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by Alan Stang
March 23, 2008

As the utterly fraudulent computer entry that financial commentators call the �dollar� disappears down the drain, some observers marvel that the Fed and Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh could have been so �stupid.� Your average mechanic, bus driver and manicurist know perfectly well that you can�t keep spending more than you have, however big you are � that if you insist on doing so, eventually you will collapse � so how come Boosh and the others do not? How could the Fed and the President be that dumb? Couldn�t they see where those unbelievable deficits year on year were going?

The �almighty� dollar is gone. As I write, believe it or not, people don�t want it. Were you thinking of a European vacation? You had better visit Yosemite instead. In Europe, they don�t have to take the �dollar� and they won�t. They are even starting to prefer the Euro in New York. The Euro started out at less than a dollar. Now it is more than $1.50. The Swiss Franc was four point something a dollar. Now you must pay a tad more than a dollar to get one. Soon, the Euro will replace the dollar as the international currency.

Yes, I know that former career drunk Jorge W. Boosh cannot pronounce �nuclear� and doesn�t really speak English, but one of the main things to understand here is that the men in Washington and New York who are doing this are not at all stupid. They are crashing the �dollar� deliberately. Why?

One obvious part of the answer is that the time has come to take the people to the cleaners again. As you know, the Fed was founded to farm the farmers and steal the assets. First it expands; then it contracts. And when it contracts, it holds you upside down by the ankles until all the cash in your pockets falls out. That is what it is doing now. Notice that it rescued Bear Stearns which was �too big to fail.�

As I write, Lehman Brothers looks as shaky as a hooker in church. Because Lehman is an Insider company, the so-called Plunge Protection Team will save it as well, if necessary. It will do nothing to save Mr. and Mrs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage when their monthly payment explodes, because the ARMS are small enough to fail.

Banking is one of the few businesses in which crime is rewarded; and the bigger the crime, the greater the reward. The perpetrators take down millions in bonuses and do not go to prison. Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan, former top Fed swindler, more than any other man got us into this mess; now he is telling clients in the Middle East to dump the �dollar� and go to the Euro.

But there is more to the matter than simple criminality. Remember that Boosh and the other conspirators are trying to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada on the way to world government. As I write, dozens of unelected, joint committees are forging the connections. Recently, an unpublicized agreement advanced the merger of the Canadian and U.S. military.

When the merger campaign started, the United States was way up here. Most of the rest of the world was way down there. How could you merge a country so far above the others? Obviously, you can�t. And you can�t bring those other countries up here. Only they can do that; only those other countries can raise themselves. The only way you could do it is to reduce the United States, bring it to its knees. You could merge this country with the others only if you lower it to their level.

When the nation is at par, you can merge it. Indeed, in classic Hegelian dialectical fashion, you can present the merger as the solution, as the way to end the panic. As sure as Marx did not make little, green apples, after enough Mr. and Mrs. ARMS have abandoned the behemoth housing they never could afford and hit the road in the middle of the night, our Communist media will start to tell the still somnolent people about something called the �Amero.� The ARMS will hear about it on their portable radios in the Grapes of Wrath tent cities now erupting across America.

The �Amero� is the monetary unit of the new nation called the North American Union, which comprises the former United States, the former Mexico and the former Canada. The �Amero� will be advertised as �good� money, a safe financial refuge that will replace the �bad� dollar. And zombie Americans will stampede into it, shouting hosannas to the fiscal geniuses who by coincidence had it ready.

The day that happens, this country will officially be gone, because you cannot have a nation � an independent nation � without its own money. Today�s United States will henceforth be a wide spot in the road, nothing more than a set of provinces in the North American Union that will replace it. This, by the way, is why Boosh does not protect our borders. You will remember that after the three heads of government met at the Crawford rancho on March 23, 2005, they announced that henceforth the border would be around the three countries, not between them.


So what should you do? The answer is, get out of the dollar. Get out now. I recognize that we have something of a paradox here. The fact that you are reading this probably means you don�t need to; means you have already done it or soon will. On the other hand, your typical American who does need to read it desperately, doesn�t have a clue and won�t. Despite which, with your permission, I shall set it forth for the record.

Geography gives Europeans an advantage. Drive a couple of hundred miles there and you are in a different country, with a different language and customs. Europeans are used to and comfortable with that. Get on a plane in Bangor, Maine, fly all day to Los Angeles, then another day to Honolulu, then another day to Guam, and you are still in American territory, still speaking English. Combine that with the hubris of the �almighty dollar,� and you can�t think outside the box.

But you will have to. How do you get out of the �dollar?� One obvious way to do it is to get into money. Buy gold and silver. Right now you would buy silver and then work the ratio between them, always accumulating more. There has never been a time in history � not even once � when gold and silver were worthless. But paper currency again and again goes belly up. That is what the present price of gold is telling you. Gold doesn�t change; an ounce is an ounce. It isn�t �going up.� The so-called �dollar� is going down. I keep putting the word in quotations because the putrid thing they now call the �dollar� is not. It�s a forgery.

There still are currency traders dumb enough to take your paper �dollars� in exchange for a currency that is worth something in comparison, like the �money� they use in Mozambique. (Just kidding!) Instead, why not buy Swiss Francs, which is very easy to do. You can buy Swiss Franc Travelers Checks on line. Another thing you can do is open an account in a foreign bank.

There are many banks in other countries that do business in buildings as impressive as any in the United States, and guess what? They are more honest; they haven�t been farming the farmers and stealing the assets. Therefore they are not going broke. Yes, it is perfectly legal for an American to have an account in an offshore (foreign) bank. Depending on the bank, you may not even need to go there to open one.

Consider that you probably do not have unlimited time. In these situations, a communist/fascist government like ours will impose exchange controls, which will prevent you from getting your money out. You will no longer be able to send deposits to that foreign account you so wisely opened. Many people here know all about that. For instance, why not ask someone who escaped from the Republic of South Africa, which Washington turned over to the Reds. Remember that the Communist Manifesto calls for the confiscation of property from �emigrants and rebels.� That�s you.

There is another, even hairier possibility. You have been calling for Jorge W. Boosh to close the border. At some point in this scenario, he will, or his successor will, assuming we can forestall the attack on Iran and there is a successor. Suppose the border is closed, not to keep illegal aliens and terrorists out, but to keep you in.

Haven�t we seen this before, in the Soviet Empire? Could the same thing happen here? If not, why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Remember, Boosh looked into Soviet President Vlad Putrid�s eyes and liked what he saw. And we ran into a dentist from South Africa recently. He said they pretended to go on vacation. Then they �disappeared.� It was the only way to get out.

Why is all this happening? You can trace it to one source. Our money is phony. It isn�t money. The Fed and the conspirators who work it hate honest money because it prevents them from doing all the things we have been looking at. The Fed was allegedly created to prevent boom and bust, but we have suffered louder booms and bigger busts much longer under the Fed than we ever had before.

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There is one good thing about the present collapse of our money, only one. It should remind everyone that with only one exception, no candidate for President has even mentioned this issue. That exception is Dr. Ron Paul. That is why the conspiracy for world government pretends he isn�t there. With the restoration of honest money that he advocates, most of these problems would disappear.

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Why is all this happening? You can trace it to one source. Our money is phony. It isn�t money. The Fed and the conspirators who work it hate honest money because it prevents them from doing all the things we have been looking at.