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by Alan Stang
March 12, 2008

My daughter is incredibly adorable. You can trust me on this because almost half a century of experience as a professional observer in often trying circumstances has honed my journalistic impartiality to an exquisite point. At 98 pounds, my daughter is somewhat larger than a Chihuahua and as mouthy as a pit bull with hydrophobia. On primary day here in Texas, she sat alone the required 100 feet from the polling place for seven hours holding a Ron Paul sign, overrun with Obama enthusiasts.

My wife told her that if she was exhausted she should quit, which she adamantly refused to do. Her major is political science and she was there to learn. Also, she is known on campus and at work as �Ron Paula.� When the day ended, she was the precinct chairman, after one of my sons intervened. A former Marine Corps platoon sergeant, he has mastered the art of gentle persuasion.

Along with another remarkably handsome son, who is a Houston restaurant consultant, and one of my daughters-in-law, an incredible, classic Texas beauty, they took over their precinct. Without them, there would have been no caucus at all, but the four of them are now able to cast thirteen votes. In still another caucus, the Love Priestess collected fifteen delegates out of twenty eight.

I too wound up the day as a delegate. I attended the caucus after the voting, curious to see how one works, and was pressed into service because not enough people were present to fill all the slots. The next stop, they tell us, is the senatorial district convention. So, I am now a Republican politician.

Thus begins the process that leads toward the national convention in the Cities in September, where John Sidney McCrud is scheduled to be coronated. Meanwhile, what has happened to the Ron Paul campaign? By now you know that he was overwhelmingly reelected to Congress with 70% of the vote, after another juvenile attempt by the Republican Party to defeat him, but there appears to be some confusion about the campaign for President.

Remember that Mitt Romney, the Taxachusetts Socialist and homosexualist, did not close down his campaign after the first Super Tuesday. He �suspended� it. Exactly what �suspension� in this context means, we don�t know for sure. In 1992, Ross Perot �suspended� his campaign against Bush 41, then returned to the hustings. So it could be that Mitt knows something we don�t know. Could he be planning to return? Does he expect crazy John McCrud to unravel?

In his recent, seven-minute address to his supporters, Dr. Paul, like Romney, never did say he was quitting; on the other hand, he did say the campaign �will soon wind down� and that �conventional� victory is �unavailable.� So which is it? Is the Ron Paul campaign for President over or not?

First, consider what kind of campaign this has been. As Dr. No says himself, he was skeptical from the beginning. The campaign was not his idea. He did not burst forth from prayer one morning with the announcement that God had told him to run. A small band of heroes persuaded him to do so. Without those heroes, there would have been no campaign. The Ron Paul Revolution picked him and named itself for him. As he said himself in his recent message, the campaign is not about Ron Paul.

The fact that Dr. No is consummately charming, movie-star handsome, a patriot, a veteran, a ladies� doctor, a fifty-year husband and serial grandfather � and is the only candidate in both branches of the nation�s one major party who fully understands the issues � is a happy coincidence.

The only �scandal� the conspiracy for world government could dig up about him were some twenty-year-old newsletter articles written by someone else, which a militant sodomite published in a magazine that has been caught lying so many times, Hollyweird made a movie about it, compared to which the National Enquirer is a paragon of journalistic rectitude.

The fact is that you and I � and Ron Paula � are running the show, not Dr. No. He is the spokesman of the Revolution, but he did not organize it. Unlike every other campaign, the inspiration comes from the bottom of the ticket, not from the top, not from shadowy groups like the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations that runs John McCrud. He will do what we tell him.


So what can we tell him? In the recent Texas primary, the Clinton womanoid won the popular Democrud vote. Yet, it now turns out that B. Hussein Obama could win most of the delegates in the caucuses. The popular vote is something of a straw poll, a beauty contest. It is the delegates at the national convention who actually choose the nominee. The Democruds may not decide Texas for a couple of months.

So, what is the connection between the popular vote and the delegates? The delegates are chosen in the caucuses and in mini-conventions that precede the national. They are �pledged� to vote for certain candidates on the first (usually) ballot at the national convention, unless � unless � unless they change the rules.

As I write, the Democruds are in chaos because of Michigan and Florida. The womanoid legions are trying to change the rules. They are talking about a mail-in re-run. Can you imagine a mail-in primary in Florida, where voters are too dumb and too criminal to get the chad out? Wouldn�t that make Diebold and the other voting machines look like the election of a Student Council president?

And the Republicruds are in the same state of delegate flux. John McCrud does not yet have the necessary votes. Because there are not that many other lunatics, his support is as fragile as his psychotic temper, and Dr. Paul enthusiasts are presently flooding into the party, becoming delegates. Remember, I myself knew nothing about any of this a couple of weeks ago. This tells me that anything could happen. Indeed, there has never been an election like this.

Yes, the Mitt and the Huck may have told their delegates to support John McCrud, but they are not obligated to do so. At the national convention, they can do as they like. Because their candidates were supposed to be �conservative,� it is realistic to expect that some of them could stand for Dr. Paul, the real thing.

For instance, one Huckabee voter posted as follows on a Ron Paul site: �I had been supporting Mike Huckabee until he gutlessly pulled out and endorsed McCain. I just submitted my endorsement of Ron Paul and I am with him until the convention � that is when our nominee is chosen.�

In just one possible scenario, suppose at the national convention there is rebellion. It wouldn�t even need to come from Dr. Paul�s people. It could come from delegates as terrified of what a bedbug crazy nominee could do to the Republicruds, as the Democruds could be about a choice between a womanoid half the country hates with religious fervor and a man named Hussein, most of whose extended family is Muslim and who has been colluding with Communists.

How likely is any of this? Probably not very, but the campaign is still in play and, again, anything could happen. Notice that, for something to happen, Dr. No need do nothing. He simply needs to stand by. If anything happens, it will happen because of you. Remember the pieces I did recently about �leaderless resistance.� This is what I was talking about. You are our leader.


The task before us could be easier than we think. At the precinct caucus I attended, my sister-in-law and I were the only Ron Paulers, but we didn�t mention his name, and, because we look fairly normal (she certainly does) no one suspected. In most gatherings, I am rapidly identified as a man who advocates �extreme� views (like the Bill of Rights). Not here. These Republican delegates agreed with everything I said.

Some had not heard of the Trans-Texas Corridor. In Texas! After I explained, they unanimously passed my resolution against it, as they did my resolution against the North American Union that would merge the United States, Mexico and Canada. There are only a few world government conspirators. Yes, they are at the top, as cold as absolute zero and below. They are trying to keep the lid on, but word is spreading quickly. With enough pressure, it could blow. Ron Paul people need to get in touch with every delegate.

I am perfectly aware that innumerable attempts over the years to wrest the Republican Party away from the world government traitors have failed, but there has never been a movement as big and as aware as this one. If there is a long shot � and there is � we must take it. What else would you be doing right now? Along these lines, Alan Sager is Travis County Republican Party Chairman in Austin, Texas. Here are excerpts from his comments on the primary in the TCRP weekly newsletter (March 9th, 2008, Vol. II, No. 10):

�One of our very best long time precinct chairs, Jack Otto, lost his bid for re-election. . . . TCRP will not be the same without him. Jack was beaten by one of the insurgent Ron Paul precinct chair candidates.

�The Ron Paul supporters claim to have elected more than 1/3 of the new precinct chairs which is not a surprise. I had been told about their plans about 6 months ago and I know a good deal about their local operations, infighting and modus operandi. They also dominated many precinct conventions. . . .

�I suggest the first order of business at each of our Senatorial Conventions and at the first Executive Committee Meeting is to have attendees commit to whole heartedly supporting Senator McCain, Senator Cornyn and every one else on our ballot. If not, they should resign. Everyone is free to pursue their positions, but not as officials of the Republican Party or delegates to the state and national conventions. . . .�

Fellow Republican politicians! Is this a great party or what?

In the same seven minute message, Dr. Paul says he likes the idea of a �march on Washington� on June 21st. He says the campaign won�t do it, the people must, proving again that you run the show. What would such a demonstration accomplish? First, it would get no national media, none, however many millions show up. Most Americans will never know it took place, just as many Americans still have not heard of Ron No Such Candidate Paul. Look at the coverage collected by other patriot groups who went to Washington.

Second, because the District of Criminals today looks like the capital of the military empire it is, the demonstration would get no closer to the government than the suburbs of Baltimore, an exaggeration but a small one. It will see no Members of Congress, because by then they will have fled to escape the heat. There is always the chance that federal agent provocateurs could be present.

But it will cost considerable time, energy and money, time better spent among the delegates in the entrails of the party machinery. It could be immensely frustrating and discouraging. As I write, many primaries still must take place. Many more delegates will be chosen. If you insist on a march, I believe I have a constructive thought. March on the Cities. It will be cool in September; you will accomplish much more and have more fun.

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Indeed, now comes a Dr. No interview with John Roberts, of the Communist News Network, on the network�s American Morning. �Paul told CNN that he would still compete for delegates in upcoming contests in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to accrue as many delegates as possible to vote on party platforms and other issues at the GOP convention this summer in Minneapolis.� This sounds to me like he is still in the race, still speaking economics to power. He is waiting for you to convince him, to tell him what to do.

Dr. Paul, here are your instructions from headquarters: Stand by. We�ll see you in the Cities.

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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As I write, the Democruds are in chaos because of Michigan and Florida. The womanoid legions are trying to change the rules. They are talking about a mail-in re-run. Can you imagine a mail-in primary in Florida, where voters are too dumb and too criminal to get the chad out?