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by Alan Stang
December 25, 2008

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Some timorous complaints are arriving about my use of such terms as “faggots” and “butt jumpers” to name faggots and butt jumpers. The complainants say they know some practitioners of that perverted persuasion who are remarkably fine people they would let baby sit their kids. And so the complainants experience discomfort when venturing into one of my articles or broadcasts.

In like fashion, other readers and listeners are acquainted with Muslims who are not psychotic mass murderers, not traitors to America who celebrated Nine Eleven, etc., but who in fact are hard-working family men supporting families loyal to our country. Those readers and listeners complain about my characterization of Islam as a rape, robbery and revolution racket.

So something should be said about this profoundly important matter. First, to provide some context, at its apogee, less than 7% of the population of the Soviet Union belonged to the Communist Party (6.9%). In China, the corresponding percentage is even lower (4.2%). And in 1976, after Washington, D.C. defeated the United States military in Vietnam, the percentage of the Vietnamese population that belonged to the Communist Party was a miniscule 3.1%. About 9% of the German people were members of the National Socialist Party when World War II began.

So in the Soviet Union at its zenith more than 93% of the people were not Communists. More than 95% of the Chinese people under Mao were not Communists. And in Vietnam after the American defeat almost 97% of the people were not Communists. More than 90% of the German people were not Nazis.

But all these Communist countries were certainly Communist. Nazi Germany was certainly Nazi. So what were all those teeming millions who were not? Some endorsed the horrors committed in their name, but let others commit them. Some knew little or nothing about them. Some opposed them, but not enough to do anything about them. Others knew, opposed them and died.

In another piece, I discussed at length Professor Milton Mayer’s They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1955, in which small town Germans enmeshed in metastasizing Nazism, knew little about what was happening to their country. Some people in the countryside could have known nothing. Yes, the analogy I am making here is by no means exact – there are many individual peculiarities – but it is similar enough to be helpful.

There is one word that defines all these folks. That word is: “irrelevant.” They did not run the show. They did not define it. They went and did as they were told. They were victims. In the same vein, Jewish organizations purport to speak for Jews who have no idea they are spoken for; black con men, little more than Chicago-type shakedown experts, purport to speak for blacks.

How does some of this apply to the matters at hand? Remember the idyllic situation before the revolution. Homosexuals had their own bars. They had the privacy they say they want, because normal people left them alone. Knowing what they do, the normal man avoids them. Hitler spent his entire life surrounding himself with homosexuals; of course, he wasn’t normal.

I would rather not spend time around drug addicts, drunks, wife beaters and cheaters. Suppose, traveling in Argentina in 1943, you had learned that someone you had just met was a German. Would you have greeted him without reservation, or would you have been cautious, even suspicious, however charming he was, doubting his loyalties? In the same way, I would rather not spend time with buggers.

But now the conspiracy for world government has recruited the buggers. They no longer are satisfied to mind their own business, buggering each other, giving each other horrific, fatal diseases, shortening their life spans by a couple of decades. Now they have spewed forth from their bath houses, demanding that you and I change, that we utterly transform our manner of life. We are perfectly ecstatic to leave them alone, but they will not do the same for us.

Browse through my book, Not Holier than Thou: How Queer Is Bush?, and look at the sodomite plan, entitled After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s. Yes, they are “nice.” That is the plan. The authors of the plan instruct their troops to be “nice,” to disarm normal people long enough to get the camel’s nose into the tent.

The authors of the scheme propose a species of brainwashing. It began with the theft of the delightful word “gay.” Again, we are talking about a death style, not a life style. See Not Holier to learn what sodomites do, which, however much sanitized, could make you throw up. If you really need to vomit see many sodomite internet sites. “Gay” means carefree. Many 1930s movies use it in that sense. It has nothing to do with sodomy. Even as late as the 1950s, normal people had a “gay old time.”


Using the stolen sodomite term they call their death style means taking the first step toward thinking as they do, as they want you to; the first step toward brainwashing yourself. In the penultimate step, you are afraid to call them what they are, afraid you could be fired for doing so like Isaiah Washington, erstwhile star of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In the last step, you are afraid to say anything controversial, about sodomy or anything else, afraid you could be hauled into court, maybe even thrown into jail as in Canada, as a man was for placing an ad citing scripture in a newspaper. Better keep your head down and say nothing that could make somebody mad.

So you see, we are at war. You are the target. Iraq and Afghanistan are important fronts in that war, yes. But the most important front is here. The most important front is between your ears, where the conspiracy for world government is brainwashing you. You can overcome the brainwashing; you can break free – but only if you steadfastly call things what they are. Again, “nice” is irrelevant.

This recalls that some years ago a favorite accusation conspiracy flunkies used to attach to people who persisted in calling things what they are was “labeling.” Why was and is the conspiracy so hostile to “labeling?” Because labeling is thinking. Thinking begins by calling things their proper names, affixing labels. Isn’t that what a child learning to talk and think does?

Now what about Islam? What about the terror attacks committed in its name? One notion says the “religion of peace” is not at all to blame, that it has been hijacked. Another notion says Islam is completely to blame. A third version says Islamic terror is all the fault of Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh. There are a couple of other permutations, all of which are wrong.

Go back to the beginning. The entire Middle East is Christian. It has been Christian for almost seven hundred years. Then a rape, robbery and revolution racket, concocted by a master con man who suffers fits and delusions, sweeps out of Arabia, raping, robbing and rebelling, eventually suppressing the entire region. After a couple of centuries, the Christians try to take it back, losing wealth, family, property and their lives in the attempt.

The racket bosses scream and keep screaming that the Christians are trying to “steal” their “historic lands,” and that once they control a property it is theirs forever. The tactic is somewhat akin to a squatter breaking into your home and then claiming that, because he is there, the house now is his, and that your attempts to evict him are an outrage. I do not believe we can blame any of this on George W. Boosh.

Down through the centuries, the racket keeps committing atrocities. Its pirates attack shipping, which disrupts freedom of the seas. That is why the first war the new United States fought was against the Muslims. Islamic slavers become a terror, almost depopulating European towns along the Mediterranean. Of course the slaves the Muslims took there were white. They took black slaves in Africa, making eunuchs of the men and abusing the women. They practice slavery there right now.

Again and again over the centuries, wherever they became strong enough, they have slaughtered non-Muslims, in India, in Indonesia, in Turkey, in Armenia, in Africa. They are doing so right now. In previous pieces I have given you details. The ferocity of those crimes is beyond understanding. Again, Communist world government traitor Boosh is blameless in all this.

There is also no need to quote again from the Koran. By now, thoughtful readers can probably recite such quotations by heart. The founding racketeer concocted them as needed, depending on which victims he wanted to loot, or which good looking female he wanted to espouse. Jesus says to love your enemies. Muhammad says to kill your enemies and tear them apart. Do you see a subtle difference here? I do.

So, in view of all that, are there any decent Muslims? Of course there are. There are hundreds of millions of them. How do they relate to their own history? Christianity is replete with crimes committed in its name, some quite outrageous. Among them are the burnings at the stake of the hero translators of The Bible, Tyndale, for instance. The perpetrators of those crimes were backsliders. The more such crimes they committed, the more they back slid and the farther away they departed from scripture, from Jesus.

The reverse is true in Islam. There, the more atrocities believers commit, the more they rape, rob and rebel, the more they force victims to convert or die or pay tribute to survive, the more churches they vandalize and burn, and on and on, the truer they are to the Koran, the more Islamic, the more fundamental. Conversely, the more they get up and go to work, support their families and go home, the more they live and let live, the less they know about their history, the more decent they are and the more they backslide.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre marriage, the monsters who control their totalitarian religion are plotting dictatorship with the conspiracy for world government. Of course we know that those nineteen Saudis who could not fly a kite did not perpetrate Nine Eleven. The thought is preposterous. But there is much else their co-religionists did do. And the conspiracy made it possible by creating Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, for instance.

So it would not be correct to say that Boosh and the neocons lit the terrorist fire. That fire has been burning for 1400 years, routinely flaring up. Boosh and the neocons did not start the fire, but they have been throwing gasoline on it. Those decent Muslim backsliders, indirectly inflamed, certainly will not actively participate, but, like Christians watching those translators bake at the stake, they will silently go along.

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Could some also feel a twinge of pride in the backwash of what Sheikh So-and-So has done? Could others, genuinely decent, be afraid to speak out? We know that what Communist and Islamic monsters do to traitors is not pretty. Whatever, those decent folks are irrelevant. In the present Communist-Islamic collaboration to exterminate Christianity, we must name names to preserve it.

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� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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So in the Soviet Union at its zenith more than 93% of the people were not Communists. More than 95% of the Chinese people under Mao were not Communists. And in Vietnam after the American defeat almost 97% of the people were not Communists. More than 90% of the German people were not Nazis.