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by Alan Stang
February 17, 2009

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So it was that on November 25th, 1940, Zionists blew up and sank the Patra, which carried Jews escaping from Nazi Europe; the predatory Zionists killed 252. In Holocaust Victims Accuse (1977), available on line, Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld says Zionists sabotaged many attempts to organize resistance, ransom and relief. They undermined an effort by Vladimir Jabotinsky to arm Jews before the war. They stopped an attempt to send food to the ghettos. Dr. Makow says the Zionist Rabbi of Sweden, Dr. Ehrenpreis, scuttled a Swedish attempt to rescue 10,000 Jews. Zionists torpedoed a similar attempt by the British parliament.

Barry Chamish is an Israeli author you must read if you really want to understand Zionism. In Save Israel! (Modiin, Modiin House, Israel), he writes (p. 350): “. . . Chaim Weizmann knew the results of the Holocaust ahead of time and deliberately allowed the slaughter to take place. He . . . turned Jewish leaders into mass murderers . . . . He was sending official proclamations to Jewish leaders worldwide, not to try and save their co-religionists in Europe . . . .”

Weizmann was the first president of Israel. Here is an example of his perfidy: “Nearing the end of the war, Eichmann cut a deal with a rabbi named Yoel Brand. He would save all the remaining Jews of Hungary in exchange for 700 trucks. Brand traveled to Aleppo, Syria to meet Jewish Agency deputy head Moshe Sharett to raise funds for the trucks. There, he was quickly arrested by the British. This doomed the Jews of Hungary. The order for the arrest must have come from Sharett and his superior, Chaim Weizmann.”

Finally, in Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust, published also by Modiin, Barry Chamish writes (p. 232) that, about a year before he became Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon said that had Jabotinsky been head of the Jewish Agency instead of Ben-Gurion, millions of Jews would have been saved from the Holocaust.

Chamish says Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s job was in fact to cover up the Holocaust. “. . . In 60 years, with thousands of Nazis who murdered her citizens to choose from, exactly two were tried and one was released on a technicality. The other one, Adolph Eichmann, was hunted down because he knew too much about the Jewish Agency’s complicity in the murder of 800,000 Hungarian Jews.” (P. 227-228)

For the record, all the authorities I have quoted are Jews. There are many others I have not quoted. You should also read movie writer Ben Hecht’s Perfidy, which is available on line. And you certainly should read the two-volume To Eliminate the Opiate, by Rabbi Marvin Antelman, who proves how the world conspiracy has infiltrated Judaism to destroy it. You may not agree with everything these authors say – I do not – but they offer a wealth of information and understanding you will not find anywhere else.

Another book you should read is The Controversy of Zion (Durban, Dolphin Press, 1978), by Douglas Reed, not a Jew, which offers the literally breathtaking confessions of this country’s preeminent, predatory Zionists. During the 1930s, the thing they feared far more than bacon and the Devil was the possibility that Hitler and the Jews of Germany could come to agreement, which would have sandbagged Zionism.

Top Zionist Rabbi Stephen Wise expressed his fears to his colleagues as follows: “. . . that our Jewish brothers in Germany might feel moved or compelled to accept a peace agreement or pact that might mean some slight amelioration or mitigation of their wrongs . . . that the Nazi regime might decide to prevent some of the evil consequences of its regime by such palliative treatment of the Jews as would disarm worldwide Jewish protest.” (Reed, p. 321)

“. . . We will survive Nazism unless we commit the inexpiable sin of bartering or trafficking with it in order to save some Jewish victims,” said Rabbi Wise. “We reject out of hand with scorn and contempt any and every proposal which would ensure the security of some Jews through the shame of all Jews.” (Ibid.)

While these life and death matters were concluded in Europe, Rabbi Wise was safe in New York. He was a Communist, of course (Chamish, Save Israel, p. 367). There, Rabbi Antelman cites Helen Lawrenson, who, in her own book, Stranger At the Party (New York: Random House, 1975), relates that Wise diddled her in his office on his conference table. Miss Lawrenson wasn’t kosher, but the rabbi made the matter right by quoting a verse from Psalms while he diddled.

Douglas Reed also quotes leading Zionist Louis Brandeis, another advocate for Jewish martyrdom: “Any arrangement which results in making a market abroad for German goods strengthens Hitler . . . . To thus relieve Hitler’s economic distress in order to save by emigration some of Germany’s Jews would be . . . deplorable statesmanship.” (Ibid.) So these are monsters worse than Hitler – worse than Hitler – because they will betray their own in behalf of their idea. And the political progeny of these plotters rule Israel today.

What does all of this tell you? It tells me, again, that Zionism is the farthest thing from a monolithic force. Like most things political, it has factions. One faction is relatively harmless. Had it been left alone, there would probably be peace today in the Middle East. The other is run by the political descendants of the monsters who engineered the Bolshevik coup and ran the Soviet Union’s orchestrated terror. Barry Chamish says the “labor” Zionists presently are victimizing both Israel and the Arabs.


The predatory Red Zionists are certainly an element of the same conspiracy for world government that includes the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, etc. So, talking about “the” Zionists is meaningless. Barry Chamish and many others are Zionists of an utterly different stripe. Were they running Israel it would be the opposite of the lead albatross it has become. Believe it or not, much goes wrong that “the” Zionists have nothing to do with.

In like fashion, there is “the Jewish Conspiracy.” It is hard to know for sure what “the Jewish Conspiracy” is, because there is no formal definition. It appears to include Zionism and to mean that “the” Jews run the world (this country, at least). The theory says that whatever goes wrong is the work of “the Jews,” and that whoever does it is a Jew, however kosher his name. Advocates of the theory now send me messages reporting that Emperor Barry Also Known As is a Jew.

Along these lines, someone sent me a message headed, “Correction,” concerning an earlier piece I wrote. The entire message says: “Alan, Ignatiev is a Jew. He is not White.” Ethiopian Jews certainly are not white; but this “correction” says that Ignatiev, who is as white as Hitler, is not. Does this mean no Jews are white? Does it mean Ignatiev is not white because he is a Jew? Again, mishmash.

There are certainly many Jews in the Conspiracy for world government. That conspiracy includes people of every kind. Would it not be even more surprising were no Jews involved? There are many more “Christians” in the conspiracy, no doubt because there are many more Christians. Does that make it a Christian conspiracy? How does the “Jewish Conspiracy” explain the Bushes, the Clintons, Castro, Mao, Alger Hiss, Dean Acheson, the Dulles brothers, J.P. Morgan, David Rockefeller, George C. Marshall, et cetera and so on? I believe these are good questions.

Indeed, to be a Christian, you must believe certain things. If you don’t, you are not a Christian. If you are a Christian, you believe that Jesus died, was resurrected and is God. If you don’t believe that, you are not a Christian and your fruit will reveal that. The conspirators who come from Christian backgrounds and have Christian names do not believe those things; they could not be conspirators if they did. So they are not Christians. Because they are not Christians, they commit horrific crimes; their fruit is rotten. Why does this same reasoning not apply to Jews? Another good question the “Jewish Conspiracy” does not explain.

Staunch advocates of the “Jewish conspiracy” theory argue that today’s Jews are not really Jews, not really physical children of Israel, because after millennia of intermarriage starting even before womanizer Solomon – which, remember, was a routine practice of the children that evoked the Lord’s fury – the elusive DNA that made a real Jew has utterly dissolved.

If there are no real Jews extant today, who are the people in the “Jewish conspiracy?” Either today’s Jews are Jews or they are not, which would mean there could be no “Jewish conspiracy.” Can you have it both ways? Again, if today’s Jews are Jews not because of DNA but because of belief, wouldn’t the same disqualifications apply to the ones in the conspiracy for world government that apply to the Christians?

Were the Jews buried in Arlington National Cemetery part of the “Jewish Conspiracy?” What about Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), which has done an enormous amount to protect the Second Amendment? I strongly suspect that Aaron Zelman, who runs it, is a Jew. What about Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of the nuclear navy, the longest serving officer in U.S. Navy history (63 years)? How do all these folks fit into the “Jewish Conspiracy?” We need an answer before we can entertain it as a working hypothesis.

If “the” Jews have so much power here why is it that, again and again, Washington has restrained Tel Aviv; prevented it from finishing its enemies off? Why for instance did Reagan save Arafat, the pederast Soviet factotum, from the Israelis? And on and on. Why is it so hard to understand that Jews, like every other people on the planet, have a variety of views? Why is the present government of Israel collaborating with the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations to dismantle and destroy it? I may not have answers, but these are all good questions.

The monsters who perpetrate all this, whatever their race, nationality, ethnicity or religious origin, hate God. God says: “But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.” (Proverbs, 8:36) The conspiracy for world government loves death.

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Again, the lesson I draw from all this is that the only sensible American policy is to stay as far away from it as possible and still stand on the planet. Prosecute to the maximum all foreign spies; forbid anyone with dual citizenship to take a government job. Be sympathetic to other nations but stay out of their problems. Stop “foreign aid.” Strictly mind our own business. Act as an example others may follow if they wish to enjoy our blessings. Be friendly to all, trade privately with all, be mild and agreeable, but make sure they understand that if they mess with us – if they won’t let us mind our own business – they will wake up dead in a smoking hole in the ground and a man with a high and tight haircut, wearing an Eagle, Globe & Anchor, the best of the best, will be standing at the hole. For part one click below.

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