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by Alan Stang
July 11, 2008

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How did we get where we are? As I write, it looks as if our next President could be a mulatto named Hussein, raised as a Muslim, most of whose family is Muslim – who says in one of his books that when the feces hit the fan he will side with Islam – a man who may not even be a natural born American, a man who may be bi-sexual, a man who could be a member of the Communist Party. That all this could happen so soon after Nine Eleven is stark proof that we are in the midst of a revolution that has driven us insane.

As I write, Senator McNasty is unraveling so quickly one wonders whether he could be replaced at the convention. What should we realistically expect under President Hussein? We should expect taxes to rocket through the roof; an expansion of the illegal war in the Middle East; “legalization” of the present illegal alien invasion; inflationary spending that will complete the destruction of the dollar; exchange controls that forbid you to move your money out.

We should expect abolition of the country and its borders by submerging it in a regional government; inspectors and regulators swarming through your homes and businesses like maggots, to inspect and regulate your light bulbs, your toilets, your heat and your carbon; gun confiscation that would leave you unarmed; gasoline you can’t afford for the car you can’t drive; bull dykes and faggots in your face everywhere, and nationwide eruptions of violence by people who lose everything and then their minds.

The conspiracy for world government behind the revolution would welcome such eruptions as the reason to impose martial law. Of course, pretty much the same things would happen under a President McCain – the only difference would be less panache – and I have cited only a few possible examples.

Again, how did we get here? We got here because four remarkable things happened in the Nineteenth Century, all designed to disempower God. They are the introduction of Communism by Marx and his disciples; the creation of Charles Darwin’s silly theory of evolution; the destruction of the Union by Lincoln and his Communists, replacing it with a total government in which the states are mere subsidiaries; and the capture of mainstream Christianity by the heretical idea that man is smart enough to overrule God. Satan was the first to believe that.

The basic principle of Communism of course is atheism. The Communists say God doesn’t run things; they do. There is no God. Man is supreme. Man can create a heaven on earth far superior to God’s version (the Kingdom of Heaven). But, guess what? Only God can handle being God!

Everyone else who tries to be God has gone crazy. That is what the record shows. Every one! In Kipling’s story, The Man Who Would Be King couldn’t even handle being king, much more God. In Rome, the emperors went crazy merely pretending to be one of many gods. Look at crazy Caligula. Remember, we are talking history here, not religion.

History shows that being God goes to a man’s head. Because God can do anything for His own pleasure, a man who would be God thinks so can he, and that whatever he does is right because he does it. To make heaven on earth, he mass murders millions. He justifies every excess in the belief that he is “God.”

International Socialists Stalin and Mao did that. National Socialist Hitler did that. But remember that Hitler got his ideas on the subject from the United States, which pioneered the concept of mass eugenicide. Now that competition from Hitler has been eliminated, mini-gods here are arguing again about eliminating huge chunks of the earth’s population. The only thing they argue about is how many people should be killed. No doubt they consider Hitler a pipsqueak.

Evolution is a parallel concept. This anti-scientific comic book concept should have been dust binned as soon as it evolved, forgotten as the musings of a dilettante who considered the clergy as a career because he could not think of another, but who decided to ship around the world instead.

The Communists picked the preposterous theory up because it lent specious “scientific proof” to their assertion that God no longer was in charge. They were. For a while they popularized the slogan, “God is dead!” Even spurious clergymen spouted it, despite which it didn’t last, because it denied itself on its face. If God is dead, He must have been alive, must have existed; if He existed, He was – is – God and could not die. If He could die, He wasn’t – isn’t – God, but the evolutionists say He is. It became such a mishmash the Reds gave it up.


More proof that evolution is a religion: a Roman Catholic priest teaching in China when Washington installed Mao Tse-tung in power reported that he expected the arriving Reds to change the curriculum in his school; he was amazed that the first change they made was not mandatory courses in Marx and Lenin. Instead they introduced the teaching of Darwin’s evolution.

There is also the fact that a literal reign of terror infects biology departments in universities across America. A professor suspected of disbelief in evolution is defrocked and excommunicated however otherwise distinguished he may be. I am not exaggerating. The atmosphere in those departments is that of an Inquisition not a science. Evolutionists would kick Isaac Newton out on his face.

No other viewpoint is tolerated, despite the fact (maybe because of the fact) that there are holes in evolution big enough to accommodate a creature the size of Al Gore. Look at the literal hysteria engendered by Ben Stein’s new film, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” The critics used to call Ben a genius. Now he’s a moron. The fact that its disciples endorse with such fanaticism something for which there is no proof at all in the fossil record – except for Al Gore – proves that evolution is the sacrament of a religion, not a scientific discovery.

What kind of religion? A religion that makes God irrelevant and unimportant. After all, if God didn’t really speak the universe – everything that is – into existence, if it all happened by itself, if the Bible is wrong, if, according to this new science, something came from nothing, violating scientific laws, then God is redundant. Man, evolved from prehistoric slime, takes His place.

Now consider what Lincoln did to the Union. He claimed that he launched the worst war in our history to preserve it. Paradoxically, when his Communists had finished the Union was gone. The Union was a voluntary association of independent, sovereign, governmental entities that retained those qualities when the Union was formed. How do we know that?

We know it because that is what James Madison said in Federalist Paper 39: “. . . Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a federal, and not a national, constitution.” What’s the difference? A national constitution would, on the contrary, submerge the states, dissolving their independence and sovereignty, reducing them to mere lines on the map, nothing more than administrative zones. A nation is a single, homogeneous unit but a group of states – a federation – is not.

Before Lincoln’s Communist War to Destroy the Union, we had a true confederation; after it we had and have a national government. Lincoln’s Communist consolidated, national government “ratified” the Fourteenth Amendment simply by kicking out the state legislatures that voted against it and installing imposters who did. Of course, Hitler did the same thing. He destroyed the independence of the historic German states, replacing their legislatures with his flunkies.

Before the war, it would not have occurred to anyone in Washington to regulate your toilet. Now, an agency in that behemoth does exactly that and much more. The process was completed with the Seventeenth Amendment, the “direct election of senators,” rather than election by the state legislatures, which changed the Senate into another version of the House. The Seventeenth Amendment destroyed the power of the states in the “federal” government.

Why was this revolutionary change an attempt to disempower God? Because our original system was founded on God’s commandments in The Bible. That was true of no other nation. The men who wrote our founding documents said The Bible was the model they used for the purpose. That was why they devised the system of “checks and balances” to divide the power. By destroying the Union and concentrating the power, Lincoln’s Communists were rejecting God.

A century and a half after the worst of our wars, the perversion of that system has unleashed a satanic juggernaut on our people and the nations of the world. The conspiracy for world government is very near its goal. Now we are talking about religion. This belief, that man can do a better job than God, motivates the monster government presently engorging itself on the lives of our people, and the fanaticism it engenders manifests that it emanates from religion.

The fourth and most important of these perversions is the infiltration of these pernicious ideas into the church, and I am not thinking of any particular denomination. These perversions were always there, generally recognized as heretical because they are unscriptural. Now, with the help of these other factors, it has not only infiltrated the church but seized control. Works have ousted grace in mainstream Christianity. Grace means you get what you get – you enjoy the blessings of the Kingdom – only because God gives it to you. You can’t do anything to get it yourself and don’t deserve it.

Works are hugely important to Jesus. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” This doesn’t mean that works make somebody one of them. It means that the works someone does identify him; testify that he is already one of them. That is why he does the works. God alone makes you one of them. You can’t become one of them alone, without God. God does it all. It is finished. Nothing more can be done.

Of course, this is so clear in scripture, in so many places, that the men in the church who are not satisfied with Christianity cannot dare deny it. Instead, they say, yes, God does it, but He needs your help. Without your help, God cannot get the job done. You have to make a decision; you have to accept; you have to let the Lord come in. It would scare the h-e-c-k out of me to think God must depend on a man as riddled with faults and sins as I am to work His pleasure.

It is a very short step from this spiritual and ideological perversion to the Abolitionists who helped incite Lincoln’s Communist conflagration. They were the staunchest of believers, serving God by killing whoever disagreed, even by destroying the federation of independent states. They supported the maniac John Brown. See Otto Scott’s classic, The Secret Six (New York, New York Times Books, 1979). They believed they could do a better job than God.

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It is just another short step to Leviathan, to Behemoth, to Communism and Nazism and Fascism, to the gargantuan government that steals your land, kidnaps your children, forces your medical treatment, kills you in war, et cetera and so on, in the fanatical assurance that it can improve upon God; that the government is God, as Marx’s teacher Hegel taught.

Is it not remarkable that all of this could originate in one brief period in the Nineteenth Century? Give me that old time religion.

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How did we get where we are? As I write, it looks as if our next President could be a mulatto named Hussein, raised as a Muslim, most of whose family is Muslim – who says in one of his books that when the feces hit the fan he will side with Islam...