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by Alan Stang
December 18, 2008

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As I write, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, aka Barack Soetoro, et al., persists in refusing to prove his eligibility to be President. The nation faces a historic constitutional crisis, in the midst of which Republicrud Party activists – typically treasonous – are once again trying to sneak a new constitutional convention through the state legislatures. If they succeed, they will repeal the Constitution and abolish the country.

Meanwhile, reports from gun stores around the country say that Senator Also Known As has surprisingly become the greatest salesman in the history of firearms. People who don’t know how to load a gun are buying them, in fear that if Eric Holder, who hates private firearms with a passion, becomes Attorney General, he could cripple the Second Amendment even before a Constitutional Convention could repeal it.

Also Known As has tried to reassure us. He says the present buying frenzy is unneeded, because he does support the Second Amendment. But it was Also Known As who nominated Holder to run the Justice Department and it was Also Known As who, during the campaign, spoke with contempt of the “bitter” Americans between the Hudson River and the California line who “cling” to their guns. Those Americans were suspicious of him then; they don’t believe him now.

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that by the time Also Known As is inaugurated – if he is inaugurated and not deported – the American people will be better armed by far than any other people in history and maybe better armed than some armies. By the time it takes effect, the present scheme to register and then confiscate every round of ammunition that is moving through the states will have little, even no, effect.

By the way, the word from Also Known As headquarters is that at the putative inauguration he will be using the odd name Barack Hussein Obama, which recalls the fact that A.K.A. nameology has become a complicated science. Remember that we are talking about a man who has had more names than most women who are not Hollyweird sluts. During the recent campaign, el Senador Juan McCrud fired an enthusiastic Ohio talk show host, Bill Cunningham, who used A.K.A.’s middle name in a speech.

Later, Lee County, Florida Sheriff Mike Scott called Also Known As “Barack Hussein Obama” in another speech introducing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The F.B.I., still controlled by Lame Schmuck Jorge W. Boosh, launched an investigation to determine whether the sheriff had broken a federal law, so it could be a federal crime to call a man by his own name.

And there is the fact that Also Known As lied to get his law license when he swore he had never been known by any other names, which is somewhat akin to a ten dollar hooker testifying she is a virgin. So, again, it is all very technical. But it does appear that, for now at least, it’s okay again to use A.K.A.’s middle name, if that really is his name.


Meanwhile, every institution in the country is standing on its head, from the economy, to the schools, to the media, to the churches, to the government. Organized faggotry is out of control. The invasion across the Mexican border continues. The car companies and the dollar are about to collapse. And on and on. How could all of this be happening at the same time?

Could all of this be happening at the same time by accident, by coincidence? No, to believe that would be to spit in the face of the law of probability, to believe that things fall up, not down; to believe something as preposterous, as riddled with falsity, as the official explanation of Nine-Eleven. It isn’t physically possible.

For much more than half a century, agents of the conspiracy for world government have been infiltrating those institutions, subverting and perverting them. Remember for instance that only a couple of the half a dozen or so Soviet spy rings operating in Washington were caught after World War II. What would you expect the ones that were not have been doing all these years? They have been metastasizing.

But didn’t the Communists collapse? How do you know they collapsed? You “know” it because they said so. “Hey, Amerikanskis, we collapsed!” How convenient! They “collapsed” just in time to take over. The “fact” that they “collapsed” means you will not be worried about them. We are overrun by Soviet opossums playing 'possum. Meanwhile, they permeate our society in consort with the rape, robbery and revolution racket called Islam.

Because Islam is a “religion,” indeed the “religion of peace,” according to Lame Schmuck Boosh, it can go where the nasty Communists cannot. It can establish mosques and madrassas. It can brainwash openly in the government schools. It can pour agents into the country and hide them in Islamic neighborhoods. It can openly infiltrate the federal government. Suddenly critical mass arrives. As if somebody up there pulled a switch, everything in the country is upside down.

Republicruds, not Democruds, have revived the conspiracy’s campaign for a new constitutional convention, at which the Constitution would be repealed and the country abolished. As I write, Republicruds in Columbus, Ohio are trying to sneak a resolution calling for a “con-con” through the state legislature. See my piece entitled, “Republican Party: Red From the Start.”

So here you are with all the guns and ammo you have bought in a so-called panic, in a frenzy, the guns Also Known As says you “bitterly cling to.” The federal government is about to impose wall-to-wall Communist dictatorship upon you, using technology unavailable to Hitler and Stalin. Our new Attorney General certainly will move to take those guns away. What will you do?


You can’t go wrong quoting the President of the United States: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” So the reason for the right isn’t sport, it isn’t hunting to feed your family and it isn’t even self-protection. It’s protection from a government that gets out of control.

President Jefferson also said: “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” And: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Whoa! Blood! Where is the President going with this? If he keeps going, is there a chance he could be locked up?

Finally, the President said that whenever any government denies the people God-given rights, they have the right to change or abolish it completely. He preaches caution; he says the people should not do so if government abuse is mild and temporary. We certainly do not want a banana republic revolution once a week.

But, he says, when government abuse continues for a long time, when the government keeps seizing and concentrating power, until it becomes obvious at last that its goal is totalitarian dictatorship, then it is not only the people’s right, “it is their duty, to throw off such government.”

Again, says the President, when the government seizes total power and becomes a dictatorship, the people have no choice. It is their duty to overthrow such government. Of course all this comes from the Declaration of Independence, the nation’s birth certificate, which the President wrote. We don’t know what the Also Known As birth certificate says, but the nation’s is available.

When did the moment come in Nazi Germany at which the overthrow of the government changed from treason, from a crime, to a humane, patriotic act? Was it the burning of the Reichstag? Was it the Enabling Act? Something else? I don’t know – historians debate that – but obviously it came. When did it come in the Soviet Union and Castro Cuba? We know that in the first American War for Independence it came when the English came to get the guns.

If the same thing happens here – which it ever more clearly appears that it will – what will the government be doing while you are trying to overthrow it? It – the political criminals who comprise it – will be defending themselves, doing everything they can to maintain the power they lust for. That is where the blood comes from, the blood the President is talking about.

Remember that the real thing hasn’t yet hit the fan. I liken what has happened so far to the approach of a hurricane. At first, the sky darkens. It begins to rain. The wind picks up; then picks up even more. It blows a sign over. If you have never been in a hurricane and don’t know what they are, you could mistakenly think these things are the hurricane. Of course they are not. They are just the outer edge of what could be a monster. The hurricane has not yet hit. People who had heard that Ike was a Category Two stayed and were killed. We shall never find many of their bodies. They sleep with the fishes.

That is where we are now. What has happened so far is merely the warning, not the real thing. I profoundly wish I could believe something else, but the fool not only says in his heart there is no God; he also argues with the numbers. According to one report, inflation perpetrated by the non-Federal non-Reserve System is now running at 300%, which means we are on the way to Zimbabwe, which in turn is worse than Weimar.

The experts warn us to expect social breakdown, chaos, anarchy, food riots, dollar collapse, widespread crime, violent protests, government intervention, looting, etc., maybe even violent revolution, all part of the scheme to bring our country to its knees. I believe them. In the beginning, the farmers fired on the redcoats. And remember that Also Known As is a Communist.

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At the 2008 Texas Republican Convention, which I covered, state Attorney General Greg Abbott said from the lectern that his answer to gun confiscation machinations from Washington is: “Lock and load!” Since the Attorney General said so, it must be okay to say. The question is: At the moment of truth, what will you do?

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Could all of this be happening at the same time by accident, by coincidence? No, to believe that would be to spit in the face of the law of probability, to believe that things fall up, not down; to believe something as preposterous, as riddled with falsity, as the official explanation of Nine-Eleven. It isn’t physically possible.