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by Alan Stang
September 12, 2007

Last week, I addressed the Cancer Control Society�s annual convention at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollyweird, one of the biggest health shows in the country. My subject was the history of homeopathy and its application today in the frequency technology designed and manufactured by Eagle Research, llc, which I write about in my book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer?

Every manufacturer includes a manual with his product. The manual tells the user what the product does and how to use it. Eagle does the same thing, of course, but there is an exception. So revolutionary and so versatile is Eagle�s frequency technology that people use it for purposes we were totally unaware of, and then they tell us how to do it. That�s right, they tell us.

Examples of this are piling up. Eagle technology is designed for use with human beings. By now, we have a plethora of what the doctors call �anecdotal� evidence of what the Eagle instruments can do. We have people on their way to the hospital for diabetic amputation who used the Eagle Guardian � a frequency machine � instead and now are back at work on their own feet.

We have people who had cancer, but had no medical treatment, used the Guardian and now are cancer-free. One lady with Stage IV (terminal) breast cancer refused all medical treatment and used the Guardian instead. In about three months, her cancer disappeared. We have people who had so much pain they could not get out of bed and could not sit in a chair for more than a few minutes, could not hold a newspaper up long enough to read it, who now are pain-free after using the Guardian.

Needless to say, we have no idea how and why this happens. The Eagle instruments are frequency balancing units, not medical devices, so they do not and cannot administer medical treatment. We are much too stupid to administer medical treatment, besides which only a licensed doctor can do that and we are not licensed doctors. Yes, we also do not diagnose, heal, cure or render therapy. When people experience the relief mentioned above, I scratch my head, smile stupidly and say, �Duh.�

But then came the results with animals, including a bunch of dogs with Parvo, a canine disease that is almost always fatal, which veterinarians can do little about once a dog has it. These dogs had it, had Guardian sessions and then did not have it. Duh! A horse in eastern Oregon developed a tumor over one eye that got so huge the horse became blind in that eye. The vet took a look and suggested only taking the eye or putting the horse down, both of which the owner refused.

Instead, he heard me being interviewed on a radio talk show, bought and used the Guardian on the eye, and within six weeks the tumor was reduced about 60%, the horse was sneezing out huge gobs of disgusting, necrotic tissue and, most important, could see with that eye. By now the horse is back to normal and never did have medical treatment. Needless to say, we are much too stupid to know why this happened.

The latest such example comes to us from Iowa, where a premier-quality pig farmer faced the loss of a prized 500-pound sow. She had a high fever and wouldn�t eat, drink or nurse her piglets; she was so sick that half of them were born dead. The farmer used the Guardian on her a couple of times, after which she got up, ate, drank and fed them. Duh! Remember also that with an animal there is no placebo effect. The sow is not asking herself, �Do I like the doctor? Or don�t I like the doctor? Do I feel better? Or don�t I feel better?� With an animal, either it works or it does not.

The Remedy Maker is another Eagle Research instrument. Needless to say, it does not compete with your licensed pharmacist, because we are much too stupid, etc. The Remedy Maker was designed to liberate you from the monster pharmaceutical companies like Merck. Today, when they get sick, most Americans either go to the doctor and then to the drug store or they go straight to the drug store.

What they get will be many months old, it will probably be contaminated with thimerosal (mercury) or some other contaminant, it will be generic, not specific to the sufferer and it will be expensive. The Remedy Maker instead produces a remedy that is sixty seconds old, is not contaminated, is specific, not generic and costs nothing. Users have reported good results.

But now come reports that people have used the Remedy Maker to kill weeds and save crops, eliminating the need for harsh, dangerous chemicals. One farmer in the upper Midwest made a remedy from cockleburs, and sprayed his forty acre field. When his winter wheat came up the cockleburs were stunted and had no pickers; the crop was saved. Others have used the Remedy Maker to clear stock ponds of weeds and troublesome critters, sparing the environment the chemicals they had used before.

Now here is the development that inspires these remarks. At the Eagle Research booth in Hollyweird last week, a lady complained that her home was overrun with bed bugs, extremely ornery critters. She is Susan Moss, author of the best-seller, Keep Your Breasts!: Preventing Breast Cancer the Natural Way. The book has a foreword by James R. Privitera, M.D., one of the nation�s foremost allergists and nutritionists, with whom I wrote Silent Clots: Life�s Biggest Killers. Miss Moss cured herself of uterine and breast cancer twelve years ago.

I told the lady to bring me a sample of the bed bugs that were plaguing her. She did the next day and I made a remedy, using the Eagle Remedy Maker. I suggested she put it in a bottle and spray the premises, especially her bed. Here is the message she sent me about it. Please excuse her reference to my overwhelming charm:

Dear Alan,

The day I met you is the day I started to live again! You are so terrific! Everyday I spray, it gets better. This morning I awoke to a clean bed!!!!! What you have to do is get the dotted line of tiny bugs off the walls and ceiling with the Ethel Alcohol and then spray the wall and ceiling with frequency water.

Using the alcohol works, but they return. The next day you start over and spend your life rubbing out bugs, taping out bugs, vacuuming out bugs, steaming out bugs. But nothing works for more than a day or less. Your water somehow informs them not to return to that spot that was sprayed!

I had the house sprayed twice by a professional. He used tons of really toxic spray and the situation just got even worse. I taped up 30 to 100 bugs in my bed three times a day! So I decided to try everything myself.

I got rid of the adults with fossil dust. You mix the dust with water. Wear a dust mask. Then you can paint it on the headboard, floor, walls, and even the mattress, though I bought a zippered mattress cover.

But nothing worked permanently. I bought a new vacuum because I wore out the old one. I vacuumed every night. Two hours later I could have started over. On Thursday I have someone coming to mop up the fossil dust I finally painted over the entire floors of my home. It's been a snowstorm here for three weeks. I am going to mop with water that has frequency water added to it.

Eagle�s newest instrument is a cold laser, sometimes called a soft or low-level laser. The heroine of my book, Electronic Medicine, went to the dentist, who found four cavities. He told her to come back in ninety days for fillings, but when she did he couldn�t find them, even telling his nurse she had brought him the wrong x-rays.

She hadn�t. During the preceding ninety days, Dolores had been using a predecessor to the new Eagle laser and it had filled in her cavities. It sounds amazing, but it really is not. In Electronic Medicine I point out that today�s orthopedic surgeons routinely use electronic frequencies to grow bone and heal fractures.

Apparently, we stand on the threshold of a historic, medical revolution. The sub-atomic particle physicists tell us there is no such thing as solid objects, that the only reason we think we see solid matter is that our eyesight is not good enough to see what is really there. If it were, we would see nodes of light, of energy, vibrating in a specific pattern, and that pattern is what we mistakenly think is solid. So, electronic frequencies are the basic unit of matter, of reality.

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I told the lady to bring me a sample of the bed bugs that were plaguing her. She did the next day and I made a remedy, using the Eagle Remedy Maker.