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By Investigative Reporter
John Taft

April 30, 2006

Any group that illegally pours millions of bodies into cities with the professed intent of shutting those cities down has in essence declared war on the United States and its citizens. Further they are attempting a US economic boycott of businesses by not spending their welfare checks on May 1st. (The boycott in America has spread to their beloved Mexico which is also getting in on the fun as radical Hispanics call for a boycott of all US goods in that country on May 1st.) Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies bragged, �We�re going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno." They intend to block American citizens from free access to the destinations of their choice. They will hamper emergency vehicles, police, fire, and ambulances from free movement. Those doing this are radical Latinos who are attempting to topple the American republic. They are gathering illegally in an aggressive attempt to intimidate American political leaders into submission to their political demands.

These demonstrators are not good neighbors, they are not good friends, and many are illegal aliens. This mob is led by socialists, communists, and anarchists who are full of hatred for this republic and the pale-faced Americans they call gringos. These radical Hispanics are the enemy within and are a more imminent threat to this nation than the nefarious al Qaeda. The wikipedia encyclopedia says, �May Day has long been a focal point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and anarchist groups.� These radicals often have allegiance to a foreign country, Mexico.

The goals of their organizers are communist oriented and are to destroy our social structure, dominate, and drive the gringo from his land. Our president, congressmen, senators, and state political leaders through the welfare state have fed, nurtured, and allowed a political culture of aliens in this nation to incubate and grow into a cancer that is eating away at the heart and soul of this republic.

Mob Rule on May Day

These radical Hispanics are an invading foreign army of legal citizens and illegal aliens. Do mass numbers of bodies reverse the law and make what�s illegal lawful? Is this how the president and congress determine what�s lawful and what isn�t? Is this why border laws are inefficiently enforced? If twenty citizens did the same thing the illegals and their sympathizing friends will do on May Day - block traffic, interfere with commerce, and fill the streets of a city, the police would do their duty to restore public order by arresting the offenders. If millions of illegals do the same, the police cower in their blue uniforms and do nothing. There is no law; the secret must be in the numbers. Individual rights will be suspended on May Day in favor of mob rule. Our republic isn�t supposed to work like this; we have bad representatives who need to be replaced.

There is No Law

The danger is grave to this land of Jefferson. President Bush, senators and congressman are ready to grant amnesty to 12 to 30 million illegal aliens. Many illegals and their friends on May 1st will be filling the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and etc. with millions of bodies flaunting our laws with impunity. No one will arrest them; no one will take them back to Mexico. They claim they are doing this for amnesty for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens have no legal rights; they were not invited to sneak into this country. Mexico would never allow such an invasion without calling out the militia.

The protestors want open borders for the hordes of Spanish- speaking people that are unable to build their own prosperous nation south of the border. They are like fleas on a dog; they want a warm- bodied host for a free meal. They have no gratitude; these fleas want to kill the dog and keep the carcass. Amnesty has failed in the past and will fail now and will result in millions more coming who are criminal, sick, uneducated, hungry, welfare clients from third world countries pouring across our border with Mexico.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Even stupid politicians must be aware that where there are a few million radical Hispanics resorting to mob intimidation in the streets there are tens of millions of distressed citizens watching who don�t want our Constitutional government stolen by thieves with Hispanic surnames. Will it take a revolution to close the borders and expel the illegal aliens who will fill the streets on May Day? The congressmen who vote for amnesty will certainly be remembered at election time. The president and congressmen are looking for Hispanic votes and banking on the fact that the pale- faced gringos, Asians, and Blacks, will only watch and do nothing while the republic flounders and the politicians tiptoe through the tulips.

Boycotts Cut Two Ways

The American boycott, which grew out of huge pro-migrant marches across the United States, is designed to pressure Congress to legalize millions of undocumented people.� Notice the misuse of the word �pro-migrant� in place of illegal alien and the admission that this illegal occupying of US cities is to pressure congress to legalize undocumented people (illegal aliens). The boycott sword has two edges. When I see a product made in Mexico, I�ll put it back on the shelf. At Pedro�s Revolutionary Tacos, if you have a pale face, who knows what Pedro might do to your food before he brings it to you? Maybe Pedro doesn�t like gringos. Perhaps it would be better to stop at Joe�s Diner. The whiplash to come will hurt many employers who use legal Hispanics as they are now subject to a reverse boycott. Boycotts are not a one way door. The door has been flung open for the demons of prejudice to go both ways. There are many good Hispanics who have assimilated into this society and respect this country�s laws and Constitution and will be harmed by the race hatred of the radial Hispanic movement.

I Love IT

Professor JOSE ANGEL GUTIERREZ , University of Texas has nothing good to say about the gringos: "We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population . . . I love it. They are ******** (expletive) in their pants with fear. I love it." The professor goes on to say:

"We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." He has since attempted to backpedal from that statement. On the Texas Civil Rights Review Gutierrez tries to distance himself from the radical statement of killing the gringo. However, when he answered the following question, his intent appeared to be the same.

Q: �What do you mean by �eliminate the gringo?��

A: Gutierrez, �You can eliminate an individual in various ways. You can certainly kill him, but that is not our intent at this moment.�

Gutierrez does not intend on killing the gringo at this moment, ah, a reprieve? Perhaps ma�ana.

Sorry, No Amnesty

Professor Gutierrez is symbolic of the radical Hispanic movement against this republic. Its intention is to bring this nation to its knees and behead the gringo and replace him with its own people. They will use either mass intimidation in the streets, or if they fail there they will revert to physical violence as their many documents and leaders profess. For addition information and documentation go to Hey Gringo, Pack Your Bags and Get Out and The Continued Sacking of The People's Purse.

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Don�t be intimidated or depressed by what you will see on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN on May 1st, in fact turn your TV off that day and go out and have a good time spending some American dollars. There must be no amnesty, no work, no food stamps, no medical care, and the expulsion of all illegals from this nation. Contact your elected representative.

If you do nothing, the following will become fact, �The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot." -- Excelsior, Mexico's national newspaper

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Our president, congressmen, senators, and state political leaders through the welfare state have fed, nurtured, and allowed a political culture of aliens in this nation to incubate and grow into a cancer that is eating away at the heart and soul of this republic.