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The Communist Plan For Women








by Alan Stang
October 16, 2007

Personally, I do not want to know what goes on in the ladies� room. I do know that ladies rise from the table and leave together for the ladies� so they can talk without embarrassment about how handsome, how charming and how utterly brilliant we men are, but I don�t want to know any more. Even worse than knowing any more, far worse, would be going with them into the ladies� room. Speaking for other normal men, any man � except the plumber � who spends time in the ladies � room, is not a man we want covering our back; we would rather hitch hike across Baghdad or stand knee deep in kimchi.

But California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a law (SB777) that allows boys and girls in California government schools to use each others� rest rooms and locker rooms. When I went to school, before the revolution � just after they installed indoor plumbing � any boy caught in the girls� room in school would have been dragged into the street and beaten into a bloody mess. If he survived, his embarrassed father would have finished him off. But, again, that was before the revolution.

Consider also that any curious boy in the girls� room inevitably will get into trouble. The trouble will be entered in his file, which will stay with him the rest of his life, and the school psychologist will put him on anti-boy drugs, which will predispose him to adult drug addiction.

The Governator�s new law also bans usages like �Mom and Dad,� and �husband and wife,� because such combinations are offensive to California sodomites and maybe even abnormal. I do not exaggerate. Der Governator also signed AB394, which subjects parents and teachers to indoctrination with �anti-harassment training.� It mandates all kinds of homosexual propaganda the state will pay for in the schools. From now on, homecoming kings and queens could be of any sex.

And he signed AB14, which prohibits state money for any program that fails to encourage every species of homosexuality you can think of, and some you cannot. The new ban includes important social services run by churches, funded by tax money from Sacramento. It will affect food, housing and jobs programs and services from day-care to senior-care, along with anti-gang and after-school programs.

It was a total triumph for California faggots. Indeed, it gets worse. The new law will force every hospital in the state to support homosexuality or be sued if they don�t, and the law applies even to private and church hospitals. Criminal aliens encouraged to come here by Boosh have already shut many hospitals down; this new law could finish off many more.

Just in case you are smiling smugly and chuckling about �Hollyweird� while you read this in Council Bluffs or Chilicothe, consider first that most ideas like this are bug-tested in states like California and Taxachusetts, and then installed everywhere else. Second, remember that textbook publishers do not spend the money a different edition for other states would require. They cater to their biggest customer, California, sometimes Texas. Iowa and Ohio get the same books California does.

Regular readers understand that this degeneracy is calculated by Marxist strategists to destroy our civilization and then our system, so that our country can be easily dissolved in a totalitarian world government � the North American Union is just a stage in the process � that would have turned Stalin�s Reds, Mussolini�s black shirts and Hitler�s brown shirts green with envy, because they did not have the technology, the electronics, to impose it.

You have heard that the Communist plan is for the United States to �fall like overripe fruit into our hands.� It does appear instead that we are falling into the hands of overripe fruit. Of course, there is always the chance that, before the process is complete, a burning finger could come from the sky and incinerate the state. Are you sure you want to be there?

Why would the Governator do this? Isn�t he supposed to be a �conservative Republican?� The answer is more complicated than the facts that father Schwarzenegger was a dedicated Nazi Storm Trooper in Austria under Hitler and that son Der Arnold was a close friend of Nazi Kurt Waldheim�s. According to one rumor, had Der Arnold not run for Governator of California, he would have returned to Austria � he has dual citizenship � to succeed dear freund Waldheim by running for president there.

History does show that Nazism is one version of sodomy, but that is not the reason Der Governator has given Kahleefourneeya faggots everything they wanted, to such an extent that it is now not an exaggeration to call California the Sodomite State. The reason he did this is that Der Arnold is a dedicated homosexualist, someone who does everything he can get away with to advance the homosexual cause.

You will find a wealth of information about him in my new book, Not Holier Than Thou. For instance, Der Governator used to have a lucrative sideline, posing nude for homosexual magazines. The February, 1977 issue of After Dark was one of them. According to the man who sells them, one of the Arnold pictures �drips with come-and-get-it.� There is a group picture in which another man�s legs �virtually sandwich Arnold�s head.� And there is �a delirious shoulder-and-pec-loaded crotch shot.�

Indeed, the Governor of California posed completely nude for sodomite lunatic Robert Mapplethorpe, whose most famous photograph � widely recognized by the nation�s ignoranti as a masterpiece � shows himself with a bull whip sticking out of his anus. The photographs of the Governor of California show him posing among pictures of penises and sodomite acts.

By the way, lest you get the idea I am prejudiced against him, I have seen and enjoyed all his movies � except the one in which he is pregnant, which I have taken pains to avoid � and one of my sons can imitate him so well that if he called you on the phone, said he was the Governator and that he would �be back,� you would run for your life. The trouble is that the man you see in the movies does not exist and never did. He is an utter fabrication. The man in Sacramento is utterly different.

Der Arnold hired Susan Kennedy as his chief-of-staff. Susan Kennedy was Cabinet Secretary and Deputy Chief-of-Staff for Gray Davis, the man the voters kicked out and replaced with Der Arnold because they wanted something different. Susan is also Executive Director of the California Democratic Party. Isn�t Der Arnold supposed to be a Republicrud? And, need we add, she is a lesbian. Daniel Zingale, chief-of-staff to First Lady Maria, is also a Democrud and a homosexual.

Finally, the Governator is a �Log Cabin� Republican hero. At their Los Angeles dinner on June 30th, 2006, he raised $300,000 for their agenda and said he was �proud to stand side by side with Log Cabin.� In return, they gave him their prestigious Ronald Reagan Award. What is the �Log Cabin� Republicans?

It is a homosexual group. It promotes homosexual marriage and military sodomy. Its award is named for Reagan because Ronnie helped defeat the 1978 Briggs Initiative that would have kept homosexual teachers out of California schools. They are there today in part because of him. In fact, Reagan�s dedicated work in their favor inspired them to found Log Cabin Republicans, a hero of which is der Governator.

But of course however much influence with their homosexualist Governator the faggots enjoy, they could not have won this latest, overwhelming victory had there not been a gargantuan vacuum into which their slime could ooze. Who created that vacuum? Who slunk off the field, giving victory to the faggots? In fact, who is responsible for the present sodomite takeover?

It is the churches. The homosexual takeover could not be happening without them. It is the churches, with their 501(c)(3) IRS status that IRS itself says they didn�t need to apply for in the first place. It is the churches whose pastors cower in their pulpits, terrified of saying something somebody, anybody, doesn�t like, afraid of losing the tax-exemption they don�t need. IRS itself says a church is automatically tax-exempt. It doesn�t need to apply for anything. But the preachers still cower. No wonder Islam treats today�s �Christianity� with contempt.

It is the churches that vie for popularity and prosperity, the churches that preach Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh, who has done more to advance Organized Sodomy than the most notorious faggot you could name, the churches that not only have allowed, even encouraged butt jumpers to infiltrate, but have even permitted them to stand in the pulpits and �preach.�

It is the churches that claim to be able to deliver millions of morality voters to the polls, but that permitted the recent Faggot Fest in San Freakcisco to take place, the churches that are participating in the orchestrated collapse of our culture, the make nice smiley churches that love everyone to death and still support the Communist government schools. There is nothing new under the sun and there is a time for war. This is such a time. Not in Iraq. Here.

If you have not yet escaped from California, do something now. Pull your kids out of the government schools tomorrow. Please do not waste my time with messages about how that would be a hardship. I know all about hardship. We ourselves home schooled five. (I am embarrassed to admit I have only five; I thought I was just getting started, but after number five the Love Priestess said I was retired.)

Yes, somebody may have to quit a job. The change you must make is life changing. You may even need to sell those Jet-Skis in the driveway. If you will abandon your children to Arnold�s faggot government schools, you don�t deserve to have them � and you won�t. You will thereby discredit yourself completely. Anything you say about opposing the onrushing totalitarian juggernaut will be a joke.

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And tell your girlie man preacher to return to the church or get out.

By the way, I am available to talk about this on the air. This is a test. Let�s find out how much the kept Communist media really want to know. Call if you want me to guest on your show.

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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His first book, It�s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, was an instant best-seller. His first novel, The Highest Virtue, set in the Russian Revolution, won smashing reviews and five stars, top rating, from the West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars in only one per cent of its reviews.

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It is the churches, with their 501(c)(3) IRS status that IRS itself says they didn�t need to apply for in the first place. It is the churches whose pastors cower in their pulpits, terrified of saying something somebody, anybody, doesn�t like, afraid of losing the tax-exemption...