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by Alan Stang
April 21, 2009

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The first tea party we attended was on Tuesday, April 14th, in Friendswood, a suburb of Houston. As soon as we arrived, the Love Priestess began working the crowd, assisted by her sister, Ann. She was supposed to be handing out business cards plugging my daily radio talk show via Republic Broadcasting Network, which she did, but there was something else, so secret she hadn’t told even me about it.

She had papers people were signing on a clip board, during the long period before the program. It turned out they were petitions to the main speaker, Congressman Pete Olson. The Republican Party in Washington sent Pete here to take back the Tom Delay seat occupied by a Democrat when Delay was ousted, and, because this is such a staunch Republican district, he did so.

The petitions asked Pete to co-sponsor HR 1207, which for the first time would subject the Fed to an outside audit under the imprimatur of “transparency.” This is something Democrats can support because, remember, illegal alien Also Known As has called again and again for “transparency” in government. No doubt that is why the proposal already has fifty five co-sponsors.

This is unfamiliar ground to Dr. Ron Paul, chief sponsor of the bill. Whenever there is a vote in the House of 434-1, you really don’t need to look it up. Invariably, the lone vote against will come from “Dr. No.” Indeed, some of the signatures the Love Priestess got came from Republicans who like “transparency” but hate Dr. Paul. So, they love the message but hate the messenger.

In his remarks, the congressman came out boldly against excessive spending and higher taxes, classic Republican issues calculated to set the crowd on fire. As he wound down, the Love Priestess appeared at stage side laden down with petitions. I still didn’t know what she was planning to do. By now I was merely hoping that she wouldn’t be arrested on my watch, which would have been hard to explain to the kiddos.

As soon as he extruded the final syllable, she was with him at the lectern, handing him the petitions, telling him that 110 of his constituents in the audience wanted him to co-sponsor 1207. The signers were watching all this and knew what she was doing. The microphone was still on and Olson, inspired, said he would. Still not satisfied, she said, “So are you publicly committing to co-sponsor 1207?” The congressman replied, “I think I just did.”

So, chalk up one congressman for the Love Priestess. Please do one thing. Because Republican congressmen, unlike the pachyderm that represents them, often forget what they said, please call Pete Olson and enthusiastically thank him for coming aboard. Ask when he will do so. His number is (202) 225-5951.

The other tea party we attended was in downtown Houston. The excitement was palpable. The signs were creative. The speakers were all actual people, not politicians. The participants were both friendly and firm. And there were thousands such gatherings, large and small, across the country. This could have been the biggest single event in American history. The word is that about a million participated. The troubling question is: What happens now?

In neither party we attended did anyone set forth a plan into which the priceless energy coalescing at the parties could flow. Without a plan, the danger is great that this historic outburst could turn out to be a huge feel good venting session, dissipating the energy while the Communists advance.


Consider that we can win the battle for America only if we can accumulate enough power; power is the sine qua non of the struggle. The Communists in the White House are rapidly accumulating power and are using it to force the Communist lid down upon us. When and if they get the guns and put us on the bus, it will take much longer and be much harder – and bloodier – to win.

The conspirators the Big Ears Communists work for have almost arrived at their historic, hundred-year goal. Not profit, not money – they don’t know how much money they have – but the power to step on your face until you choke in the mud, their bloody golf cleats grinding in your cheek. They are psychopaths who, in normal times, would be incarcerated in hospitals for the criminal insane. One of their goals is the extermination of as much as 90% of the earth’s population. What does that have to do with profit?

These monsters have already murdered at least a couple of hundred million people. Now that they are so close to total victory, they are crazier than ever. They will not “see reason,” they will not negotiate; they will kill anyone they must to win. They are like a hydrophobic pit bull savaging a poodle. We can win only if we have more power than they do.

They got where they are by patient, decades-long infiltration, permeation and subversion of our institutions, our government, our industry, our finances, our media, our schools, etc. They got away with it because we didn’t sufficiently recognize it. We don’t have time to do the same thing; if we did, the conspiracy would not extend us the same acquiescence. For years, I have warned that we are “in a race against time.” Finally, I am right.

Only one accessible reservoir of power remains: the states. The states are beginning to awaken; they are beginning to remember what they were and could be again. The many Tenth Amendment resolutions are just one proof. If enough legislatures could be revived, the battle could be won. The states could put their federal creation in its place. That is where we should be fighting.

Your congressman can’t or won’t do it. With at least one heroic exception, your congressman is a foreigner, even an enemy alien. He is no longer your representative to Washington; he is Washington’s representative to you. You need to make him shaky nervous whenever he visits the district.

Without such purpose, without conductors to keep them off, the freedom express becomes vulnerable to three-day old “patriots” skunking aboard, trying to shunt it to a siding. For instance, there is Newt Gingrich, the toe fungus you struggle to get rid of but never can. It always comes back. Toe cheese Newt is making presidential noises again.

A new entry is Texas Governor Rick Perry. For almost ten years, Perry has been encouraging new and increased taxes; so many and so much that Texas taxes now rival Washington’s. He imposed forced injections of Merck’s Gardasil on twelve-year-old girls, because his former chief-of-staff is now a Merck lobbyist. Gardasil is a toxic drug; it has killed and maimed girls and women around the world.

Perry still defends the kidnapping by Texas child disservices of hundreds of kiddos from that Mormon sect in Eldorado, prompted by a call from a crazy woman in Colorado who later disappeared. The cops knew she was crazy, but conducted the kidnapping anyway. After all the investigations, no one was charged with anything.

Rick Perry will charge tolls on freeways the people have already paid for. Despite denials, his Trans Texas Corridor, that will move Afghan drugs and Red Chinese military from Mexico through Texas to Kansas City proceeds. A Spanish company will enjoy the profits for fifty years. Freeway exits will be closed, which will kill little towns.

Perry has been to Bilderberg twice. They are looking him over for possible employment as President after Mr. Big Ears deflates. That is why our Communist media say his political career is soaring. Bilderberg of course is the epitome of world government, but now, after almost ten years as big governor, here was the new Rick Perry, wearing hunting garb, talking Tenth Amendment at a tea party. He even mentioned secession before he rejected it. There is no sleazier politician in the country than Rick Perry.


In Austin, Robert Morrow has organized Conservative Republicans Against Perry, which abbreviates into an unfortunate acronym: CRAP. Morrow is presently preparing a CRAP site that will list Perry’s serial CRAPS. Perry will be running in the primary for the gubernatorial nomination against incumbent Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Wharton County Republican Chairman Debra Medina, an R.N. and businesswoman. Kay Bailey and Rick are male and female versions of the same thing except that Perry is prettier. Debra Medina is a true patriot. She stood up to Republican Nazis at last year’s state convention.

The tea parties also smoked out both legs of our Communist media. On the right, there was fifty million dollar fraud Glenn Beck, long the property of the Communist News Network, until Australian pornographer Rupert Murdoch, who supported Mrs. Billy Bubba Slime for President, bought him for Fox.

Glenn Beck did a great show at the tea party in San Antonio. He made a great speech. He has formed his own patriotic group, which holds meetings across the country. He has been a patriot for – let’s see, now – how many hours? Last year, when his opinion could have counted, he derided Dr. Paul. Now, too late, he says Ron could be right about some things.

He said he would expose the FEMA camps, fully staffed and barb-wired, empty, waiting for someone to lock up. He must have misread the script they gave him because he returned from his “investigation” to say the camps are a hoax, despite video of them shot across the country. His “investigator” was Popular Mechanics, the lie magazine that ineptly tries to discredit every revelation about Nine Eleven, one of the many subjects you are forbidden to discuss on his show.

Glenn Beck, a patriot? You’re kidding. His lucrative assignment is to co-opt, neutralize, divert and control the exploding American revival. Of course he makes a great speech! Don’t they all? Didn’t Hitler make a great speech? Doesn’t Mr. Big Ears make a great speech?

The left Communist media, furious, lost control of their ravening blood lust. They tried to associate the tea parties with something called “tea bagging,” which I had never heard of and don’t want to know anything about, because it is said to be a typically degenerate behavior practiced by faggots. You new people who attended with your spouses and kiddos need to know that this is what the left Communist media think of you.

Of course, la pièce de résistance of the day was the performance of the CNN womanoid in Chicago, Susan something. I didn’t get its last name. It sounded something like “Rodent.” You saw it yourself on You Tube, doing everything it could to provoke a confrontation. It failed, but people did shout that it wasn’t a real reporter, which it wasn’t, and told it to shut up.

The left Communist media performance indelibly proves that these people are not just fellow Americans who disagree. They are enemies who are trying to hurt you and treat you with contempt. They are trying to destroy the United States. You must recognize that and act accordingly.

Do not be impressed when they arrive in the vans with the video cams. My first job in broadcasting was at NBC in New York, where I wrote a show. I was not impressed. Don’t talk to them. Make them as nervous as you make your congressman. They are vulnerable public corporations. Bring them down. Revel in the certainty that they will not fare well on Der Tag and thereafter. Because they don’t believe in guns and self-defense, the Communist juggernaut they adore will surge through them like Perry CRAP through a goose.

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Go to your state capitals. ACORN goes door to door. Will you? They have a plan and the will to win. Do you? You must go nose to nose with ACORN and convince them you are squirrels.

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� 2009 Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Go to your state capitals. ACORN goes door to door. Will you? They have a plan and the will to win. Do you? You must go nose to nose with ACORN and convince them you are squirrels.