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By Investigative Reporter
John Taft

November 1, 2006

GRANTS PASS, Oregon The following article explains what a tyrannical odious tax the property tax actually is. It�s usually dressed in community spirit, it�s always for a good cause, and community leaders who are behind it are ready to use your family home as collateral to pay for their social agenda. They have no concern or interest in whether their neighbor can afford another tax on his home and the morality of taxing another man�s home. Any tax that threatens the sanctity of the family home is a threat to the American family, as we shall see.

Passenger, �Driver, stop the bus; I wanna get off.�

The bus driver chuckles and replies, �Sorry sir, this is a taxing district bus. Once you get on our bus nobody gets off until the end of the line.�

Passenger, �Where is that?�

Bus driver, �The cemetery.�

And so it is with the Josephine County library property taxing district and property taxes across the nation. Once a taxing district is approved by voters it becomes a millstone around all homeowners� necks along with a host of other property taxes levied against the family home.

All public entities look with lust upon the home as a source to tax to create revenue for their desired social programs. This time the City of Grants Pass has a ballot measure to again tax family homes for additional funds. Then Rogue Community College is also looking to tax the home for its pet projects. The County Commissioners are rumored to be looking at a tax on the family residence to fund government programs after the federal O&C funds fade into history.

What the Property Tax Proponents Never Mention

By their very nature property taxes on the family abode are bad. I�m going to tell you what Whitney Lard, chairperson of the Real Library Committee, (a pro property tax group) didn�t tell you about the property tax in her guest opinion in the Daily Courier on Saturday, October 21. When another tax is added to your property, it begins life as an unregistered lien against your home and land. It is then added to all the other existing taxes on your home. You�re then required to make yearly payments to the taxing district for the right to live in your own home. As along as you can make your yearly property tax payments, no one is going to run you out of your home. But stop making those annual payments and see what happens. After the prescribed period of grace for nonpayment of taxes, the tax collector has the authority and backing of the state to seize and sell your home or retain it as county property. This is at the county�s discretion. This process seldom takes place as the homeowner will sell the home before the process has advanced to the point of seizure. With property taxes on your home you can never pay your home off and be safe from eviction or from being forced to sell to escape confiscation of your home by the tax collector.

Know Who Your Enemies Are

There are lots of folks out there who are more than willing to tax your home for their pet public programs. Just the other day Friday, October 20, the Courier listed over 1,200 names of persons supporting a yes vote on the library taxing district. The property tax works a lot like the mob used to run areas of Chicago. The mob would set up shop and sell insurance to the mom and pop business. If they didn�t pay the insurance, the boys would come in and beat them up or tear up the shop. When they paid, no problem, but payment encouraged the mob to raise their insurance rates. Now the taxing districts and property taxes are suave and sophisticated; they use legal coercion to collect or force the homeowner to sell, and ignore the misery that property taxes can inflict upon families. The instigators of this tax walk around patting each other on the back because they were able to force their neighbors to pay for their social program.

English Common Law

Four hundred years ago William Blackstone, a noted English scholar, said, �The law of England has so particular and tender a regard to the immunity of a man�s house that it [it�s considered] his castle and will never [be] violated.� This became a part of the English common law. And so should it be today four hundred years later.

The Master and the Slave

All this sweet talk about community spirit, a full service library, etc. is disgusting when you understand how the property tax revenue is obtained. Consider that a taxing district is a permanent annual charge on your tax bill. A simple majority of your neighbors can make you their cash cow to pay for their pet community programs. The following example shows how tyrannical the taxing of family homes is. If a property tax makes it to the ballot and 1,000 people vote, with 501 saying yes and 499 saying no, the 501 have now become the master and the 499 are the indentured servants who will pay for the social agenda of their new master. The property tax uses coercion to accomplish its goal. Make no mistake - the forces behind the taxes on family homes are not benign.

The legal and police power of the state can be used to force a homeowner from his home for nonpayment of a property tax. They will use whatever force is necessary to carry out this process. This is not how a republic is supposed to work. In a republic the minority are supposed to be protected against the dictatorial demands of the majority. Therefore the majority of voters should not be able to use the property tax to raise revenue for their political programs. It�s a form of robbery in which the perpetrator doesn�t go to jail. Hence the majority of voters have become tyrants. In my opinion, anyone that would initiate or vote for a tax on my home is neither a good neighbor nor a friend regardless of the social need for that money.

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It�s unethical for any man to tax another man�s home to pay for his social agenda. If the reader understands this, he or she will say no to the library taxing district measure 17-16 and all the future and present property taxes on the ballot.

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John Taft former president of Josephine County, OR. Taxpayers Association is presently an investigative reporter for the US-Observer and He has had many years of broadcasting, news writing and reporting experience. He also has written a popular conservative newsletter for a taxpayers organization to inform the public on taxing issues.


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The legal and police power of the state can be used to force a homeowner from his home for nonpayment of a property tax. They will use whatever force is necessary to carry out this process.