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By Investigative Reporter
John Taft

January 22, 2004

The following satirical article pulsates with today's reality that could and perhaps will be resolved in the nebulous Twilight Zone of tomorrow. The past predicts that the future may be a human existence in which nearly everyone will live a perpetual nightmare of fear and futility, and no one will ever wake up to smell the pink roses. Be aware that you could easily become a prisoner in the local jail and have your body parts removed one at a time legally, just like fully developed human babies. The fear of uncertainly tugs at everyone because they could be next, with the exception of those in the government and their friends. Here is what Ayn Rand said in The Nature of Government, "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."

Warning: This article could induce nightmares and or emotional reactions

GRANTS PASS, Oregon - It all started innocently enough when Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel opened the door of a Pandora's box by deciding to charge inmates for staying in the county jail. It's conjectured the sheriff did this because he has come upon hard political times and would like to gain a better public image. His reputation as a leader has been seriously diminished over the past several years. Daniel's latest political debacle slammed him against a brick wall, leaving him struggling for credibility. Daniel publicly endorsed a radical change in county government by promoting the removal of the present county commissioners and the home rule charter. It's believed Daniel had expectations of political gain in more money for his department and greater influence for himself. These are heady things for some men who come from obscurity to become sheriff. Perhaps the lust for power numbs the conscience. This past November voters overwhelmingly endorsed driving a wooden stake through the heart of this doomed political monster the sheriff and his friends attempted to bring to life. The result of this defeat has been shock and trauma to Daniel's political ambitions. The sheriff needs a win to start his climb out of the black abyss in which he is lost. He is desperate for recognition and perhaps believes that by charging inmates for jail time he could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars and be a hero. Then he could be famous like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona.

Josephine County Jail Song

"Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store." The jail charge will begin at $60 a day. For one year in jail this tallies out to a credit card busting $21,900. That's more than many employees make in big box stores. While in jail the inmate is unemployed, and with no income the guy will owe the county over $20,000 at the end of the year. That's a deep debit hole to crawl out of. When the prisoner is released and has that amount of debt hanging over him will this be an incentive to get out and hustle? A pragmatist would say, "Highly unlikely". Maybe this is Daniel's route to rehabilitation for inmates? Historically, the county has paid the tab to run the jail. Most inmates are indigent. They often steal to get money, and that's why they're in jail. If an inmate does have a few dollars and the county gets it, who suffers when there is a wife and kids? Daniel's jail fee has the potential of causing children to go to bed hungry. Oregon has the reputation of being the hungriest state in the nation. Josephine County (population about 78,000) is noted for its economic problems. During the 2003 Christmas season 2,700 food baskets were passed out. The county food bank shelves were low and a recent appeal for donated food went out to the public. Recently released government figures show that sixteen percent of the residents in Josephine County use food stamps to buy food. The unemployment rate is about 7.5 percent, which is one of the highest in the nation. Actually, unemployment rates are lies, because they are too low. They don't include those who give up looking for work.

Will it Cost More Than $60 to Collect $60

Now, what will the legal system do when the inmate doesn't pay? The former inmate now has a debt on the books that can be pursued. It's been said history repeats itself. Will the man in black sentence him back to jail for nonpayment of jail fees and turn the county jail into an 18th century English debtors' prison? This idea of Dave Daniel's could result in harassment of the inmates who can't pay. Is this more of Daniel's rehabilitation of inmates? County Judges are already part of the collection system as they ask those they fine, "How are you going to pay for this?" Will the DA's office turn into a debt collection agency pursuing unpaid jail rent? Will they hire more expensive employees or transfer the duties to present department employees? If the DA and judges fail to pursue nonpayment of jail costs, will they be guilty of malfeasance of duty? It appears Daniel has created a catch 22 for the criminal justice system. Oregon's largest county, Multomah, tried billing inmates $60 per day a couple of years ago and wisely dropped the idea, outside of their weekend programs. It proved too expensive to collect the jail debt. It appears the criminal justice system may be spending limited tax dollars attempting to collect jail debt they'll never get. Daniel's critics will be watching his experiment very carefully.

The Future is Determined by the Past

At one time in the not too distant past the man on the street would have thought the following to be the ramblings of a madman. But all it took was the unaltered collective consciousness of mankind from the past to become the future reality that we are experiencing today. Past events brought us here. We didn't arrive in today's world by accident. These events could have been altered, but they weren't. The latter portion of this article takes the present time-line we are on, and shows what the future may hold for mankind, if nothing is done to alter it.

Should Physical Dependency be Cause for Euthanasia

Harvesting body parts is big business in China, India, and Brazil. In the United Kingdom a government adviser is recommending that children with physical defects be killed. No doubt their body parts will be sold to the highest bidder. Of course, these countries are not alone in the exploitation of human body organs for research, and replacement of diseased organs in sick people. There is no guardian angel protecting babies from being aborted and their organs and tissue harvested for sale to those willing to pay the going market price. The federal government protects so-called endangered species of birds, their feathers, and eggs. Woe to the person that is caught with these items in his possession, he could face a hefty fine and go to prison. Baby flesh doesn't enjoy the protection of congressional law. Lots of aborted babies aren't buried intact. These babies are not wanted alive but are quite valuable dead. For them the grim reaper comes not in a black grown with a scythe, but in a white gown, with cold stainless steel surgical instruments. Some claim that the real reason various groups support abortion is that it's a lucrative source of income. Perhaps they have lobbyists in Washington, DC who donates to the congressman's election war chest. Remember the old saying; if you want to know where the corruption is just follow the money trail. This adage works quite well for politics, business, and abortion. The abortion business hides behind the political issue of women's rights. Bipeds that populated the US Supreme Court created this ghastly business in their 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. Former Chief Justice John Marshal said, "It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department and nobody else to say what the law is."[1] Babies aborted up to 35-weeks are subject to dissection, (slice and dice) in so-called butcher shops. Babies at 10-weeks of age can be fully developed. All they need is time to mature in a natural environment, the womb. Should seniors or anyone be euthanized because they can't live in their environment without the assistance of a pacemaker, a dialysis machine, or drugs to regulate their heart rate? Maybe they should be concerned, as the Supreme Court ruled killing babies is fine and they could make a future ruling that all individuals unable to live without assistance be euthanized.

Baby Jane Doe Harvested at 27-Weeks, Worth $2,000

Each fetal carcass can be worth thousands of dollars. For example, a brain is worth whatever the market will pay, and that is usually around $1,000. Other baby parts are priced for less depending on supply and demand. This money may be used to buy a new Mercedes, enjoy a week on a luxury cruise ship to the Caribbean, or purchase a 46-inch wide screen digital TV. And yes, it's against federal law to sell body parts. But hire a lawyer, and he'll find a loophole a business can drive a refrigerated 18-wheeler through loaded with fresh baby parts. It may sound or look disgusting at first, but the dealers get used to it. It's like profanity, sex, nudity etc. in the movies, CDs, magazines, TV, and the Internet. People get used to all these things, and after awhile it becomes part of their mundane life, the conscience has been put to sleep. Children grow up believing there are no absolutes.

Present Generation Follow Pied Pipers to Pleasure Island

Much of our present society dances to the morality tune of the pied pipers named Hugh Heffner, Larry Flynt, Bill Clinton, and the various judges who are busy striking down established moral and ethical codes of conduct. The present is our best chance to change the future. Once we have arrived it's more difficult to make changes. In the years following WW2 the public in communities across America wouldn't have tolerated today's social mores. This generation dined on a diet of family friendly entertainment and enjoyed magazines like the Saturday Evening Post with front cover pictures by Norman Rockwell depicting wholesome family scenes. No one ever heard the f � word on an old time radio program. What has the society of 2004 bequeathed to the next generation? This question may be easy to unravel as we read about a future Supreme Court ruling. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A man's what he thinks about all day long." This is the process by which a society becomes what it is.

Forcible Body Organ Removal Issue Reaches Supreme Court

The past is the creator of the future and considering that, it appears the Supreme Court may have made a perfectly logical decision based on society's general acceptance of abortion, and selling of baby organs and body transplants. It was only a small step for the Supreme Court activists to make the ruling they did. The idea originated in Josephine County, Oregon. Sheriff Dave Daniel had instigated the $60 per day jail fee for convicted inmates that went into effect back in January 2004. It was soon found that it cost more than a dollar to collect a dollar. This was embarrassing to the sheriff. If the county could legally remove inmates' body parts to pay for their stay in the county jail, this could turn into a financial boon for county government. Body parts were still sold for premium prices and could be delivered around the world. Convicted inmates who had committed a crime owed a debt to society. It cost money to keep them in jail. If they had healthy salable body parts, shouldn't these valuable items be sold to pay their debt to society? At the time it was still a violation of federal law to sell human body parts, with some exceptions including the loopholes for aborted babies. The promoters of this idea in the county criminal justice system ran it though the various courts winning and losing until appealing to the Supreme Court who accepted the case. For a number of years the US Constitution had taken a pummeling at the hands of a majority of liberal court members. There were still complaints about the court striking down the Texas sodomy law, the severe beating they gave the 14th amendment in racial preference allowed in some institutions of higher learning. Police were given more authority to circumvent individual civil rights. The Supreme Court had indeed gone berserk and was getting away with it. Yes, the Constitution that had once stood like a mighty oak sheltering liberty was now more like a weather beaten sapling that had entered a perpetual drought.

Supreme Court Rules, Inmates Mandated to Donate Organs to Pay for Stay in Jail

The media was waiting for Sandra Day O'Conner to speak. Outside there was an obstacle course of TV cameras representing all the major American news media. This would be a benchmark in US history, as the high court had never previously ruled on the forcible extraction of body parts from prisoners.

A shocked silence hushed the buzz of conversation when O'Connor appeared outside the court building. She was known to have serious health issues and had been expected to retire prior to this time. Poor health and time had taken their visible toll on Jurist O'Conner. She was escorted out by a security guard and appeared withered and unsteady on her feet as she approached the podium. George Bush had won a second term, and O'Conner wouldn't quit so Bush could appoint Judge Pickering to the court. She began in a raspy voice that cracked and trembled revealing her physical state. "In a five to four decision the majority of this court believes it is in the compelling interests of the states and communities that inmates be responsible for their costs of housing, food, and medical care while in protective custody. The compelling interest of the states to collect this money overrides what inherent rights prisoners may have formerly had under the Constitution. Modern surgical procedures can now remove body parts from prisoners in a humane and painless procedure. Only duplicate or renewable body parts may be taken, such as a kidney, lung, eye, and a portion of the liver. This court has long supported Roe v. Wade in which babies are aborted in deference to the rights of the mother. The same reasoning applies to convicted felons in prisons across this nation. This is not cruel and unusual punishment when considered in this context. Therefore, the court believes that the removal of body parts from prisoners does not violate their constitutional rights but serves the more compelling interests of the state. I remind those who disagree with this decision what former Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes said, "The Constitution is what the judges say it is."[2] This will be compulsory volunteerism at its finest. It will allow prisoners to serve their time with pride and dignity, and not be a burden on society. Further, the court sees no Constitutional issue in the forcible drawing of inmates' blood by jail officials as they deem necessary to help pay the inmates' expenses. The court does stress that the removal of body parts be done in a humane, caring, and compassionate manner."

Sheriff's Office Moves Quickly to Set up Body Organ Surgical Extraction Room

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the county health department quickly set up a medical lab in the jail complex.

Interestingly, the county district attorney began prosecuting more robustly healthy individuals, and the judges were busy giving healthy individuals longer sentences in the county jail. Seldom were underweight and sickly individuals prosecuted. When this observation was brought to the judges' attention, in their typical arrogance they replied through their secretaries that they declined to make any comments at this time.

The county was awash in greenbacks with this wonderful new source of funds. The jail quickly filled to maximum capacity, and there was talk of building a second jail. All the parks were now well funded. The public library was able to move to a new and bigger building, doubling the books available. The number of people working for the county jumped form about 600 to over 1,000. The criminal justice system was now prosecuting in a frenzy. The sheriff was spending money like a small boy in a candy shop with a $20 bill. He now had a fully armed black hawk helicopter for drug raids, two armored personnel carriers with 50 caliber machine guns, and some new laser weapons he wouldn't discuss.

Then something took place that should have been anticipated. The number of individuals prosecuted by the DA started to drop. You have to hand it to the DA; he really tried to keep the prosecution rate up. He dug up ten-year-old marijuana charges that had long been forgotten. An intensive search was made for anyone that skipped a court appointment. Those on probation went back to jail for sneezing, if they had salable body parts. Most of the smart criminals quickly took the interstate out of town. The meth lab and marijuana growers packed their bags and got out of Josephine County. The county was now squeaky clean. The problem was that the jail was nearly empty. There was no cash coming out of the jail to support the huge criminal justice system that was created to obtain inmates for fresh body parts. Something had to be done to get the system producing cash again.

The result was that with the help of the Oregon State Legislature a former misdemeanor crime was elevated to the level of a felony, and large fines were included. It was no longer just a fine for running a red light, but instead it was made a felony with jail time. A guy that used profanity in front of children was charged with a felony. Too bad for the guy caught spitting on the city sidewalk. That could cost him a kidney. Driving after drinking only one can of beer brought a DUIL charge which was now a felony. Again the conviction rate rose and the judges were more than happy to fine and jail the offenders. Everybody in government was happy except the inmates in the county jail. The public employee unions prospered as the county hired more employees and they all paid union dues. The judges black robes concealed big bellies, the sheriff's ego was inflated like a puffed up toad, and the DA strutted around like an important banty rooster. Prosperity once again smiled on the county. The money faucet was running wide open.

Young Man's Story After Being drugged and Organs Aborted

That is everybody was happy except for those who had an eye, kidney, and excess blood removed. I interviewed a 21-year old fellow who calls himself Jack. I first saw Jack being pushed out of the county jail in a wheelchair. He wore a black patch over the area you would expect an eye to occupy. He kept his hand pressed to his side, and his complexion looked like Marley's ghost in the Christmas Carol. I asked him, "What did they do to you in there?"

"It's a long story; will it do any good if I tell you about it?"

I shrugged, "It might." I held out a digital recorder. "Do you mind?"

"My name is Jack, my last name is unimportant, and I'm 21. I was a firefighter last summer when I was arrested and convicted. I thought I had a good hold on life. Now this. I got a year for something I didn't do. I know everybody says that, but it's true. I didn't do what they convicted me for."

"And what was that?"

"I came out of Wal-Mart last year and was going over to my car. It was dark, and I had my head down to avoid the light rain. The parking lot lights gave enough muted light to see where I was going. I didn't see her until she was alongside me. She was abrupt and to the point. 'Give me 20 bucks, or I'll say you groped me.' She startled me, and I paused and looked at her. She was wearing low rider jeans and a short blouse displaying a lot of white midsection with her navel quite visible. She looked to be about 14.

"I said," 'What?' She repeated what she had just said. It was nothing but highway robbery by a female teeny bopper without a gun."

"I told her to get lost. She and her friends must have watched me leave in my car and got my license plate number. The cops came that evening and arrested me. I felt like the cop that interviewed me thought he was the prosecutor and wanted to convict me right there. He tried all his tricks to get my admission I might have done something wrong. He told me he understood how a guy might be interested in underage girls. Then he tossed the parking lot routine bait to me. It was dark and raining and maybe you accidentally bumped into her. That could have happened, couldn't it? I told him that didn't happen. This irritated him and made him mad, his face flushed into a sickly purple hue. His blood pressure reading at that moment must have been off the scale. I told him that line from the movie Bad Day at Black Rock with Spencer Tracy. 'You can tell how big a man is by what it takes to make him mad.' He wasn't interested in what I had to say. He wanted to add my scalp to his trophy wall. I don't believe the guy had a soul. He didn't know right from wrong and didn't care. This cop's only interest was in writing down enough information so the prosecutor could obtain a grand jury indictment and get a jury conviction. I now know he was a ghoul, a walking dead man. That's how it turned out; the grand jury indicted me. The old saying goes, 'The DA could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.' Grand juries are a farce. They are nothing but a legal tool for the prosecution to gain convictions."

"I had gotten a court appointed attorney whose main interest in the case was getting his few hundred bucks to represent me and move on to the next case. A quick turnover is how these leeches make their money. If they came with any character, it doesn't take them long to lose it. A lawyer with no character can be very dangerous to your health and welfare. The prosecutor was an overweight vixen with an agenda. She seemed to get off on prosecuting sex charges against males. She was the type of woman any self-respecting man would go out of his way to avoid. She knew it and hated all men for their disdain of her. In the courtroom she had power and used it like a whip to draw blood. I knew I was in big trouble, when she got the teeny bopper on the witness stand, I should say the milk stand. When she asked her in a gut wrenching tone of voice if the man who had groped her that night in the parking lot was in the courtroom she identified me and dropped a few big phony tears. The prosecutor professionally milked the jury like a calf sucking a mother cow dry. I watched the female jurors reach for their handkerchiefs to dab their emotional spillover. The men bought into the act by nodding their balding gray heads in agreement with the prosecutor."

"In some cases judges are really part of the prosecution. This judge did everything he could to hinder my defense. I had hired an investigative reporter and he dug up facts that would have destroyed her credibility. The judge wouldn't allow this information to be presented to the jury. It could damage her reputation and she was just a child. My life and what they would do to me in jail was apparently of no concern to him. During the jury selection I believe they picked all former government employees and retired cops. I once read an article on the Internet about pancake juries. This one for sure was stacked like a plate of pancakes and bowed to authority figures."

Convicted with Compassion

"I was convicted and the judge gave me the maximum time in the county jail, one year. He also gave me a $25,000 fine in case I had some money and could pay for my jail time. Some guys mortgage their home and get out in one peace. They have it all figured out. With the cost of the jail time and the fines it generally comes out to $50,000 or more. They do a financial background check on you so they know what you can afford. They then can make the fine an amount you can't pay. This gives them unlimited access to your internal organs while you're in jail. The next day I read in the local daily newspaper the story on my conviction. The headline read, 'Jury finds sex crazed pervert guilty of molesting teenager in parking lot.' The writer said the judge showed compassion because I had a clean record up to that time. Baloney! All the criminal justice system wanted from me were some of my body parts. It's all about money. This isn't America with the Constitution of 1776, this is the land of the ghouls, by the ghouls and for the ghouls."

"Did you resist when they took you into the surgical room?"

"Are your kidding? They have you so doped up down in the jail with thorizine that you shuffle around like a zombie. That's the stuff they use in mental institutions. You don't have a chance to avoid the deputies. They took an eye, one kidney, and I don't know how much blood. I'm supposed to be grateful they didn't take one lung and up to 85 percent of my liver. I suppose they're holding them in reserve in case they accuse me of violating probation. Then it's back to jail and more extractions. They were at me all the time like leeches drawing my blood. After ten months a deputy said to me, 'Well, we're even, we can't get any more from you right now. You have now given your fair share for the time being' He thought he was real funny and laughed. They let me out two months early and gave me $100 credit when I left. By the way, the teeny bopper sued me in civil court and got $25,000 for her rehabilitation, pain, and suffering. I don't have a future; they cut that all out of me. Like old Scrooge said in the Christmas Carol, 'Let them die and decrease the surplus population.' They stole my future with lies, nothing but lies they used in that cursed courtroom. They're monsters, ghouls and they act like they're human beings. This is a time of fear and terror, for those in the jails and nobody cares."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I had planned on joining the Marines. You know a few good men. Now I'm good for nothing, a one eyed-Jack, with one kidney and a felony conviction on my record. I've got five years of probation on top of all that. It doesn't sound like there is much of a future for me, does it? They stole my future with lies, and more lies, and not one of them cared. Will you tell my story? Anyone is fair game for them now. You could be next. Are your ready to part with a lung or a kidney for a stay in the Josephine County Jail? They'll never change, they're addicted to living on blood, and if they stopped they would have to admit they were wrong. Can you imagine a prosecutor or judge saying we were wrong. Sorry about the kidney and eye.

I bit my lip and could only nod in the affirmative that he was right.

A man who look tired and was stooped pushed him over to an older Buick in the parking lot. He then helped him onto the passenger seat. I looked away for a moment as a police car was pulling up to the jail's side entrance. I could make out a man in the back seat ready to repeat Jack's story. I wondered if he realized what was going to happen to him in the months of abject terror to come in the Josephine County Jail.


1, Alistair Cooke's America, Alistar Cook/Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1973, p146
2, Alistair Cooke's America, Alistar Cook/Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1973, p146

John Taft former president of Josephine County, OR. Taxpayers Association is presently an investigative reporter for the US-Oregon Observer and He has had many years of broadcasting, news writing and reporting experience. He also has written a popular conservative newsletter for a taxpayers organization to inform the public on taxing issues. John can be reached at John's Web site:









"Daniel's jail fee has the potential of causing children to go to bed hungry. Oregon has the reputation of being the hungriest state in the nation. Josephine County (population about 78,000) is noted for its economic problems. During the 2003 Christmas season 2,700 food baskets were passed out."