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by Alan Stang
March 12, 2009

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Read the following statement. How well does it describe what you see happening? “If instant world government . . . [does] not provide the answers, what hope for progress is there? . . . In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than the top down. It will look like a great 'booming, buzzing confusion,' to use William James' famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault. . . .”

Professor Richard N. Gardner wrote this all the way back in April, 1974, in a piece entitled “The Hard Road to World Order,” in Foreign Affairs, house organ of the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations (p. 558). Gardner was also a member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission for more than thirty years, so he was plugged into the conspiracy for world government at the very top. Rockefeller boasts in his autobiography (p. 405) that he is participating in a “conspiracy” against the United States.

The conspirators tried very early to impose world government by decree, from the top. They found it was too much to swallow. So, thirty five years ago, Gardner explained how the conspiracy would get there instead. The tactic it would use would look like confusion, but the confusion would be part of the plan. It would conceal the piecemeal erosion of our national independence.

Today, thirty five years later, the metastasizing spectacle in Washington and Wall Street makes a Marx brothers shindig look like Buster Keaton rigor mortis. We have an illegal alien who should be deported but who instead is pretending to be President. Everything about him is secret. With a couple of exceptions, all his vital records have been sequestered; and the exceptions turned out to be frauds.

We don’t even know his name. We know some of the many names he has used, but we don’t know which name applies now. We don’t know for sure where he was born. We do know that he is approaching forty eight years old and he is allegedly “running” the American Empire, but the only thing he has ever done is run for office. Indeed, his career is riddled with paradox.

Consider that his grandfather gave his mother a man’s name, proof he was a dunce. Johnny Cash narrated the sad history of the boy named Sue. What of the girl named Stanley? Daughter Stanley turned out to be a dunce too. Almost a bastard, young B.O. was unwanted. Stanley carted him from continent to continent; he never enjoyed the company of a real father.

Eventually she parked him with the dunce, who in turn passed him along to Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, a child molester, while Stanley went off to other exploits. We know that young B.O. and Frank drank whisky together, but there still was no fathering. Was there any sex?

This is the childhood of a sodomite or a serial killer, not a President. On the other hand, notice that, Also Known As has lived an enchanted life. Everywhere he goes, doors magically open before him. Mysterious benefactors appear. Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton writes an influential letter that gains him entrance to Harvard law school. Why? Quien sabe? Who knows?

Indeed, he becomes editor of the Law Review, a prestigious position that requires much writing, but we are not allowed to see what he wrote. Then Communist terrorist Bill Ayers, son of the chairman of Commonwealth Edison, ghost writes a book for B.O. that becomes a best-seller. He doesn’t need to beat his fellow Democrud opponents campaigning for the Illinois Senate. They are simply kicked off the ballot.

He starts out far behind Jack Ryan in the campaign for U.S. Senate, but again he doesn’t need to run because mysteriously the sequestered records of Ryan’s revolting divorce case are released. Jack has to step down. Ambassador Alan Keyes takes his place. Unlike B.O., Dr. Keyes is a real black man, but he is a carpetbagger in Chicago and he starts campaigning too late. Mr. Big Ears is elected. It is almost as if some mysterious hand has been grooming this misfit all his life for what he is doing now.

In the latest contretemps, observers are marveling at his back of the hand to Red English Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Mrs. Brown apparently devoted considerable attention to gifts for the Husseins. For instance, there were designer dresses for the girls with matching necklace. Brown gave Big Ears some elaborately thoughtful mementos. But B.O. responded in an afterthought with some videos – “Hey, Michelle, send some honky to Blockbusters.” – and some junk from the White House gift shop.


The official explanation is that B.O. could not do right by the Browns because he was “exhausted” from his efforts to reduce the levels of the oceans. No, the reason is a lot less complicated. Remember the Billy Bubba Slime administration? When they left the White House – your house – they actually stole laptops, china and some of the decor. The Washington Post says they left obscene graffiti and ripped a presidential seal off a wall. They wrecked computer keyboards and sliced telephone lines.

Why? Simple. The Bubba Slimes are white trash. That is true wherever they live, however fancy the house. Also Known As is black trash, except that you can’t blame him entirely on blacks because he is more white than anything else, thanks to Stanley, who as far as we know paradoxically never slept with a white man.

On the surface, his administration is unraveling. Appointees to big jobs leave before they are confirmed. We have turnstile government. I can’t keep track of who is running what. Every day brings the latest departures. Does it not look like Richard Gardner’s great, booming, buzzing confusion? Remember that behind the confusion they are dismantling our independence.

And now comes the latest controversy. Yes, he has those adorable Dumbo big ears; yes, he has the beautiful, melodious black preacher voice (I wish I had it); but he apparently is too dumb to talk without a teleprompter. Almost every time he does, there is a new disaster. We’re not talking about a major address. He needs a teleprompter for the simplest events.

So he was raised from earliest childhood by Communists and now he is unsurprisingly imposing the complete Communist program, wall to wall, as fast as he can, which apparently is the reason he has been promoted all his life; but he responds vigorously in protest when somebody in the media calls him a Socialist.

He denies being a Socialist. He says he favors the free market. Like other top politicians, like Billy Bubba Slime, for instance, he smiles and lies in your face and keeps smiling and lying even when he knows you know it. Only the most successful of them can do that. You or I would break down, mortified.

So, I too want him to fail. But I don’t just want his Communist program to fail. I also want him to fail totally, across the board. I want him to fail personally. I want to see him humiliated for what he has already done to this country. I want him to be in office when the feces really hit the fan.

Now, what about you Obamatrons?

Recently, the Love Priestess and I spotted a huge SUV parked outside a market. Its hind end was festooned with bumper stickers proclaiming the presence of the One, the All-Knowing, the “Messiah,” the illegal alien with the adorable Dumbo big ears. As we feasted on the sight, the occupants returned. Sure enough, they were a couple of white, fortyish womanoids.

Feigning unease, I half-whispered, “Should you be driving this? It could embarrass us.”

The womanoid in charge smiled. “No problem. It gets really good mileage. And I need it. I have a lot to transport.”

So, first, there is an SUV that gets good mileage. Did you know that? I did not. The Communist media have not breathed a word. Because of media coverage I thought the “S” stood for “Satanic.” Also notice that she “needs” it. Her “need” is legitimate because she is an Obamatron. Your need is not because you are not.

When the feces hit the fan – notice, I said “when,” not “if” – these are the people you will face. These are the people you will go after. First, they are narcissistic cowards and sissies. Yes, they are extremely vindictive, a symptom of cowardice. Their men are yellow, simpering twits, intellectools dominated by womanoids.

Now it gets interesting. They are unarmed. They don’t believe in it. Remember? Recently, in a huge sporting goods store, a salesman told me he was out of handgun ammunition. I nodded. “The revolution,” I said. “The (small) war,” he replied. “It’s coming.” That is you he is talking about.

You are a redneck. You are retired Force Recon or Army Rangers or SEALS or Green Beanies, etc. You bring death from the sky. Or you are a civilian with a wife and a teenage daughter. You are mean as a coiled rattler. You believe in a different One, the Only One, so you haven’t bought into the Big Ears claptrap but so far you have said little. You are sitting out there, somewhere between the Hudson and the California line and you are watching. You are waiting . . . .

You are waiting for Tom Jefferson to send word that the tree of liberty needs nourishment.

It was General George S. Patton, Jr. who said the Third Army would go through the Wehrmacht like “crap through a goose.” And the belligerent Wehrmacht was armed! Of course you will not start anything because you know the conspiracy for world government would love for you to give them an excuse to declare martial law, but when they force you to act, when for instance they come for your daughter and the guns, you will go through the Obamatrons at a rate that would give Patton’s Wehrmacht geese terminal constipation.

Remember that the Obamatrons are not only unarmed; they also don’t believe in self defense. Do they have a great movement or what?

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Finally, yes, it is true; they have the federal government and all the power it has usurped. They have the Communist government schools. They have the media, etc. But we have the ultimate weapon: arithmetic. Arithmetic is God setting forth His rules by the numbers. The Obamatrons can deny those rules all they like; they can fervently believe Mr. Big Ears can turn computer entries into money. It still won’t happen.

Two plus two is always four.

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� 2009 Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Finally, yes, it is true; they have the federal government and all the power it has usurped. They have the Communist government schools. They have the media, etc. But we have the ultimate weapon: arithmetic. Arithmetic is God setting forth His rules by the numbers.