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by Alan Stang
December 5, 2008

[First, earth shaking media news. Starting next Monday, December eighth, my radio talk show via RepublicBroadcasting – THE STING OF STANG – will move from 7 a.m. Central to 11 a.m. Central and will expand to two hours. That means I shall be going head to head with both Rush Humbug and Alex Jones. So why should you listen to me?

Humbug of course runs the biggest show in talk radio and deserves to be where he is. He is utterly brilliant and immensely funny. Compare him to Shallow Sean Hannitwerp who is utterly stupid and immensely unfunny. Humbug is also a lying, little, treasonous fuzz ball who is a lucrative front man for the conspiracy for world government. Alex Jones has a great radio voice, much better than mine, and does a spectacular job of exposing the conspiracy. I have guested on his show, which I probably can’t do any more, and am one of his many fans. But, unlike Humbug, he is not at all funny. Alex is all business and a patriot.

So, the reason you should listen to me is that I have been exposing the conspiracy for world government longer than just about anybody else and – at no extra charge – I am almost as funny as Humbug. I would be funnier if we could afford the expensive production the conspiracy makes possible for him. I’ll see you, hear you, on the air.]

Many commentators who are aware that Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein intends to impose an intensely repressive system on the nation – if he is not deported and actually becomes President – are trying with minimal success to figure out what it would be like. The reason for the difficulty is that, unlike almost all other peoples on the planet, Americans have been so free for so long they cannot conceive of life under dictatorship. Their only experience of such life is leftover World War II Nazi movies.

Along these lines, I constantly run into people who have fled other dictatorships and come here. At first, they are ecstatic, celebrating their escape while it was still possible, lamenting others who did not heed the warnings and now are trapped. As they settle in to their new lives in the land of the free and home of the brave, they begin to notice disquieting echoes.

In the final phase of this process, they desperately implore anyone who will stand still long enough to listen, trying to convince them that the same things they saw in their native countries – the things that led to Communist dictatorship – are now happening here. I have heard them many times. “It’s happening here! Don’t you see it?” But of course we do not. We are Americans. As the television commercials say, we deserve the best, the best house, the best car, the best doctor, the best education, etc. Besides, it can’t happen here, right?

The naturalized Paul Revere soon slinks off, frustrated, marveling at American naiveté, perhaps forgetting that when the same symptoms erupted in his native country, he did not recognize them either. Most of these new American Paul Reveres used to come from central Europe, during the “Cold War.” I remember one, a Ukrainian, who had started out as an inmate of a Nazi concentration camp and then was graduated to a Communist concentration camp. He became quite a success in the United States. The last time I saw him he was still pleading with people. “It’s happening here! Don’t you see it?”

Most of these people, at least in my experience, now come from South Africa, one of the many countries on which the United States government imposed Communism. (In fact, every Communist country on earth was created by Washington. I cannot think of an exception. Can you?) Recently, I heard of a lady from South Africa who now lives in the American Northwest and has suddenly discovered to her horror that it is happening here.

The father-in-law of one of my sons was born in Macao, a Portuguese colony on the China coast. Hollywood made a movie there. When the Communists took over, he fled. No problem; he wound up in one of Earth’s lushest garden spots, North Vietnam, where he prospered. When the Communists took over he fled. No problem; he wound up in another tropical paradise: South Vietnam, where he prospered. When the Communists took over, he fled. But, hey, Obamatrons, no problem, right? He wound up here. He is ready to tell anyone who will listen about Communism. He hasn’t said where he will flee next. I’m waiting to hear.

I believe I have found a way to impart what Hussein’s Communism will be like. It is a German movie, entitled, “Das Leben Der Anderen,” which translates to “The Lives of Others.” So much of what we know today comes from movies. This one won the Academy Award for best foreign film in 2006. Don’t worry. It has English subtitles. It is quite a movie. I don’t know how I missed it.

It is set in Communist East Germany in 1984, when the country was still divided and the Berlin Wall was still intact. It shows what life under Communism was like. One of the reasons it is so effective is not what it shows, but what it does not show. It does not show torture victims up to their necks in excrement under the jail, raw flesh hanging in strips. Yes, such outrages are the mother’s milk of Communism, but they are so outrageous, so bestial, that to the American mind they would be less believable science fiction, the more outrageous the more unreal. It would be just another movie.


Also, the victims of the system in the film are not primitive Russian peasants, not backward Chinese farm workers, not superstitious African victims of Jomo Kenyatta and his Mau Mau, not even immigrant Turks. They are white Germans, very advanced, typically efficient Germans, who look like many typical Americans, which makes the life they are leading believable. The believability of the film is enhanced by its consummate ordinariness. Again, no one is tortured.

So how does 1984 Communism in East Germany express itself? How does it rule? It rules through total surveillance. The Party knows everything about you. It rules with threats to take everything from you. The story involves a playwright, his actress mistress and their creative associates. The playwright is immensely successful and wants to get along with the system, but a minister forces himself on the lady and then has every inch of their apartment bugged. The minister hopes to catch the playwright saying something “subversive” which he can use to lock the playwright up.

A neighbor sees the eavesdropping squad entering the apartment. The head of the detachment warns her that if she tells the playwright his apartment now is bugged, her daughter will be kicked out of the university. The playwright writes an article about the suicide epidemic in East Germany. It appears anonymously in the big West German magazine Der Spiegel (The Mirror).

The Party in the East goes berserk. It must find the author. All typewriters are registered. That’s right! Should I repeat it? All typewriters are registered. They are dangerous, like your Glock. But the conspirators know this and use a typewriter smuggled in from the West. The Party calls in a typewriter expert to investigate. He discovers which make and model the author used, but none of the suspects owns one.

The greatest theatrical director in East Germany is no longer allowed to work. Somebody uses the word “censorship.” A top Party official corrects him. There is “no censorship” in the “German Democratic Republic.” There is complete freedom of expression. The director is just not allowed to work. Word arrives that the director has added to the epidemic by committing suicide. Everything is photographed gray and grim and forbidding, the way you remember it.

The Party turns people against each other. The actress is arrested and told that she will never again appear on stage unless she incriminates the playwright. Instead, says, the interrogator, we can keep you forever. Terrified, intimidated, she gives up the playwright and tells where he has hidden the contraband typewriter. The Party raids the apartment. Overcome with horror, the actress runs into the street, is hit by a van and killed.

Only material approved by the Party can be published, as in our country today. Whoa, isn’t unapproved material published here? Yes, but remember that even at the height of his power in Communist Russia, Stalin allowed the publication of some opposition material, so he could pose as a champion of freedom of the press. We have the same situation here. The “main stream media” effectively deny coverage to anyone who contradicts what they say. That is why most Americans are ignorant of the main issues that confront us. That is why most Americans don’t know that Illegal Alien-Elect Hussein is a foreigner.

So now what do you think? Could any of this happen here? You know it could because it is already happening. The approaching monster is very near. You can already smell its corpselike breath. It is called Communism or Fascism or Nazism or Socialism, whichever you prefer. Think for instance of Hussein’s “civilian national security force,” as big as, as powerful as and as well-funded as the U.S. military. Do you hear tens of thousands of tramping men singing the Horst Wessel? I do.

This issue is especially close to me. By now, I have written six novels. I am thinking about the next. The publishing history of the first one – The Highest Virtue – is a nightmare of its own. You can read it on my web site,, along with the first chapter. Eventually, a “kiss of death” publisher took it, despite which it won five stars – top rating – from the then West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars to only 1% of its reviews. It also won blockbuster reviews from the Los Angeles Times and the Herald Examiner. Of course it never went anywhere.

Every one of these novels would make a blockbuster movie. The least of them is to most of the garbage that is published as Everest is to a bump on the head. A literary agent tells me the publishers don’t want most books that are worth anything. He also says that the first person who reads your manuscript at the publisher is typically a literary sage in a training bra who labors in the editor’s harem. And the editor does not even need to convert to Islam.

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Get Das Leben Der Anderen. I found it in the public library. Watch it and feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The next time a refugee from Johannesburg or somewhere else tries to tell you what is happening here, listen. And remember how to prevent the same thing from happening here:

Repatriate – Don’t Inaugurate

[Announcement: Alan Stang's new radio show, The Sting of Stang, will debut on Monday, July 14th, 7 to 8 a.m., Central, M-F, via Republic Broadcasting Network. To listen, go to and click on Listen Live. Call in is 800 313-9443. If you can't listen at that time, do so via the archives, which are free. I'll be talking about the various manifestations of the conspiracy for world government, its tactics, such as the illegal alien invasion, its purposes and its players, from Jorge W. Boosh on down.]

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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In the final phase of this process, they desperately implore anyone who will stand still long enough to listen, trying to convince them that the same things they saw in their native countries – the things that led to Communist dictatorship – are now happening here.