many centuries, much longer than did their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, and that such slavery is still going on.


American students are not told that the first war our new country fought was against Arab Muslim slave traders. “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.” Remember? Did you know that slavery was just as entrenched in New England as it was in the South; that American blacks owned black slaves; that blacks fought in Confederate ranks? These are just a few examples. There is much more. You get the idea. The true history tells us that blacks and Arabs are just as bad as whites and everyone else. It’s something called sin, another thing many students have never heard of.

To learn how the Communists seized control of the government schools, you must read the deliberate dumbing down of america, by the amazingly beautiful Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. That is the title. Mrs. Iserbyt shows you from their own mouths in their own words what the Communists said they would do.

You don’t need to worry that she is taking something “out of context.” She gives you the context. Mrs. Iserbyt has the ability to pore through thousands of pages of poisonously boring prose, dig out the incriminating nuggets and yet remain sane. You can read the book for free at her site. Or, I suggest you go ahead and buy it. A workwoman is worthy of her hire.

Now suppose you have heard that the “white man” is no dang good for sixteen years. Suppose you hear that every day on television. Suppose you have never heard anything else. My guess is you will believe it. You will believe it if you are black. You will believe it if you are white. If you are black and you believe it, you will resent it. You could even develop an “attitude,” in which you believe that “whitey” owes you a living, an attitude waiting for a clever, charming black con man with a match.

What if you are white? Wouldn’t you be overwhelmed with guilt, neutered, emasculated, useless, utterly incapable of defending your culture, your country, even your family and home? Of course you would. You would always give way. When thugs intimidate you, you would cave. When they shout you down at a meeting, you would shut up. You would always apologize and grovel. Isn’t that what you see all around you? After all, you are white. You are no dang good. You are living a desperate quest for forgiveness.

When you come across this guy Alan Stang or one of his colleagues, you run screaming from the room, your hands over your ears. Everything they say contradicts everything you “know.” Your “education,” the most expensive in the world, tells you they are spouting blatant racism and are obviously insane. Yes, Devvy Kidd is the “red-headed dynamite” and a hottie, but she is also a kook. Where did these nut jobs escape from?

For instance, here are excerpts from an email I received: “Good morning Mr. Stang. I have been listening to you for a short while and today as you were reading an article from the South African woman, I was so offended. I realise now that you may be a racist. Do you really support the inhumane doctrine of APARTHEDE? If so then I must understand that you are also supporting it's (sic) daughter, ZIONISM.”

The U.S. government imposed Communism on South Africa. The same thing that happened there is happening here now. The Reds used guilt to emasculate the whites. Notice the English spelling of “realise” instead of “realize” in the quotation above. Notice the spelling of “apartheid.” Is the author a brainwash victim in that country, or a Communist beneficiary there who does not want the truth to get out?

I was on a speaking tour some years back in the Northwest. My hosts arranged a guest appearance on a radio talk show. The host was charming, intelligent and black. I can’t recall exactly what he asked. It was something like, “I’m curious to know how guilty you feel about slavery.” He assumed I would feel some guilt because I am white and other white men were slavers. I pondered the question. No one had ever asked me that before. I told him I feel no guilt at all, none.

His mouth fell open. What? No guilt at all? It stayed open while I explained that slavery in this country ended long before my grandfathers arrived and that in fact during slavery here my forebears were either slaves themselves or were hiding in the woods in other countries. He just looked at me puzzled when I asked why I should feel guilty.

Here is an obverse example of the brainwashing: A lady named Peggy Joseph took her kids out of school to attend a Hussein rally in Florida on October 30th. Later, she said, “It was the most memorable time of my life. It was a touching moment.” Why? “Because I never thought this day would ever happen. I won't have to work on putting gas in my car, I won't have to work on paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he's going to help me.”

You can see Mrs. Joseph saying this on You Tube. She is obviously not insane and she is not retarded. But she is perfectly sincere, which means that she is in the grip of a national psychosis, a species of derangement. History is replete with epidemics of such hysteria. Usually, they end quickly, but only after considerable damage has been done. When a President Hussein does not pay her mortgage, Mrs. Joseph will wonder what the heck happened to her.


You say you are not brainwashed? After all these years, here is still the best proof that you are brainwashed I have been able to devise. Remember Dick Gregory? Dick used to be a brilliant comedian. He was so brilliant and so funny he wrote his autobiography. He entitled it simply, Nigger (New York, Dutton, 1964).

Friends tried to dissuade him, but he stayed loyal to Nigger. Dick explained that he chose the title, Nigger, because whenever his sainted mother in heaven heard someone use that word, Nigger, she would think someone was talking about Dick’s book, entitled Nigger. And the fact that he obviously had a close, warm relationship with his mom proves to me that Dick is truly a high class guy.

Now notice that I am not using a racial epithet. I am not calling someone a name. I am simply telling you about a fellow author’s book, Nigger. Proof that I am talking about a book is that the title is in italics. Authors love to hear people talk about their books. I certainly do. And you can’t talk about a book without mentioning its title. I suggest you get a copy of Nigger from your library and read it. Simply step up to the librarian and say, “I want a copy of Nigger.”

Now notice that, all the while you have been reading about Nigger, you have been feeling mental discomfort, tension, anguish, fear, fear of what I could say next. Of course, each of you feels more or less of these emotions. The fact that you feel them is evidence that to some extent you have been brainwashed. Remember, we are simply talking about a word. You would feel similar discomfort if the word we were discussing were “faggot.”

Remember what happened to Isaiah Washington? He was a top star of “Grey’s Anatomy.” I have never seen it, but I am told it is a popular television show. Isaiah called a co-star a name. It was so horrendous a name that the producers never told us what it was. The fact that Isaiah is black did not save him. He was banished to a live-in clinic for “re-education.” He apologized. He groveled. They fired him anyway. Later, it turned out that the faggot he probably called a faggot is indeed a faggot.

What is the effect of the brainwashing? Doesn’t it tell you to keep your head down and your mouth shut? Doesn’t it tell you to avoid controversy, in fear that you could lose your job, as so many have, in fear that your life could be ruined, as many have been? Doesn’t it tell you to do as you are told?

You certainly don’t want the same thing to happen to you that happened to Isaiah Washington. The fear has put dialect comedians out of business. Today, Myron Cohen would be arrested when he walks out on stage. Yes, you can still tell a Polish joke because Poles love them. Try telling a black joke. Remember what happened to “Kramer?”

All of this explains the candidacy of Communist illegal alien Senator Hussein. His white bosses at Goldman Sachs have recruited this P.T. Barnum candidate, trained and financed for the purpose for more than twenty years, to activate the brainwashing installed in the minds of graduates of American government schools, in the same way the playing card activated Raymond Shaw in “The Manchurian Candidate.” The victims have been waiting for Hussein to ignite them all these years; they didn’t know it themselves.

Do you want a black President? Yes, it would be a thrilling idea, a consummate expression of Americanism. Let me suggest one. Dr. Thomas Sowell. You want black? I interviewed him for a couple of hours in studio. Tom Sowell is as black as the ace of spades. He makes mulatto Hussein look like an albino version of Jessica Simpson. You want charming? Tom oozes charm. And he is an American. We even know where he was born. Hey, Tom! You have enjoyed the cushy life at the Hoover Institution long enough. Now it is time to mount up and ride.

The paradox is that because Dr. Sowell is as brilliant as he is, he knows perfectly well that the white Communist media would tear him apart. Suddenly, his blackness would be irrelevant, as it was for Isaiah. Media degenerate Chris Matthews would not feel the same thrill run up his rotting leg that he feels for Hussein.

Before you vote, you must shake off the brainwashing. Here is how to do it. Close and lock all the doors and windows. Make sure you are alone. The only exceptions allowed should be adult close family members. (The situation is already so Nazified that children could report you to the teacher.) When you are sure you are alone, speak the frightening words, the names that have gotten people fired, the racial and sexual epithets that today routinely ruin lives.

Do not – do not – do not do this in public. Your purpose is not to offend anyone; your goal is not confrontation. Your purpose is to free your own mind, to liberate yourself, to shake off the orchestrated, national brainwashing you have endured. Recite the words. Shout them. At first, it will be difficult to do. It could cause discomfort, even pain. The more intensely you feel these things, the more you have been brainwashed.

The only way to heal yourself is to relive the painful experience you suffered when your teachers injected the infection. Doctors call what you must undergo a “healing crisis,” in which the hidden effect of the brainwashing emerges and is purged. You could call the healing process “psychological homeopathy.”

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Keep it up. It will get easier. After a while, the words will roll off your lips. The fog will lift. You will feel no more discomfort. You will no longer believe that Hussein will pay your mortgage. The words will be just what they have always been: words, not terrifying brainwashing triggers. You are now healed. You no longer need to say or think those words ever again.

Congratulations! You are now ready to vote.

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Do you want a black President? Yes, it would be a thrilling idea, a consummate expression of Americanism. Let me suggest one. Dr. Thomas Sowell. You want black? I interviewed him for a couple of hours in studio. Tom Sowell is as black as the ace of spades.