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by Alan Stang
October 2, 2007

Some readers of my new book � Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? � about the homosexual takeover of the Republicrud Party engineered by Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh, have bridled at my characterization of Ronald Reagan as a �homosexualist.� They shudder at the section headed Dick�s Dykes, about the rampant lesbianism in the Cheney family.

A homosexualist is someone who may or may not be homosexual, and who vigorously works to advance homosexuality. In Not Holier, I show that Ronald Reagan became a Log Cabin Republican hero when he vigorously denounced the Briggs Initiative that would have prevented homosexuals from teaching in California government schools. Homosexuals are there today because of him.

In fact, Reagan�s rejection of Briggs inspired Republicrud homosexuals to create Log Cabin and they give an annual award in his name to a leading homosexualist. A recent winner of Log Cabin�s Ronald Reagan award was Der Arnold, the Governator, who first came to public attention when he posed nude for homosexual magazines. Investigators discovered homosexual rings operating in the Reagan campaign for governor and in the Reagan White House. And the Reagans � especially Nancy � have spent their lives in the company of homosexuals. Nancy appears to prefer their company.

For those of you who still worship at the shrine, here is more. It comes to us from Anthony Haden-Guest, writing in the Financial Times (August 4-5, 2007, p. 10, Life & Arts) about Paul Schrader�s new movie, �The Walker.� Haden-Guest says the inspiration for the film was Jerry Zipkin, who spent his time escorting mega-money women to social events because their husbands were too tired, too bored or too busy. Zipkin was perfect for the job because he was homosexual, so there was no fear of funny business.

Zipkin died in 1995. His obituary in the Economist said that during the Reagan era, �Zipkin had some claim to be considered the third most powerful person in the United States.� What? The third, right after President and Mrs. Reagan? More powerful than the Vice President, the Senate Majority Leader and David Rockefeller? How?

Anthony Haden-Guest writes: �Not a day went by when Zipkin didn�t talk to Nancy Reagan. He spent the evening with the couple on the day Reagan was elected president and was rumoured to be a social gatekeeper at the White House.� So here�s another homosexual who talks to the First Lady every day; not only that, he also decides who gets to socialize with the President.

How does such a man get that much clout? Yes, I know the Reagans came to us from Hollyweird, but the Hollyweird of their day was very different from ours. Leading men almost universally served in the military and got married to women. Yes, women! Hollyweird people thought homosexuality was as disgusting as we do. Nancy Reagan�s propensity to spend most of her adult life with homosexual men was bizarre even there. Ask yourself how many normal women you know who do that.

So, the Republicrud Party has been homosexual for many years. Jorge W. Boosh, our first �Latino� President, didn�t start the takeover, but he has advanced it substantially. Remember that in revealing all this I hold no brief for the Democruds, who are just as corrupt. I concentrate on the Republicruds because most Americans don�t know there isn�t any difference.

Along these lines, another Republicrud homosexual I write about in Not Holier is Stephen Herbits, who has worked for Republicrud Presidents starting with Nixon. Mrs. Elaine Donnelly runs the Center for Military Readiness. She is as beautiful as she is brilliant. (See her web site, She told John McCaslin of the Washington Times (August 10, 2007, p. A9): �For a number of years, Secretary Rumsfeld allowed Herbits, a well-known gay activist, to play a key role in selecting high-level policy-makers for the Department of Defense.�

That�s right! A sodomite activist was running DOD personnel for years! In every organization, that is where infiltrating sodomite activists try to go. Why? Because in personnel they can metastasize, they can hire other sodomites. Could this explain the present mess in the Department of Defense? Could it help explain why Marine Corps General Peter Pace, Joint Chiefs Chairman, has been forced to step down for saying that homosexuality is wrong?

Remember that sodomite infiltration of our government is what Jorge W. Boosh wants. How do we know that? We know it because Donny Rumsfeld�s job as Secretary of Defense was to implement Jorge�s policy. If Donny had been implementing some other policy Jorge didn�t want, Jorge had only to pick up the phone and Donny would have been gone. That�s exactly what happened to Boosh�s first Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O�Neill, who wouldn�t bend the knee, but in Donny�s case Boosh did not pick up the phone. A government controlled by queers is what Jorge wants.

And now comes word that after forty years of working for Republicrud Presidents, homosexual Herbits has come out of the closet as campaign adviser, �liaison� and fund raiser for the wife of the man who raped that lady in Arkansas while he was Attorney General of the state. I can�t recall his name. Her election as President presumably would mean another eight years of intern knee prints on the Oval Office carpet, unless her husband is too decrepit to provide an intern with sex. It all depends on the meaning of �is.�

Jorge is presently working with Hillaroid on her campaign, to ensure a smooth transition to her presidency. Whoa! You say Jorge is working with Hillaroid? Yes, that�s what I said. But he�s a Republicrud. She�s a Democrud. Aren�t they supposed to be in competition? Yes, they are. But only the nation�s biggest boobs still believe that.

Readers are also still wondering about Cheney. Is any more on the subject known about him than the fact that one of his daughters is a dyke and his wife is the author of a lesbian novel? Dick is a master at intimidating reporters. When someone dares to ask about the subject, he glowers and says, �Don�t go there.� And with the reflected light shining in their eyes from that bald pate, they don�t. Here is a report from the scene by someone from Wyoming who grew up with the Cheneys. I have edited it slightly to protect my source�s identity.

. . . I ended up starting an ----------- retail store. In the course of the years of a retail operation I had a young man come into the store who was a salesman/announcer for the local TV station. I got to know him a bit and visited with him some.... his name was Pete Williams.

This name will tie into Dick Cheney as I go along and tells something about Cheney himself I think.

When Cheney became congressman for Wyoming (at-large, at the time) he took a young man from Casper with him as his public relations/press agent (or whatever) with him to D.C. It was quite an accomplishment for Pete Williams being the local boy that he was.

I do not remember how I found out about it but it was a surprise to us when we found out that he was a homo, and a bit surprising that Dick Cheney had chosen him.

When Cheney moved on to become Sec. of Defense he took Pete Williams with him in the same position in the Defense Dept.

It was sometime after this that his fellow queers "Outed" him and it became very common knowledge in Wyoming about it.

---- and I were both concerned about it and the possible ramifications that it could have due to the sensitive position he held.

It really helped us crystallize our thinking and opinion of what kind of person that Dick Cheney was that he would knowingly promote a person like this along with his own career. We have often wondered about how it would/could jeopardize the security of the country, etc. and for what purpose that Cheney would be doing this....and knowingly doing so.

First, I guess that he is a soulless person that is completely on the "make" for whatever he could aggrandize in this life.

Hopefully you can fill in some blanks for us since we are from Wyoming and it is an ongoing question and concern for us. Even more so since ----�s ------ was a classmate of his and Lynn�s and was also invited to a party to honor him when Bush picked him to be V.P. the first time. The Governor of Wyoming personally phoned all of his former classmates inviting them to the party.

It was a big deal in Wyoming because it was so small that it is hard to sneeze in one corner of the state and not have it known in the far corner very shortly.

It seems that he has always been one of the "Golden Boys" that always had doors opened for him by the "the man behind the curtain."

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All of which proves again that these Republicrud big shots � from Reagan to the Bushes to Schwarzenegger to Cheney to Romney, etc. � are quite different in fact from the fictitious concoctions of the Communist press. Cheney for instance appears to be as staid as Uriah Heep (the Dickens character, not the band), even staider because he is so bald. He turns out to be an even bigger creep, for very different reasons than the complaints of the Far Left. Remember that the purpose of the present sodomite infestation is to corrupt the basis of our civilization, so that it will collapse and be replaced by world government. Were that to happen, the world government would utterly exterminate Organized Sodomy.

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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A homosexualist is someone who may or may not be homosexual, and who vigorously works to advance homosexuality.