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by Alan Stang
June 11, 2008

Now that Senator Hussein appears to have clinched the Democrud nomination, and the campaign between him and Senator McChurian Candidate unofficially begins, let’s ruminate together about what all this means for America. What will happen next January 20th, when the next President of this country is inaugurated?

The inconceivable, utterly unthinkable fact – as I write I am telling myself it can’t be – is that on Tuesday, November 4th, unless God decides He has had enough and intervenes by giving us Ron Paul, the American people will elect a Communist President of the United States. The only thing we don’t know as I write is which Communist they will elect.

By now we know enough about Hussein Obama to know that he could easily be a member of the Communist Party. The more we know, the clearer that becomes. Guilt by association is a valuable tool – that is why criminals of all kinds denounce it – because when you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas. And we know that Hussein lies down with violent, revolutionary Communists who have bombed and killed in this country and abroad.

His Communists here have boasted about that. They say their only regret is that they could not do more (they were on the lam), could not bomb and kill more Americans. Remember that he has gone to help his cousin in Kenya, Raila Odinga, who has burned down many Christian church buildings and killed many Christians in his attempt to seize political power in that country.

His childhood mentor was a member of the Communist Party. And Hussein has done as a senator what a Communist would do. His “Global Poverty” Act (S. 2433) would “redistribute the wealth,” a Communist hallmark, would take billions of dollars annually from the United States – money we don’t have – and hand it over to the Communist United Nations, all pursuant to the Communist Manifesto.

So the Communists deserve to be dancing in the streets. Mohammedan lunatics have been committing acts of terror against us on behalf of their sex, money and power racket for at least thirty years, but the Reds have won the Democrud nomination for a graduate of a Mohammedan school, a man named Hussein, most of whose closest relatives are Mohammedans. The genius of the people who did this is breathtaking.

Yes, there are a few problems. One of them is Hussein’s wife Michelle, who, mirabile dictu, is even less likeable than Hillary Clinton, and has an even bigger mouth than Teresa Heinz Kerry. Like Teresa, she can’t keep it shut, and, when she opens it, malevolence and hate for America pours forth. And there are Hussein’s remarkable gaffes. I would have dismissed it as a Hillary concoction, but the videotape shows that he believes there are 57 states in this country. And now comes the new sound bite, in which he stutters and grinds to a halt while making his own point, whatever it was.

In the historic speech celebrating his putative capture of the nomination, Hussein Obama said this: “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

In other words, he says, American history begins with him. Before him there was nothing, a sick and idle void. But, when he is inaugurated, Hussein will say, “Let there be health,” and there will be health. Hussein will say, “Let there be jobs,” and there will not be unemployment. Indeed, Hussein Obama will stretch forth his hand, tame the oceans and heal the planet. Are we electing a President, or a god? Is this the change Hussein is talking about? Is this what Obamatrons are ecstatic about?

The McCain people should be salivating about all this. They should be preparing exposés for daily broadcast until Election Day. When they get done you should know the label on Hussein’s underwear by heart. Except that John “The McChurian Candidate” is too polite to do that. He believes he is “above the fray,” already presidential, don’t you know. He boasts about his “bi-partisanship,” and says that to win he must convince Democrats, not Republicans. He is a Democrat in everything but name and has seriously discussed becoming one.

Remember that he fired from his campaign a leader who merely mentioned Hussein’s name. Hussein is his name, but McCain thought it unsporting to mention. This is remarkably paradoxical because in person McCain is a thoroughly obnoxious little puke – already known in boarding school as “McNasty” – given to screaming obscenities at his fellow senators and anyone else who disagrees.

He is one of the few politicians who can go nose to nose with Hillary Clinton in his repertoire of insults. But his avuncular aversion to political combat could lose the election, which is so obvious that even Shallow Sean Hannitwerp, the dumbest host in network talk radio, is complaining about it. Voters who want a Democrat will vote for the real thing, not a wimpy imitation.


There is also the problem that “The McChurian Candidate” is a Communist too. As a POW, he told the Communists whatever they wanted to know in Vietnam – even made propaganda films for them – and got special treatment. As a Senator, he has done everything he could to bury the records about what happened “in country,” including the truth about our POWS the North Vietnamese did not return.

This truly obnoxious, little puke who pretends to be Little Lord Fauntleroy in the campaign, has gone out of his way to insult Prisoner Of War families, even making the women in those families cry. In a Senate hearing on the POWS he gratuitously hugged the neck of the North Vietnamese colonel who tortured and killed so many Americans.

The McChurian Candidate makes a habit of hugging the necks of our enemies. You can be sure that while Mr. Goody Two Shoes McCain is making nice during the campaign, the Hussein people will be plastering pictures of him hugging his Communist pals all over the Internet. Did the Communists turn him in Hanoi?

Like Hussein, the McChurian Candidate legislates Communism. Some of it even bears his name. McCain-Feingold – so called “campaign finance reform” – goes a long way toward the cancellation of freedom of speech. As you know, McNasty works closely with Ted “Waitress Sandwich” Kennedy, who killed that girl in Taxachusetts, to intensify the illegal alien invasion of our country.

McNasty even hired Juan Hernandez, a Mexican citizen who used to be a Mexican government official, to run the invasion. Hernandez says this: “I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think, ‘Mexico first.’” Hernandez is active in Mexican politics. McNasty hired him and therefore must agree.

The McChurian Candidate has endorsed Warner-Lieberman, the senate bill that would implement the “global warming” hoax, via “carbon credits” and would shut down our economy. If this horror passes, the price of energy – gasoline and electricity – will put you back aboard a horse.

He is also the author of “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,” sung to the tune of “Barbara Ann,” by the Beach Boys. He says we could be in Iraq for a hundred years, and he could be right. Jorge W. Boosh has built the biggest U.S. Embassy on earth in Baghdad, bigger – 3,000 inmates – than many American towns.

Unlike McCain, the Democruds revel in political combat. Imagine what they probably will make of all this. So, again, the question American voters must answer in November is what kind of Communist they want. If they want a left-wing Communist, they will elect Hussein. If they want a right-wing Communist, they will choose McCain. What will happen to the country? What is the difference?

The record shows that the Democruds are more fun. In a Hussein presidency, there would be more and better parties, more and better scandals. For instance, the Republicruds have nobody like Ted Kennedy. Mrs. Hussein would shoot her mouth off; Mrs. McCain would not.

With the Democruds in full control of fedgov, capon Republicruds would feel safe arguing righteously against “big government,” knowing that their complaints would accomplish nothing. Those would be the only differences. Remember that the Republicruds controlled the White House and the Congress for years, and did at least as bad a job as the Democruds.

Whichever of these two Communists the people elect, the government for the first time would install Communism with much less pretense. Because The McChurian Candidate is certainly as Communist as Hussein, he would forego the practice of previous Republicrud administrations, which larded their communism with phony “conservative” lingo and slogans. McNasty believes he no longer needs it.

For instance, Hussein recently told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a decisively powerful pro-Israel lobby group: “The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, everything.” The conferees gave Hussein a standing ovation. Presumably, “everything” would include the same tactical bombing of Iran that Bush now is planning. Again, nothing would change but the style and personality of the Oval Office occupant.

The Communism McCain/Obama imposes would arrive at your door masquerading as a vastly increased governmental presence: vastly intensified regulation and control of every aspect of your daily life; vastly increased confiscation of your property, etc., a police state Stalin and Hitler could not achieve. The metastasizing government could drive people to frustration and literal insanity, as it has in so many other countries. Violence could erupt.

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Americans would have a choice, the same choice Russian anti-Communists had in 1917, Italian anti-Fascists had in 1922, German anti-Nazis had in 1933, the same choice Cubans had in 1959 and South Africans had more recently: stay and fight or leave. Why should we believe that our experience, our country, would be any different from all these others? If you stay, you would be fighting a totalitarian enemy with technology that these earlier dictators could only dream about. If you leave, where would you go?

Nobody hopes I am wrong more than I do, but the staggering fact that Hussein and McNasty are running for President and not on trial for their lives proves that my speculations are entirely realistic.

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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The inconceivable, utterly unthinkable fact – as I write I am telling myself it can’t be – is that on Tuesday, November 4th, unless God decides He has had enough and intervenes by giving us Ron Paul, the American people will elect a Communist President...