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by Alan Stang
November 28, 2008

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The event that will determine whether or not this nation survives was not the popular vote for Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein. It will be the decision the U.S. Supreme Court makes on whether he is eligible to serve. Some people in the other branches have said the Constitution is dead. The late Republicrud Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois – a purported “conservative” – said as follows: “The Constitution is old and needs to be rewritten.”

Hyde also said this: “There are things in the Constitution that have been over taken by events, by time. The declaration of war is one of them. There are things no longer relevant to a modern society. Why declare war if you don’t have to? . . . It’s inappropriate, it’s anachronistic and it isn’t done anymore.” So Hyde was content to leave that awesome power in the hands of one man. The Founders were not.

Many Capitol sources report that when Republican leaders were reluctant to renew certain provisions of the “Patriot” Act, el presidente Jorge W. Boosh replied, “I don't give a goddamn. I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.” Told there was a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution, Boosh allegedly screamed, “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!” Needless to say, Boosh is another “conservative.”

Of course Hyde was a legislator and Boosh is a buffoon. Their opinions are worthless. But now a confrontation approaches that will be decisive. By December first, Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein must show proof to the U.S. Supreme Court that he is a “natural born citizen.” On December fifth, the entire court will decide whether to consider the question.

There are only two possibilities. Either Hussein is a natural born citizen or he is not. So far, all the evidence says he is not. His grandmother says she was in the Mombasa hospital room when he was born. His half-siblings agree. His own site says he was a citizen of Kenya at birth. His step father registered him in school as a citizen of Indonesia. Last week, His Excellency Peter Ogego, Kenyan Ambassador to the United States, told WRIF Radio in Detroit that Hussein was indeed born in Kenya.

On the other side, there are some forged documents; there is no evidence. And now comes an investigator who uses the name “Ron Polarik,” probably for self-protection. “Polarik” is a Ph.D. with twenty years of experience validating documents, especially computer-generated documents. His report on the fraudulent Hussein documents is overwhelmingly exhaustive. Go to my site,, for the link to it. See what you think.

If Hussein does indeed have proof he is natural born, why has he withheld it? The only speculation I can think of is he has waited all this time to reveal it in order to embarrass lawyers Phil Berg and Leo Donofrio and many others who have filed suits. By revealing it now he could play the injured party and leave lots of egg on their faces, but the new question would arise of why he has been playing games all along and wasted so much of the nation’s time, when he could have put the matter to rest long ago. So far he still qualifies as Illegal-Alien Elect.

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules in his favor – in the face of the metastasizing evidence – I shall conclude that the Constitution now is dead and therefore that the country is no more, because the High Court says so. Remember, this is not a case with evidence and arguments on both sides, in which the court must find the preponderance. There is nothing on the other side, except counterfeits and forgeries.

One delicious aspect of the case is that during the recent campaign Hussein said he would not have nominated Justice Clarence Thomas to the High Court because, says Hussein, he was “not experienced enough,” and it was to Justice Thomas that lawyer Leo Donofrio brought his action.

Among the many differences between Hussein and Thomas is that we know where Thomas was born and he is considerably blacker than Hussein. Hussein also says he would not have nominated Justice Antonin Scalia. If these two and but two others vote to consider the citizenship issue when the full court meets on December fifth, the court will consider it. There would still be time to cancel the meeting of the electoral college. Will the court have the courage to do it?

What would it mean if the Constitution were dead? Even before the interment, the effects are apparent, as in an approaching hurricane. The Constitution is our basic, organic law, from which all written law descends. Without it, there would be lip service, not law. The government would simply issue arbitrary decrees. There would be dictatorship. The concept of legality would evaporate. How could you tell right from wrong? Something would be right if you could get away with it. If you could not, it would be wrong.

Meanwhile, remember that it was not just the superb campaign the Obamatrons mounted – including funding, organization, election fraud, etc. – that elected Hussein. Without the collaboration of the national Communist media, left and right, Hussein could not have been elected, however much funding, organization and fraud he employed. On the left there was sickening degenerate Chris Matthews, who feels a thrill run up his leg during wet dreams about Hussein. There was Katie Kook and the Communist Broadcasting System. On the right, there were Limbag, Loopy Laura and sissy puke Levin, who helped conceal the real story of Hussein, all the things we tell you here.

You may recall that, more than once, I called the people in the national Communist media traitors, enemies of this country just as much as an invading Wehrmacht division would have been in World War II, except that because these propagandist agents of a foreign power do not fight in uniform, they are terrorists and therefore are not protected by the Geneva Convention. A reader responds to those comments as follows:

“I would like to expand on your comment about the media traitors and their treatment by the people. These traitors can move freely about this country without ever a concern for their own personal safety. What if the anger against these elite and their pawns reaches a boiling point and their mobility of reporting anywhere in this country is no longer an option. The public can stop their propaganda and force them to stay in their secured studios only (kind of like the Baghdad Green Zone).


“They at the moment believe they are still safe among us. (If I were a General fighting against them, I would make these enemy propagandists fear for their own safety and lives or kidnap them for millions and make the same elite pay us back the way they stole our money and used it against us.) It would be an effective military strategy and fund the resistance of criminal gangs who have a profit motive. Think of the Somali Pirates. It’s already working.

“I live in Northern Virginia and I’ll never forget the whole DC sniper thing. One media woman, Martha Raddatz (ABC news) I recall was absolutely terrified at the time for her own life when these two black men were having their turkey shoot on the public. That intrigued me quite. These media cowards fear death and for their own personal safety more than anything.

“They believe in no God so this is it for them, heaven on earth. Think how frightened guys like Tom Brokaw, Rivera, Mrs. Greenspan, or some other reporter would be if they feared for their own safety or being kidnapped. They would not travel anymore and be scared out of their minds. They’d be limited to DC and NY (How appropriate—the new American “Green” zone—as in green save the planet (grin).)

“It will also be unsafe soon if the economy is destroyed for all people to travel long distances by car (like I do driving to Florida a lot, which some day possibly I won’t be able to do) and it will devolve into dangerous crime like you see in places like Mexico or Panama. Gangs of thugs will force you over the side of the road, rob you, (possibly rape you if you are a woman) and then kill you. That is coming if this keeps up. Mad Max.”

It is reasonable to speculate that the author of this message is not alone, that many other Americans think the same way, Americans who are no longer impressed by television “celebrities.” And by the way, I have written for radio and television in New York, as you know, and I have guested on network shows, such as the Communist News Network’s “Cross Fire,” Maury Povich and Morton Downey, Jr. I did the old Joe Pyne show a few times. It’s no big deal. It is a world of strutting peacocks who do not deserve the name and is not at all impressive.

It is a paradoxical world. The vacuum heads who run it regard you with condescension and disgust, but they must spew forth from their protected compounds to “cover” the fabricated story. They must circulate among you. More, when they make a foray into your neighborhood, they do not come merely to ridicule.

They come quite literally to tear the country apart, to bring it to its knees, to prepare it for submission to a totalitarian world government. They hate and contemn everything you do and believe. As soon as they leave, their smile becomes a sneer. And their reverence for Hussein has exposed them more than ever.

Their problem is that – unlike top government and financial conspirators – these media traitors of whom Goebbels would be proud, travel without bodyguards. They are relatively unprotected and accessible. Anyone inclined to take a run at them could do so. We saw a hint of what I am warning about in the recent, national campaign, when Shallow Sean Hannitwerp literally had to run to escape the heroes from We Are Change.

Indeed, some years back, at the height of forced school busing, incensed Bostonians chased Teddy Kennedy down the street. The putrid stench got inside before the crowd was able to tear him apart. Yes, these were Boston Irish Catholics who keep electing him. Imagine how mad they were if they trying to kill their hero.

In view of the temper of the people, that kind of thing could increase. Imagine seeing Chris Matthews or Mrs. Alan Greenscum (Andrea Mitchell) or Geraldo or one of the morons from the “View,” or Mike Wallace, the scumbag whose show I used to write, running for their lives down Main Street. (See my book, Scumbags I Have Known: And Other Profundities, at

By the way, my book, Perestroika Sunset, is a thriller about a Soviet attempt to seize power in Washington by means of a coup, using the Prisoners Of War our government abandoned in South East Asia as the pawns. In the novel, repatriated POWS and family members kidnap the traitors who have abandoned their loved ones. One by one, the traitors disappear.

But there are no ransom notes. The families do not want money. There are no demands. The families know they would be useless. The perpetrators simply vanish, inspiring doubt and grinding frustration. Were they actually kidnapped, or did they deliberately disappear? Have they absconded with something? What is missing? Have they been in an accident? Are they lying unconscious in a ditch? Have they defected to the other side?

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I hope it is unnecessary to say this, but, just in case, all this is fiction, in a novel, not advice, not a suggestion, nothing more than an exciting story. Perestroika Sunset is thoroughly grounded in history, but it is not a roman à clef. You can read the first chapter at

We are mad as h-e-c-k and we’re not going to take it any more. Turn off the network “news” and don’t buy the “newspapers.” They already are collapsing. Finish them off.

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� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Of course Hyde was a legislator and Boosh is a buffoon. Their opinions are worthless. But now a confrontation approaches that will be decisive. By December first, Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein must show proof to the U.S. Supreme Court that he is a “natural born citizen.”