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by Alan Stang
August 29, 2008

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As you know, the Boosh Administration party line on the present conflagration in the Caucasus is that Georgia is right and Russia is wrong. This position remarkably puts Boosh in bed with Obama, at least on this issue, because Senator Hussein’s chief handler is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who hired Jimmy Carter as President on behalf of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, and apparently has now been assigned to hire Hussein. Brzezinski certainly agrees with Boosh.

As I write, Senator Hussein must confront the recent assertion in federal court by Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg, a Democrat official, that he is not a natural born citizen. Attorney Berg says he has the documents to prove that Hussein was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and therefore is not eligible to be President. Berg’s web site is Go there and decide for yourself. If Hussein survives, we shall have much more to say about Zbig Brother.

Right now, let’s go back a few years and look at the “Soviet collapse,” which certainly figures in the Caucasus explosion. First, how do we know the Soviet Union “collapsed?” We know they collapsed because they said they did, and the bird brains in our Communist media have long parroted whatever the Soviets say. As I recall, the bird brains swallowed the Soviet bird seed whole.

Remember Mike Gorbachev. He’s the guy with the mark of Cain on his pate. One day, he was Soviet dictator. The next day, the Soviet Union “fell.” And the next day, Mike turns up – the envelope, please – in San Francisco, headquartered at the Presidio, the historic U.S. Army base, running a tax exempt foundation created before the Soviet “collapse.” Did somebody up there know something would happen?

We’re talking about the man who ran the “Evil Empire,” including the KGB torture chambers, the gulag archipelago, the man who thereby financed terrorism around the world, etc. Why did Washington do that? Did Mike repent? Had he now become a staunch advocate of American values and the Constitution? Not at all! In his books he explains that he is a lifelong Communist; that the change in the Soviet Union did not mean any change in his purpose, and that “perestroika” is simply a new way to impose Communism around the world.

Now Mike was an “ecologist.” His Gorbachev Foundation conducted meetings attended by George H.W. Bush and other world government conspirators, at which they discussed the questions of how many of the world’s people should be exterminated and how they should be killed to “protect the environment.” Ted the Traitor Turner (five children) says, for instance: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” Strangely, Ted the Traitor has not volunteered for execution himself.

So, we’re talking about a scenario so incredible, so unbelievable, that those words, attempting to describe it, fall on their faces, inept. It would have been tantamount had Uncle Hitler or Uncle Heinrich been brought here from the bunker or the concentration camps and made a professor at Harvard. There should have been reams of copy about it. But remember that our Communist media swallowed it without a belch.

What should we have seen had the Soviet “collapse” been genuine? The answers are obvious when we compare it to the Nazi collapse at the end of World War II. First, remember that the Nazi concentration camps were liberated. The gates were opened; the victims streamed forth. We saw them. We saw American troops, aghast, holding their noses. We saw endless media coverage. In a genuine Soviet collapse, we should have seen the same thing in the Gulag.

But we did not. There was no liberation; there were no millions streaming forth, no tearful family reunions. Wasn’t that a huge story? But there was no coverage, not even an honorable mention. This must mean that the Gulag Archipelago is still intact, that the millions are still there and that there was no collapse.

Next, the German military was dismantled. The Wehrmacht was no more. Japan was disarmed as well. The same thing should have happened in the Soviet “collapse.” Did it? No. The Soviet military survived intact. Yes, something was said at the time about the destruction of some missiles, but those missiles were scheduled to be replaced. Their dismantlement had nothing to do with disarmament. The Soviets still are a formidable, military power.

Third, different people should now be running the show. In Germany, the Nazis were kicked out and hunted. Israel went to Argentina and kidnapped Eichmann. New names now ran Germany. Konrad Adenauer, “Der Alte,” was Chancellor. General Macarthur did the same thing in Japan. Togo’s militarists were gone. So who is in charge in Moscow now? Isn’t it Vlad the Impaler Putrid, Colonel, KGB (Soviet secret police)?


Yes, el presidente Jorge W. Boosh did look into Putrid’s eyes, saw into his soul and liked what he saw. By now Boosh presumably has changed his mind. Whom do you believe? Whatever, it does appear that the same people who ran the show before the “collapse” still run it now. And shouldn’t there be trials of the war criminals, of the men who ran the Gulag, as there were in Nazi Germany? Have there been any? No.

Finally, consider the fact that all this happened before. By 1921, the Reds, installed by Washington and the West and victorious over the Whites, were collapsing. There was starvation because “War Communism” forbade an economy. Soviet dictator Lenin backed up. He even wrote a book telling his fanatics it was okay to take a step or two backward if necessary to preserve Communism.

Lenin instituted the New Economic Policy, in which a little trade would not land you in jail. So-called “NEP men” appeared; traders who worked the angles and did a little business. Word arrived in the West that Lenin had “come to his senses.” Communism had “failed.” The Soviet system would be “restructured.” In Russian, you would probably call it “perestroika.”

Herbert Hoover, who seven years later became U.S. President, arrived in Moscow as head of the American Relief Administration, with tons of food. Investment capital poured in. The Soviets celebrated. Communism had been saved. The respite lasted three years, while Moscow digested. Then, strict Communism returned.

So, again, Washington installed the Communists in power and then saved them from collapse. The conspiracy for world government did so again in World War II. Indeed, please name for me a Communist dictatorship somewhere that was not created by the United States. Red China? Wrong. Communist Cuba? Wrong again. Zimbabwe. Wrong. I cannot think of one. The U.S. government has done more to advance Communism around the world than has any other country. Without the United States, Communism would be a footnote in a dusty history text.

So, what has been the fallout from the latest Soviet “collapse?” Investment capital has poured in again. The Soviets have enjoyed a diplomatic triumph. Their man Mike Garbageoff is now telling American industrialists what to do. Next to no attention now is devoted to Soviet sponsored terrorism. Now the focus is on “Islamic fundamentalism,” which mysteriously appeared at center stage while the Soviets disappeared in the wings, almost as if somebody planned the whole thing.

Remember that the Soviets invented the technique of recruiting, training, financing and launching front men to do their terrorism, while the Soviets pose as humanitarians. Remember that the nauseating Yassir Arafat, chief of the Palestine Liberation Organization and predatory sodomizer of little boys, was a lifelong Soviet employee. Of course Arafat is just one of many such examples.

The Soviets do not plan such things a mere year or two in advance. They are chess masters; they plan by decades, by generations. So, how does all this recent history relate to the explosion in the Caucasus? My answer will as always be clear and concise, a model of argumentation. I don’t know. Obviously there is a relationship; I do not yet know what it is. In time, maybe, its purpose will emerge. We can rely on the fact that, as usual, what we have been told is as phony as a one-dollar bill.

Right now we need to remember what happened. If you don’t know where you were and what happened, you will never understand how you got where you are now and you won’t know what to do. For now, what is clear is that we must reinstate American foreign policy, in which we mind our own business and insist that other nations mind theirs.

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Sadly, we can depend on the fact that both sides of the conflict, in Moscow and Washington, are working to advance the cause of world government. So, we conclude this brief review with a question: Is the present stage production in the Caucasus a typical demonstration of dialectical materialism, in which the conspiracy for world government at the top is manipulating both sides?

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As I write, Senator Hussein must confront the recent assertion in federal court by Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg, a Democrat official, that he is not a natural born citizen.