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by Alan Stang
April 3, 2008

Again and again in these columns I have respectfully reminded you that the main reason this country is now on its knees is the communist government schools. We could not have arrived at the end of the plank had not those schools cooked our brains from the beginning. The communist media left and right – from the Communist Broadcasting System and the Communist News Network to Loopy Laura and Limbag – would not be enough. It could not have been done without the communist schools.

That is why the schools want ever younger victims. Consider that the most important time you hear about something is the first time, because the first time you have nothing to compare it to. You can’t criticize it; you can’t evaluate it. So what you hear the first time sinks into your mind and becomes the matrix, the mold. It becomes “true.” From then on, everything you hear about that particular subject is filtered through that matrix and you have no way of knowing if that matrix is faulty.

From then on, you will reject the truth because it will sound alien compared to what you “know.” So it all depends on who gets there first. If I am 40, or 50 or whatever years old, and you tell me something I don’t know, I compare it to what I do. If I am five years old, I believe whatever the nice lady my parents park me with says. If the only thing I hear for the next thirteen years is what she says – if I never hear anything else – I regard anything contradictory as crazy.

Thus, if I have heard for thirteen years, or seventeen years if I go to college, that the white man is responsible for every problem from asthma to xenophobia, and that anyone who says anything else is a “racist,” I tend to believe it when you show up and say that. If the only thing I’ve ever heard is that Lincoln was sent by God to save the Union and free the slaves, I consider you a nut when you say Lincoln was our first Communist President, that he destroyed the Union and that he wanted to send the nation’s blacks back to Africa.

The same thing applies to any assertion that the federal government is not here to help you, that the Fed arranged the Great Depression, that FDR arranged Pearl Harbor, that federal welfare destroyed the black family, that Washington colluded in Nine Eleven, and on and on. Of course, these things are intangibles. You can’t see the Great Depression; you must dig out the real history to see what really happened.

The real brainwashing hits when you are told that the truth is different from what you see every day, e.g., when you are told that men and women are the “same” (except that women should run things) and that sodomite buggery is “normal.” The purpose of the Communist media is to reinforce what you have been told, in case, despite these elaborate precautions, you accidentally blunder into the truth.

The Germans call what we are talking about the “zeitgeist,” the “spirit of the time,” but that doesn’t quite do the trick. For want of something better, I have elected to call it the Abasement Matrix. We don’t know it is there, but everything we experience – everything we do – is filtered through it, and it is the reason we are losing. It answers the question of how the conspiracy for world government gets away with such outrages, every one more egregious. The reason is we allow it; we allow it and applaud it.

Again, the obvious solution to all this is to remove your kiddos from the Communist government schools. You still can do this and as soon as you do it you will experience the thrill of an enormous victory. You have just saved another victim from the monster. You are a Twenty First Century Scarlet Pimpernel. As long as you leave a child in the clutches of the monster, anything you think you are doing to fight it is an ineffectual joke. Yes, I know it can be difficult. We home-schooled all five and as I write not one is in jail.

The reason all this again comes to mind is that as the Republican National Convention approaches, patriots are being told as usual how to behave. Make nice, we are told. Play fair. No cheating. Honor. Don’t try to change the rules. Do as you are told, our way. Elect Republicans. Any disunity could help Hillary and Hussein. And by the way, there is no such candidate as Dr. Ron No Such Candidate Paul. Who?

Except that the people who tell us this are the same people who changed the rules to steal the 1952 nomination for Eisenhower from Taft. Robert Taft was “Mr. Republican,” while Eisenhower only a few months earlier had confirmed that he was not a Democrat. They are the same people – putative Republicans – who sabotaged Barry Goldwater in 1964; who routinely squelch any “conservative” eruption.

Here is an ethical question: If a guy steps out of an alley and sticks a gun in your ribs, do ethics require you to treat him fairly? Here’s another: You are downstairs in the living room reading scripture, when someone breaks in and you realize he is the same man you just saw on television described as an escaped serial rapist. The man asks where your daughter is and she is upstairs. What do you tell him?

The answer is that, holding the Bible in both hands, you lie. You say your daughter is visiting her grandmother in Schenectady. You took her to the airport. You just got back. She won’t return for a couple of weeks, but he’s welcome to wait. You keep lying, and if you get the chance you rack the old Widow Maker in the corner and blow him away. Why do you do that?

One of the things the Founding Fathers explained is that the system of government they were leaving us could only work among a people mature enough, responsible enough, to obey the rules, the Christian rules. Immature, irresponsible people cancel the rules. If they do that, the mature, responsible people who remain no longer are required to obey.


Well, what kind of people are we talking about? What kind of people run the Republican Party? First, remember that they are the same kind of people who run the Democrats. They are part of the same totalitarian cabal at the top. They are “different” in the same way Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Al Capone, Mao Tse-tung and Meyer Lansky were “different.” I am not talking about the people you see at the local Republican Club. I am talking about the people you don’t see – or see only at a distance or on television – at the very top.

What have these people done? They have blithely tricked us into one war after another for more than a century, starting with Lincoln’s Communist War to Destroy the Union. They couldn’t care less who and how many are killed and maimed on whichever side. Indeed, they routinely finance and support both sides, to keep the wars going as long as they can, because the longer you fight, the more wealth and power they collect.

For instance, the more you know about World War I, and about the jejune European rulers who fomented it, the more you realize that Washington’s intervention was one of the most preposterous decisions every made. The conspirators created Soviet Russia, Hitler Germany, Red China, Castro Cuba and the Iran we are getting ready to bomb. Without their intervention, none of these things would ever have amounted to more than historical footnotes at the bottom of a page.

They extort and swindle and regulate and socialize, to collect more wealth and more power. It was Alan Greenscum’s Fed that got us into the present financial mess; now, el presidente Jorge W. Boosh proposes “solving” the mess by giving the Fed even more power, and Greenscum, still not in jail, is telling Middle East sheikhs to dump the dollar in favor of the Euro.

If you go to any U.S. Marine base, you will hear the name of Smedley Butler. There, Butler is as close to divine as a man can get without being God Himself. General Butler was awarded not one, but two Medals of Honor. Most Marines don’t know that Butler later wrote a book, War Is a Racket, in which he explained his new understanding that Washington had sent his beloved Marines around the world on behalf of huge international corporations.

Hugh Hewitt is a radio neo-con (man). Recently, thinking of that book, Blewitt actually said that General Butler became “un-American.” Wouldn’t you love to hear him say that at Pendleton? Americanism to Hugh Blewitt means militarism, means making imperial war on the world, poking our nose into everyone else’s business abroad and regimentation at home.

The Monsanto monster is poisoning your food. Big Pharma has almost succeeded in making vitamins illegal. In preparation for the discontent to come, Washington is imposing a fascist dictatorship here – rule by monster corporation – complete with concentration camps that would drive the torturers in Orwell’s 1984 livid with jealousy, furious that they did not have today’s technology that makes it possible. Soon, you will need a Real ID to go to the ladies’ room, while illegal aliens roam the nation unchecked. Remember that Boosh is running the invasion.

So, again, what kind of people are we talking about? They are psychopaths. A psychopath is distinguished from normal people in that he – or she – has no moral sense, no conscience. A psychopath is incapable of experiencing embarrassment or shame. You may never have met one because they are only a handful; if there were any more than a few, civilization would be impossible. It would be replaced by a landscape ruled by ravening wolves. They are paradoxically brilliant and immensely attractive, “magnetic” personalities.

The lawmen tell us we shall never know how many women utterly charming Ted Bundy killed. They nailed him for some thirty, but women disappear all the time and are never seen again. Undoubtedly, he did some of them, but he fried still not talking. Stalin is reputed to have said, maybe apocryphally, that the greatest joy in life is befriending a man until he trusts you completely, and then sticking a knife in his ribs.

Now look at Hillary Clinton, not at all in the spirit of partisanship. She is just a recent, good example. She lies all the time, even when she doesn’t need to. She is a compulsive liar. You can’t even believe her name. She lied about it, saying she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary. Remember? Recently, she clearly remembered running for cover under intense sniper fire in the Balkans, where Rapist-in-Chief Bill sent her because he always sent the First Feminoid where the danger was greatest.

You and I wouldn’t tell such a whopper to start with; but, if we had, we would be mortified when caught, eaten up with shame. Remember the First Feminoid’s response when this latest lie was exposed, this time on videotape by the correspondent who was there? Yeah, I misspoke. You caught me. Ha, ha. Well on to the next prevarication. Isn’t politics fun?

Wasn’t that in effect what she said? I am not the first observer to say that you can’t embarrass the Clintons. You couldn’t embarrass Hillary if you videotaped her naked straddling Janet Reno at a bull dyke convention. You couldn’t embarrass Bill if you caught him servicing a sow in a hog wallow. And Jorge W. Boosh likewise is apparently incapable of shame, enthusiastically talking patriotism while he leads the illegal alien invasion.

So, let’s see, while these traitors are robbing, swindling, killing, maiming, enslaving and betraying us, we are supposed to be well-behaved little boys and girls and make nice, because anything else would be rude. We are supposed to defer to the bull dyke revolution and confirm the feminization that is destroying our civilization. Do I understand?

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Remember, I am not talking about ordinary venality, not about wanting the imagined prestige of political jobs. I’m talking about people who worship the Republican Party, who secretly imagine it will still be here when everything else collapses, when the Southwest is again Mexican, there is a mosque on every corner in New England and the United States has been dissolved. I’m talking about the people at the top, colder than absolute zero, who couldn’t care less about all this as long as the money rolls in.

Remember also that there is only one way to stop a striking rattler.

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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The same thing applies to any assertion that the federal government is not here to help you, that the Fed arranged the Great Depression, that FDR arranged Pearl Harbor, that federal welfare destroyed the black family, that Washington colluded in Nine Eleven, and on and on.