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by Alan Stang
April 24, 2008

Something happened in the campaign for President last week that turned my stomach, which is not easy to do after more than forty years in the battle for America. Erstwhile and would-be First Daughter Chelsea Clinton was campaigning in Philadelphia for her maternal incubator.

Philadelphia, birthplace of the nation, home of Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, is now run by faggots. Remember that Philadelphia faggots attacked some Christian evangelists at a demonstration a while back; the Christians were arrested and threatened with life in prison.

Chelsea was touring night spots frequented by buggers and bull dykes when the incident occurred. Why was she doing that? Is she a dyke herself? We don’t know. We don’t know whether her mother, the First Feminoid, is a dyke. It doesn’t matter. We do know that rumors and accusations to that effect – one man even wrote a book about it – reached such a crescendo that Hillary publicly denied them.

Think about this. The First Lady of the United States feels it necessary to deny she is a dyke. The First Daughter is touring lesbian bars. Imagine this happening just a few years ago. Imagine Eleanor Roosevelt or Bess Truman or Pat Nixon or Nancy Reagan, etc., or their daughters, crawling lesbian bars. By the way, remember that Mrs. Dick Cheney is the authoress of a lesbian novel and one of her daughters is one.

This tells you how degenerate we have become; how trashy we have let the conspiracy for world government make us. When you talk about the Clintons, when you peel away the Bubba fat, the law schools, the corpses and the Rhodes Scholarships, you are left with the irreducible fact that “trailer park trash” applied to them would be a compliment and conversely an insult to the many nice folks who live in trailer parks.

Remember that it was the Clintons who donated Bill’s used up underwear shorts to charity and took a tax deduction for them. Had they been laundered, the cost of which would have diluted the deduction, or were they still festooned with Bubba slime when the Clintons turned them in?

But now here comes the incident. One of the bull dykes Chelsea encountered was heard to shout, “I grabbed her axx!” It was said to be a triumphant shout, no doubt somewhat akin to what Sir Edmund Hillary probably shouted when he became the first man to stand atop Everest. Sir Edmund was of course the man for whom compulsive liar Hillary said she was named, a lie.

So far, no one has denied that the lucky lesbo in Philadelphia did succeed in grabbing Chelsea’s axx. So far, the perpetrator has said nothing about the experience. No doubt it will write a book about the triumph, at least a magazine piece in the New Yorker: “Grabbing Clinton Derriere in Philadelphia: Too Much Sisterly Love?” One of my questions is, how did the lucky lesbo get close enough to launch its new career? Wasn’t the First Extrusion surrounded by the usual zombies with the speakers in their ears?

Another question would be: Since the bull dyke that did it was not hauled off to the pound, does this mean that it’s now okay, now legal, for a normal man to play what used to be called “grabaxx” when a good looking woman comes into view? If that is the case, you probably want to keep your hands to yourself here. As you know, I am a man of peace, but all the women who surround me are extremely touchy (yes, a pun), typically possessive and they are armed, not just with potentially dangerous kitchen implements.

Now here is to me the most extraordinary aspect of this embarrassment. The media should still be discussing the disgusting details. By now, we should know everything about the bull dyke which did it. Hannitwerp should be endorsing it for Hussein Obama’s running mate. Limbag should have worked it into Operation Chaos. The First Extrusion should have appeared on “The View,” telling how it felt to have her axx grabbed.


Instead, there has been next to nothing. It was mentioned, then forgotten. The nation’s Communist media, left and right, no doubt in the grip of wall-to-wall homosexual propaganda, apparently believe the incident was a perfectly normal expression. Again, I believe it is a symptom of the fact that the nation is tottering on its last legs. The conspiracy for world government has succeeded enormously in destroying our foundations.

Along these lines, some readers took umbrage at my comment a while back that the Marine Corps is finished. What? The Marine Corps finished? Anybody who would say that is a Communist. That’s right, friends, it’s finished. After 230 years, Washington has succeeded in doing what Tokyo could not. Remember, by the way, that I am a Marine Corps fanatic and one of my sons planned to make it a career. He left in disgust as Staff Sergeant-Select after eight years in Kuwait, Iraq, Thailand and Okinawa. Why?

Did you know that because of recruiting difficulties in the present no-win war, the Corps is now actively going after women? Not for the traditional clerical jobs, but to do the fighting, mirabile dictu. The Corps is running ads in Shape, Self and Fitness. These magazines and others like them are women’s magazines. The Corps is also advertising on “American Idol,” pitching a unisex message.

Here is one example of that message. A U.S. Marine Corps ad shows a female putative Marine posing in karate mode in front of a crowd of putative men who are her subordinates. The caption says: “There are no female Marines. Only Marines.” What was that you called me? Yes, I know you think this is a belated April Fool’s joke. You will stop laughing when you find out it is true.

Again, the U.S. Marine Corps is gone. If we cannot elect an American government, it will linger for a while in the memories of the men who fought at Iwo Jima and Chosin, the men who remember Chesty. I can’t wait to see their successors, literal panty waists, in combat against militant Islam, or some other enemy the conspiracy for world government concocts.

It will be another bull dyke triumph, even greater than the historic night in Philadelphia when that lucky lesbo grabbed Chelsea Clinton’s axx. Will the American “men” who allow it have the decency to go insane when they see what the enemy will have done to the corpses? Hey, Boosh, why not inspire the nation’s women and send the twins, Jenna and Barbara, to basic? Let’s see how they do in hand-to-hand.

And since we are talking about the military again, did you know that there is a scheme afoot to boost U.S. Army numbers by recruiting in Uganda? What? Where’s Uganda? It’s a country in central Africa. Americans feel a kinship with Uganda because Idi Amin was dictator there and killed a few hundred thousand people.

It is easy to understand why Ugandans want out, because the killing continues. In the U.S. Army, Ugandans would get the chance to kill someone else. One problem is that Uganda would probably send men, not women, to serve. Didn’t all this happen before, in the Roman Empire? When your men are so emasculated that women and foreigners rule your country, you had better get out because your country is gone.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would be the ultimate bull dyke triumph. The tattooed womanoids in pants suits would believe, correctly, that they no longer must hide. Rampant lesbianism would be the ultimate expression of feminism, which is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. Janet Reno would be baaack! Remember, it all started with woman suffrage. We were promised that with women voting, all the problems men have caused would cease, especially war.

We have now had almost a hundred years of women voting; we have perpetual war and the biggest government in history – perverting the blessed propensity of women to nurture - about to become a totalitarian dictatorship that would dwarf the best Stalin, Hitler and Orwell could do.

Don’t take my word for all this. Here is how Isaiah puts it: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (3:12)

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Limbag and his listeners now are celebrating their latest triumph, in which Operation Chaos has resuscitated the Hillary dykeathon in Pennsylvania. They are playing with fire. They could get burned. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders could get burned too.

Cover your axx!

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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A Hillary Clinton presidency would be the ultimate bull dyke triumph. The tattooed womanoids in pants suits would believe, correctly, that they no longer must hide. Rampant lesbianism would be the ultimate expression of feminism, which is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.