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By Investigative Reporter
John Taft

January 12, 2007

GRANTS PASS, Oregon � Using the title of Republican or Democrat to disguise their true identities, communists, socialists, liberals and other weird left- wing thinkers are able to access high government elected and appointed positions, infiltrating both the democrat and republican parties by lies, deception, and the assistance of the national media. Interestingly, the enemies of this republic are brazenly in your face and consistently dismantling this nation�s constitutional republic from within while being salaried and provided with perks, health insurance, and retirement by docile taxpayers.

This is a much more successful technique than using violence to obtain their goals. However, it would be foolish to think they won�t unleash police violence against the individual or groups who refuse to obey unconstitutional laws they enact. At other times in the history of this nation there would have been a revolution to dispose of the Wormtongues, Rasputins, and Benedict Arnolds who trample on hallowed ground. More startling is the fact that we the people elect and tolerate the George Bushes, Nancy Pelosis (D-CA), Ted Kennedys (D-MA), Gordon Smiths (R-OR), John McCains (R-AZ), and many others.

�A Republic, If You Can Keep It�

From elected positions in county, state, and federal government they are establishing their own form of communist socialist government in the United States. High on the agenda of these socialists and communists are your gun rights, guns, and the complete throttling of Second Amendment and First Amendment Rights. Their objective is to create a totally socialist regulated state in place of this republic. Individuals, organizations, and media who are enemies of this republic are easy to recognize as they are opposed to the Bill of Rights and the guarantees it gives to citizens. Benjamin Franklin (1706�90) was asked, �Well, Doctor, what have we got�a Republic or a Monarchy?�

Franklin, �A Republic, if you can keep it.�

The First and Second Amendments are under continual attack by the liberals not only in Oregon but in every state of this nation. The enemy wants to regulate guns and free speech although regulation is not an option under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. You only have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, �If you can keep it.�

The Regulators Are Coming

That stench in the air isn�t coming from New York; it�s coming from Washington DC and the state houses across the land. For openers, the regulators want your guns, free speech, and more taxes. The November election in Oregon put enough left wing liberal legislators into office to move their agenda forward. These legislators, new and old, are already targeting and regrouping their forces to attack the right to keep and bear arms. They never give up, and when they can�t move rapidly they will move in incremental steps toward the goal of every despot, the disarming of the public. They claim to be doing this for the public good when in reality it is being done out of the liberals� fear of armed citizens. When a burglar enters a home his greatest fear is that of encountering an armed resident.[1] The socialist liberals are thieves just like the burglar and they also fear citizens with weapons. The regulators want to come into your home and take what they want with impunity. The burglar steals your possessions, and the regulators steal your possessions, liberty, and soul.

Ginny Burdick: 10-Years in Jail for Owning a Shotgun or Rifle

A number of these socialists are in the Oregon senate. Ginny Burdick has been the senate judiciary chair and probably will be in 2007. It�s an important position because gun bills go through this committee. Kevin Starrett reports on Oregon Firearms Federation [2] in the legislature, �Last session (2005) Burdick proposed 10 years in jail and a quarter of a million dollar fine for possession of a modern rifle or shotgun.� Burdick and others of her ilk certainly fall into the category of left wing socialists who are willing to dismantle the Bill of Rights to get at your Second Amendment Rights. The list doesn�t stop with Burdick, others include: Peter Courtney, Greg MacPherson, Kate Brown, Jeff Merkley for openers. All have an antigun track record. These are dangerous people whose names are well worth remembering and must be closely watched when the new Oregon legislature reconvenes in January, 2007. These liberals have homes, families, and jobs, but while they smile, shake your hand, and pretend to be good neighbors they are as deadly to this republic and your inalienable rights as a black mamba concealed under your bed covers. �A highly venomous southern African mamba dreaded because of its quickness and readiness to bite.� (Wordweb.)

Jackals Posing as Democrats and Republicans

Are American men and women ready to prostrate themselves and crawl on their bellies like a cowed dog to serve Oregon�s Ginny Burdick, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Charlie Schumer, Ted Kennedy and John McCain while they trash the Bill of Rights, regulate everything under the sun, and raise taxes? These individuals with their ideas for restructuring the Constitution, which they care no more about than does George Bush, have assumed the mantle of democrat and republican to gain legislative power while lying and committing fraud upon the American people. They are willing to establish controls on free speech, guns and whatever else suits their socialist agenda. They are unwilling to enforce existing law when it conflicts with their social agenda.

That�s why the Mexican border is open for business as usual with drugs, illegals and terrorists on the move into the United States. Recently two US Border Patrol Agents, Ignacio �Nacho� Ramos and Jose Compean have been sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison for the wounding of and illegal admitted drug smuggler from Mexico. President George Bush, socialist democrats and republicans don�t want the borders closed, and that�s why these two men who did their job are going to prison.

Murder, Rape, and Theft Fine with Republicans and Democrats!

Illegal immigration costs US taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually for social benefits. Illegals are particularly prone to crimes such as theft, rape, murder, and family violence. One report claims 12 citizens are murdered daily by illegals. Are murder, rape, ID theft, drugs, crime, vote theft, and terrorists within this nation important concerns to President George Bush, Attorney General Roberto Gonzales, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of Congress? Why are they so reluctant to address these extremely important issues? Billions are being spent in Iraq and the back door is wide open at home. They all look the other way and stifle a yawn because these issues don�t fit their agenda; they don�t care.

The borders are not being sealed for a reason. Millions of dollars of drug money comes back into the United States each year as payoff money to keep the border channels open and the drugs moving. No one can say this isn�t true or that some or much of this drug money finds its way into the political coffers of both republicans and democrats. Businesses that hire illegals make big political contributions to those on the hill for special favors. It appears to be more of corruption, pork, money, and regulating the American taxpayer, than of honest Constitutional government that lights Congress� fire.

$20 Billion Goes to Mexico

What action did your representative take when hundreds of thousands of illegals and their friends took to the streets, shutting down several major cities to protest immigration reform? What right does anyone have in shutting down a major US city? Our political leaders did nothing and were either intimidated by the sheer numbers, or the marchers meshed with their political goals. With amnesty the socialist liberals will gain millions of votes to help radicalize this nation. This was certainly a visual demonstration of how many illegals there are in this country and their allegiance to a foreign country called Mexico. Mexican leaders prefer to have their uneducated poor going to work in the United States because it means lots of pesos coming home. These workers sent 20 billion dollars back to Mexico in 2005. One in seven of Mexico�s workers have come to the US. This also helps to prevent the Mexican population pressure cooker from exploding into a revolution from too many people, poverty, and not enough jobs in a corrupt Mexico.

Are You Being Educated or Indoctrinated?

The last two issues are examples of the things socialist, liberals, and communist types in our government turn their backs on and do nothing and then salivate at the thought of taking homeowners� guns. How could all of this happen in a country with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights? The answer may be that too many Americans are educated by the major news networks. Education is probably the wrong word as the listener is more likely indoctrinated. The listener hears the news that was often prepared by staff and commentators with socialist and communist leanings. Some of these news sources on cable, TV and the radio include CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and NPR. In newsprint AP articles can be so biased that if the reader understands what the writer is doing it�s laughable, and the article loses all credibility. Magazines like Newsweek and Time are no better.

Young people are brainwashed in the universities when taught by left of center professors or outright radicals. Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez at the University of Texas thinks it would be a good idea to kill the gringo. If you�re white, that�s you, neighbor. The liberal BBC even ran a fictional assassination of President George W. Bush. They may have been hoping they brainwashed someone into becoming their Manchurian Candidate. It�s called free speech when a liberal says these things, but it�s disruptive speech when a conservative does likewise. Much of the problem we as a nation face today is brainwashing coupled with political correctness. When we hear something often enough, we start to believe it. Owning firearms has become a politically incorrect social behavior according to the liberals and Sara Brady, but very correct and proper under the Bill of Rights and most state laws.

Common Law and Gun Rights

In 1997 England banned handguns, and now their crime rate is ahead of that in the United States. Here is what Reason Magazine said in regards to weapons for personal defense[3] �This is a reversal of centuries of common law that not only permitted but expected individuals to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors when other help was not available. It was a legal tradition passed on to Americans. Personal security was ranked first among an individual's rights by William Blackstone, the great 18th-century exponent of the common law. It was a right, he argued, that no government could take away, since no government could protect the individual in his moment of need. A century later Blackstone's illustrious successor, A.V. Dicey, cautioned, "discourage self-help and loyal subjects become the slaves of ruffians.�

Gun Powder and Liberty

It is estimated that 35 to 50 percent of home owners have a weapon. The Oregon Constitution is explicit in preserving the right to possess firearms. There is no way Ginny Burdick and Nancy Pelosi could trample the Bill of Rights and steal our rights and guns if every gun owner and defender of the constitution stood up and said, "No!" There is power in numbers as demonstrated by the illegals when they intimidated public officials including the police in several major cities. Every gun owner or person who believes in the Bill of Rights should seriously consider taking out a membership and supporting the following organizations, the National Rifle Association,[4] Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,[5] Gun Owners of America,[6] and [7] There are also other gun organizations worth considering.

The Oregon Constitution Article I, Bill of Rights Section 27. Right to bear arms; military subordinate to civil power. The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defence (sic) of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power.

The United States Constitution: The Bill of Rights "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Source: Bill of Rights, Second Amendment (ratified 1791)

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Thomas Jefferson Said It Best

The antigun names mentioned above are not the Bill of Rights� friends. They are your deadly enemies, the black mambas of the reptilian world! Their agenda is to disarm the law abiding citizen and silence him. If they can�t do this outright, they will do it slowly with illegal restrictions until you no longer have viable Second Amendment Rights. They intend to turn the Oregon and US Constitutions into paper tigers that don�t even growl. Joining and supporting gun groups and getting political will go a long way in preserving your Second Amendment Rights. When Ginny Burdick and Nancy Pelosi knock on your door and say �We have come for your guns,� what will you say? �Darn, I should have been more vigilant,� or will you say, �You�re trespassing on my inalienable rights, �Don�t Tread on Me.�� Thomas Jefferson said it best, �The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." He knew the Burdicks, Pelosis, and their ilk would one day come for your guns.

�Where guns are banned, the people are wimps.� --John Taft


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John Taft former president of Josephine County, OR. Taxpayers Association is presently an investigative reporter for the US-Observer and He has had many years of broadcasting, news writing and reporting experience. He also has written a popular conservative newsletter for a taxpayers organization to inform the public on taxing issues.

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The borders are not being sealed for a reason. Millions of dollars of drug money comes back into the United States each year as payoff money to keep the border channels open and the drugs moving. No one can say this isn�t true or that some or much of this drug money finds its way into the political coffers of both republicans and democrats.