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by Alan Stang
December 20, 2007

Three months ago, I reported to you about what happened when a lady came to me at the Eagle Research booth at the Cancer Control Convention in Hollywood. You may recall that the first day she lamented the fact that she was overrun with bedbugs. The nightmare was so bad that the invaders were falling on her bed like a white mist. She had tried everything to get rid of them � including exterminators � but everything had failed. I sent her home to get a sample of the bedbugs.

She returned with it the second day. I used the Eagle Research Remedy Maker to make her a homeopathic remedy and sent her home to use it. She returned the third day to report that the bedbugs were gone, in search of more inviting accommodations. Later, we ramped up the remedy with a proprietary addition; they never returned. Of course, this was just one of many spectacular triumphs for the use of electronic frequencies to restore balance to the system and eliminate nasty critters.

Now I write to report results even more spectacular. Recently I addressed the Missouri State Chiropractic Association at their convention in Columbia. At the Eagle Research booth, a lady asked whether she could use the Guardian, Eagle�s most popular instrument, no doubt because it is so economical and easy to use. It enters your body�s frequencies through your fingertips via the inplate, amplifies them a million and then a trillion times, and sends the same amplified frequencies back into your system through your fingertips on the outplate.

Of course I told her she could use it. She did one session � less than a minute � and started to move her head side to side and up and down. Needless to say, I asked what was happening. The lady runs a Cajun restaurant with her husband in Arkansas. Three years ago, she was in a vehicle accident. She was wearing the waist seat belt but not the shoulder belt. Her head came forward and lodged in the steering wheel. Rescuers had to pry it out.

The doctors had to install a plate. She had not been able to turn it since, either side to side or up and down. If someone called her from behind, she had to turn her body completely around to respond. Now, one session with the Guardian completely restored freedom of movement to her head and neck. �I haven�t been able to do that for three years,� she said. I checked with her the next couple of days to make sure the change held. It did.

Soon thereafter, I was preparing to leave for the Health Freedom Expo in Austin, where I spoke twice. I talked on the telephone with a man who lives in Oklahoma near the Missouri line. In fact, his wife works for the state of Missouri. In August, she lost her appetite and started losing weight. Eventually, this 5'7" lady, robust at 148 pounds, weighed a mere 100.

At the hospital, she presented with metastatic bone cancer. It was everywhere. Her husband says she was �loaded with tumors.� The doctors said they could do nothing except �keep her comfortable.� None of the �orthodox� regimens would work. She had a mastectomy and a hip replacement for a hip the cancer had eaten. Of course, she was still just as sick.

The man and his daughter sneaked an Eagle Research Guardian into the hospital. That�s right! In this country today, that is what you must do. You do not have the medical freedom many other countries enjoy. You have the �freedom� only to do what the Medical Monopoly dictates. You will obey! Sieg Heil!

The husband stood guard at his wife�s door. The daughter administered Guardian sessions to her mother all day. A couple of times, they were almost caught. The daughter became an expert at slipping the small unit back into her bag before the staff could get past her dad. They also gave her powerful supplements. The victim had a sizeable tumor on her back. It disappeared completely. She started passing tumors in her stool. A doctor examined her and said, �The cancer is leaving.�

A couple of weeks later, she left the hospital. As I write, the lady is back at work for the state of Missouri. The doctors don�t know what happened and don�t want to know. Knowing could be dangerous in a nation controlled by the Medical Monopoly. Also, the husband had a golf ball-size tumor on one leg. He used the Guardian, which reduced it to a peanut.


Again, he told me all this on the telephone and I left for the show in Austin. There, a lady who is a retired Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) bought a Guardian. A couple of days later, she called in great excitement. One of her grandsons had run into a tree. His eye was the color of a fire truck and the pain was intolerable. She slapped the Guardian on him, the color retreated to pink and the pain stopped.

Her daughter walked with difficulty because of proliferating ingrown toenails. The doctor hit her daughter with the Guardian and left her with one of the ampoules that continually radiates her frequencies back into her system. She reported that she now can walk much better and that she slept much better than she had in a long time.

A couple of days later, the doctor called again. Her son-in-law had psoriasis so bad it was bleeding. Mother Teresa wouldn�t get anywhere near it. The doctor hit him with the Guardian and it started to heal. She says the new skin looks like �a baby�s behind.� Here are before and after pictures of the victim. She won�t be returning the Guardian any time soon.



So, does this mean that the Guardian cured all these conditions? No, the Guardian �cures� nothing. It doesn�t heal. It doesn�t treat. It is not a medical device. All it does is restore balance to the system, to the body�s electronic frequencies. Consider that the term �cure� is a misnomer.

It is an outdated, indeed antiquated term of limited value, used by the allopaths, who treat a part of the body, not the system, as if it were a refrigerator or an automobile, in which the individual parts do not affect the whole. Of course, we are talking about the experimental failure that has been around for less than a century, in which chronic degenerative disease is treated with powerful drugs, the �side effects� of which often produce horrors worse than the disorders they were treating.

On the contrary, electronic medicine rebalances the body�s frequencies so it can heal itself. Why are frequencies so important? The sub-atomic particle physicists tell us that the basic, irreducible unit of matter is of course not the huge molecule, not even the smaller, but still strapping atom. The basic, irreducible unit of matter is an increment of light. Remember that God said, �Let there be light,� and left it to us to figure out what He meant.

Those physicists tell us there is no such thing as a solid object. We think there is only because our eyesight is not good enough to see what is really there. If it were, we would see nodes of light vibrating (at a frequency) in a pattern. That pattern is the �solid object� we think we see. So, when you balance frequencies, you are working with basic, irreducible units of matter, much more elemental than the na�ve symptom a dangerous drug tries to �cure.�

Consider also that there is no guarantee you would get the same results from using the Guardian on the same problems. The only way to find out for sure would be to try it. Because Eagle Research obviously can make no guarantee, you use whichever instrument you buy for sixty days. If something is going to happen, it will at least begin to happen in that long a time. If nothing happens, if there is no change or benefit, you return the instrument and Eagle will refund your money.

There is evidence of the efficacy of electronic frequencies all around us. Remember the famous Memorex audiotape commercial, �Is It Live, Or Is It Memorex?� In it, the late jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald sang a note that got so high it shattered the chandelier, because the note and the chandelier were on the same frequency.

Now there is a new example. You must see the new Budweiser opera commercial. A couple of guys in tuxedos are seated in the audience at the opera. Flanking them are the wives, who forced them to come. They don�t want to be there; they want to be home watching Monday Night Football.

One whispers to the other, �How did we get into this mess?� The other smiles knowingly and opens his tuxedo coat. Inside, it is loaded with bottles of Bud. They have outsmarted the wives. �There�s enough for both of us,� he says. Instead of listening to the opera, they will get drunk.

But on stage the diva is singing higher and higher. The only difference between her and Ella is that you can understand what she is singing. Higher and higher, and then you hear a whomp! A sick expression appears on the face of the guy with the Bud. He opens his coat. Beer is streaming down his ruffled shirt. Like Ella Fitzgerald, the diva has broken the bottles. Because of the frequencies, the beer is no more.

But the copywriter, obviously an advertising genius, adds a final soupcon. A guy in the row in front of them turns around. He too has been forced by his wife to be present. He holds up a can of Bud to them and taps it. Of course, the diva has not affected the metal can. �This is how you do it,� he tells them.

All of this becomes especially important when you remember that one of the main goals of the conspiracy for world government is to reduce the world�s population drastically, to make it more manageable. The world government functionaries disagree among themselves about how many of us they will exterminate, but they are talking billions, give or take a billion. Yes, they are insane.

Working around the clock for years, Socialist Adolf Hitler was only able to kill some 15-20 million people. Those relatively paltry numbers would not do the job today. The best way to exterminate billions would be medical, with concocted epidemics and �medical treatment� including powerful drugs and vaccinations, then quarantine in (concentration) camps. An advantage of doing it this way would be that the victims would not even know they were under attack. Watch the skies! Do you see the chem-trails? All this tells me we must rely on ourselves.

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Electronic frequencies are where the action is. In time to come, doctors trying to ameliorate chronic degenerative problems will concentrate on that. Meanwhile, for more information about electronic medicine, including my book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? go to and click on HEALTH.

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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