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by Alan Stang
September 16, 2007

As I write, Larry Craig is trying to withdraw his guilty plea in the Cities. If he can do that, and, if his Republican colleagues will therefore restore his Senate committee assignments, then, he says, he may not implement his pledge to resign. Now he says he didn�t really say he would resign, he said something else, but I can�t understand what Senator Craig says he said.

My guess is he will go for a reason I have seen no one mention. He will go because of dialectical materialism, which of course is the primary Communist tool in the pseudo-science of �Marxism-Leninism.� In political terms, dialectical materialism simply means controlling both sides of a dispute. Obviously, if you control both sides, you can�t lose.

Journalists of the time called Edward M. House Woodrow Wilson�s �alter ego.� House was a political kingmaker from Texas who chose Wilson as the Democrat candidate in 1912, got him elected President and then lived with him in the White House. Edward M. House was a Marxist.

In the same year, he published a lousy novel anonymously. It was entitled Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow. In it, House spoke of a �conspiracy� (the word was his) to seize power. He wrote that he was working for the society �dreamed of by Karl Marx.� See my book, The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles, for more.

One of the conspiracy�s tactics was to seize control of both parties at the primary level. When the conspiracy controls both candidates, it doesn�t care who wins, and the conspirators can keep the voters stirred up in the belief that any political campaign is a real contest.

That is why in election after election, especially national elections, crucial policy doesn�t seem to change. Personalities change, yes, styles change, which deceives many people into the belief that policy will change as well, but it does not. I recall wondering about this as a very young man. I had no answer and no one I knew had an answer. I was writing a show at NBC in New York in those days, so of course I was as stupid and ignorant as I have ever been, and so was everyone I knew.

So it is that with Jorge W. Boosh�s predecessor � the man who raped that lady in Little Rock � we had intern knee prints on the Oval Office carpet. We had a President who drops his pants and asks for sex. With Jorge himself, we don�t, a refreshing change, but not a basic change in policy.

Yes, there are little changes in policy, there are changes in method, but the main policies � the direction � remains the same. The conspiracy lets the contenders in a campaign fight it out. Because the conspiracy controls both sides, it doesn�t care who wins. It doesn�t care which one you vote for. Indeed, it eggs them on. Let the most vicious contender be elected. As FDR�s top adviser, Soviet agent Harry Hopkins, put it, �Spend and spend, elect and elect. The people are too damn dumb to understand.�

How does this apply to Craig? Conspiracy propagandists have labored long to create approved images for the parties. The Democruds are the hippie party, the party of �sex, drugs and rock and roll,� the party of intern knee prints on the Oval Office carpet, the party of parties. That is why Taxachusetts faggot Barney Frank was applauded, not unseated, when word of the sodomite prostitution racket operating in his apartment erupted. Hypocrisy is not the issue. Barney expresses the true spirit of the Party.

The Republicruds are the Party of �moral values� and �family.� Yes, Republicrud and Democrud policies on the economy, on the borders, on immigration, on the military, on Nine Eleven, on health care, on education, on foreign aid, on the income tax and Federal Reserve, and on and on and on, are all but identical, but �family values� certainly set the Parties apart. That is why believers have flocked to the Republicruds. That is why congregants in many celebrity churches worship Jorge W. Boosh only a shade less than Jesus.

Again, the conspiracy for world government House wrote about doesn�t care which side you take. Are you inclined toward religion and family? Fine, become a Republicrud. Do you have a proclivity for kinky sex and cocaine? Are you a bull dyke? No problem. Become a Democrud. Strut around in fancy pants suits. Whichever, you will wind up supporting the same bi-partisan policy of Socialist world government.

From the conspiracy�s point of view, the worst thing you could do is break out of the box, realize you have been offered a phony, unreal alternative, a �choice� that is merely two versions of the same thing. The worst thing you could do in the conspiracy�s eyes is search for a genuine alternative.

A truly vomitous exemplar of the dialectic in action is Shallow Sean Hannity. When Craig�s �wide stance� hit the news, Hannity was among the first to call for his resignation. When Craig tried to change his plea, Hannity started trying to weasel. Whatever they tell him to say, he will say. He makes the cheapest hooker look like the most expensive virgin.

Suppose Craig is allowed to stay. Wouldn�t his presence send the message that henceforth the GOP will be the same as the Dems in this area as in everything else? If enough Americans get the idea that there is no difference between the parties � that in fact the two parties are merely two legs on the same bug � won�t they begin looking for an alternative? The conspiracy for world government must maintain the fiction that today�s politics are real. If they can�t, their scam falls apart.

That is why politics today � especially national politics � closely resembles an old-fashioned Chicago gang war. The conflict, however vicious, is not about policy, but about which gang will run the show, enjoy the perks and the power. The conspiracy will do everything to prevent the voters from thinking �outside the box,� from considering a candidate like Ron Paul.

Meanwhile, my new book on the homosexual takeover of the Republicrud Party � Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? � is creating something of a firestorm. Here are some homosexual comments proving my assertion that homosexuality is a species of insanity. They speak for themselves. My usual practice is never to edit a quote; I have done so here because among my readers are many Christian mothers.

First are a couple of comments from queers who accuse me of being homosexual myself. This is a routine sodomite response to criticism. According to sodomite propaganda, whoever denounces the sodomite perversion is �repressing� his own �latent� homosexuality, a perennial Hollyweird theme.

1, I am sure that you are homosexual....I have never seen a person like you that has such a fixation on the subject......

2, You know what they say mate, those who are the strongest against it publically are the ones who do it! Dont even try to deny it.

3, Like most men who are so terrified of homosexuality, you are probably gay and are afraid of your homosexual urges. Sad.

4, Ambiguous bunghole ointment for the masses. Cant you do anything right?? You know you've f----d up big time when you got someone like me tearing you a new poopchute.. Grow the f--k up!!!!!!! You've probably s----d more c--k than Monica Lewinsky and Rock Hudson combined. AND SWALLOWED TOO!!!! Only zero has-been lying creeps blog on the etherzone. PERIOD!!!! You and Larry Craig both play the skin flute and gobble down the music.. SNAME ON YOU!!!!!!! You're nothing but a left-wing anal shill. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, GOMER!!!

5, You're a sick f--k, you know that?!! I'm gay and entirely "normal" as you use the term. You religious freaks make me puke with your hatred and bigotry. If Jesus were alive, he'd be on my side, not yours. For your info, I know plenty of "normal" straight men who plunge their penis into their female sex partner's excrement! So I guess they are "homosexual."

6, Keep your trash to yourself, you right wing bigoted hateful moron.

7, Sir, Your article is just hatefull and would be illegal in Canada. I am a very proud homosexual and there is nothing wrong with it.

8, YOU ARE VERY SICK! LOLOL what a freak you are, did you know that Jesus gave head to every apostle except Judas, and that is why he betrayed him with a kiss. F--k your religion, use your holy bible, the torah and the Koran as a-- wipe paper. S--t for brains. Go s--k you father like you dream of doing, you c--k b---h. Loser LOLOLOLOLOL

Notice something immensely revealing about these juvenile, retarded perverts. They cannot take criticism. The teariest teenage girl is a Spartan compared to these putrid sissies. They fall apart when challenged. Could the reason be that they know they are fatally wrong? Could that be the reason for the preposterous �Gay Pride� parades? Could �me thinks he doth protest too much� apply not to the critics of homosexuality but to its practitioners?

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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He will go because of dialectical materialism, which of course is the primary Communist tool in the pseudo-science of �Marxism-Leninism.� In political terms, dialectical materialism simply means controlling both sides of a dispute.