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by Alan Stang
November 13, 2008

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The title is Why Women Are So Crazy: Not In Their Place (Houston, Patton House, 2008). Like one of my other books, Scumbags I Have Known and Other Profundities, this new one is a compendium of magazine pieces I have done on the subject for years. They originally appeared here and elsewhere around the vast internet. Now I have assembled and expanded them so you will have everything in one place.

The book is about the worst thing that has ever happened to our country, the worst thing the conspiracy has done to us, worse even than Lincoln’s Communist War to Destroy the Union, worse than all the wars the conspirators have tricked us into, worse than Nine Eleven, worse than the recent, completely engineered collapse of our economy, worse than the invasion of illegal aliens they are conducting, even worse than the conspiracy’s attempt to submerge our country in a world government and the election of an illegal alien as President.

Surely nothing could be worse than all those things. What is it? It’s feminism. Feminism is worse than any and all of them because, while some of these others certainly have fomented mindless horror and revolutionary change that has killed millions, feminism seeks a change in the cultural and social DNA, a change in the matrix from which there could be no return. The result would be a society of mutants, quite different from the humanity we know.

Women offers something most other books on the subject do not. Because the collected pieces therein first appeared elsewhere, real women have had the chance to respond. So this is not just another book of speculation by a man. The longest section in Women contains the comments those real women sent to me, including the anguish of so many who now realize in maturity how they have been defrauded.

Some readers may recall that Women is a companion volume to Not Holier Than Thou, my study of the homosexual penetration of the Republican Party, which the Love Priestess (my wife) insisted I write. I had no idea when I started Women that it would become something of a sociological document that proves a thesis. That it certainly proves mine you will see in the comments of the ladies who respond, which I believe is alone worth the modest price of admission.

Perhaps recognizing how much I love women, they trust me enough to take us into their personal lives. Each has a different take on “women’s liberation,” some poignant, some inspiring. Because they are real women, not sociological concoctions, all of them offer unimpeachable testimony. It is impossible to argue with their experience. It will show you that today’s American women are the targets of a brilliantly conceived and implemented propaganda scheme designed to demolish our country.

My hope is that the more people of both sexes who recognize what is deliberately being done to us, the better the chance we have to stop it before it becomes irrevocable and plunges us into a new genetic black hole that would take centuries to close. The awareness and spirit of the ladies who speak in my book is reason to hope, because, one after another, they recognize that “women’s liberation” produces the opposite.

Why Women Are So Crazy introduces the new concept of the womanoid, without which it is impossible to understand what is happening. The womanoid is a scary example of my thesis, a creature whose genetics have already been so scrambled they cannot be reformed, a creature for which any help comes too late. Confusion arises because the womanoid shares some superficial characteristics of the real woman.

Like the genuine woman, the womanoid tends to present a more pronounced forecastle and afterdeck. For that reason, the real thing can often be mistaken for the perversion – from a distance. A woman is to a womanoid as a human is to a humanoid. Up close of course, no mistake is possible, however similar the superficialities, as soon as the creature opens its mouth. The book explains all this.

For instance, Women has already proven its value as a kind of litmus test that can ascertain how much true womanhood is present. Here is an example, from a womanoid critic: “Your disgusting article was sent to me by a male friend who politely referred to you as a Neanderthal. Half way through I wanted to vomit.” From there, the letter goes on to new heights, or depths. It’s all in the book. But the author does not tell us whether she actually threw up.


There is a chapter on the medical differences between the sexes. Even a few years ago, it would have been redundant; everyone knew the difference. Today it is necessary, because an essential womanoid theory holds that the sexes are interchangeable and therefore should be treated the same. But according to the longtime female ob/gyn whose book we cite, vive la différence!

There is a chapter on the Communist background of the womanoid movement. Its purpose of course is to drag women from their homes, in order to destroy the family. Communist theoretician Simone de Beauvoir, whom all womanoids revere, explains that in the Communist system she propounds women would not be allowed the choice of staying at home. So feminism has nothing to do with women’s liberation. On the contrary, it amounts to female suppression.

In Women, you will feast on the literally insane musings of today’s leading feminist “thinkers,” including lifelong CIA agent Gloria Steinem, who wants to overthrow everything, Valerie Solana, founder of SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) and Cathy MacKinnon, who says men want to humiliate and kill women, and that “death is the ultimate sexual act.” Cathy is a professor of law, which means she is not only non compus mentis, she is metastasizing.

Here, too, you will meet Betty Friedan, a lifelong Red, who joined the Young Communist League, wrote for the Daily Worker, the official newspaper of the Communist Party and worked for a Communist Party union for years, none of which our Communist media have told you. Betty postured as a frustrated housewife; in fact, she wrote The Feminine Mystique in a luxurious mansion on the Hudson.

Betty is the only leading womanoid I actually met. We sat together for a couple of hours at a couple of Democrat National Conventions. She talked volubly, but, sadly, both times she was too drunk to quote, and once would have fallen on her face had I not grabbed her when she stood up.

Another chapter dissects the infamous “Playboy Philosophy,” under which a woman is encouraged to adopt the sexuality of a man, sterility and genital warts. Such fun! There is a discussion of the conspiracy’s victimization of the black woman and an exposé of women at war, a disaster that could emasculate our military at a time when we need it most.

There is a chapter on Ronald Reagan and Dick Cheney, from a perspective that may be new to you, and another on erstwhile First Daughter Chelsea Clinton’s night on the town campaigning in lesbian Philadelphia. There is a discussion of the kidnapping of hundreds of children by the state of Texas.

A final chapter explains the best deal women ever got, and, at no additional charge, a fool proof way to restore and preserve your marriage. Because we are presently inundated by Muslim propaganda, there is an appendix by Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship on the treatment of women in Islam. Another cites French observer Alexis de Tocqueville’s finding that the American experiment is such a success because Americans have the best women. And, as promised, in an appendix headed “The Last Word,” the Love Priestess gets the last word.

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Here is the cover of Why Women Are So Crazy. The pensive young lady depicted is somebody’s daughter. Is she wondering how she got into this mess? My prayer is that she did not fall into the hands of the monsters who killed Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal, and other victims.

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A final chapter explains the best deal women ever got, and, at no additional charge, a fool proof way to restore and preserve your marriage. Because we are presently inundated by Muslim propaganda, there is an appendix by Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship on the treatment of women in Islam.