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By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.
March 24, 2010

That the House of Representatives passed the healthcare bill yesterday--on the Lord’s day (Sunday) no less-- is no shock. That the House of Representatives have placed their stamp of approval on socialism’s philosophical principles in the United States is no surprise. That the growth of the federal government and its agencies and bureaucracies will be multiplied exponentially by the passage of this bill is to be expected from the federal government.

Naturally, many people in America are very angry at yet another act of egregious usurpation by the federal government. But what else were these people thinking would happen? The federal government has already proven what it is, how it operates and the means it uses to accomplish its goals. The U.S. has walked in steady strides down the road of tyranny and oppression for many, many years, under both Democrat and Republic leadership. Do you think that these traitors have all of a sudden reverted back to the fundamental beliefs of freedom as expressed by our enlightenment forefathers in the 1600 and 1700s? Or are you satisfied with their three-steps-forward, one-step-back approach to politics and “restoring freedom”? The federal government continually upgrades its engine, oils its wheels, and maintains the tracks for its long train of abuses, with no apparent intent to the contrary.

I, along with some other authors, have communicated repeatedly about the States’ responsibility and duty to resist federal encroachments. More and more, this reality of truth is coming to light. More and more, people who have been duped to focus all of their energy, time and mind to “changing Washington D.C.” are waking up to the reality that the only meaningful line of defense against this evil agenda is through those powers that the people of the states possess as a sovereign state (retained in the tenth amendment), in addition to those natural powers of self-defense and self-preservation, which every person and every body-politic has under God.

Do not be totally discouraged: there is always good which arises out of evil. At the least, many people have opened their eyes and minds (1) to the utter and complete disregard that the federal government has for the freedom which God grants and the constitution was to protect; (2) to the worthlessness and fruitlessness of federal politics and voting for “lesser evils;” (3) to the false doctrine of “whatever the federal government passes, executes and upholds through its political branches is the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’;” and (4) to the enslaving presupposition that the states have no power to actively resist the federal government against laws, orders and judgments that are contrary to the intent, meaning and application of the U.S. Constitution as ratified in 1787.

With every suppressive push that the federal government forces down upon the clay of individuals, families, businesses, society and states, there is and will be a remnant and overflow that escapes from the hand of tyranny. Freedom exists in human nature: God has created in mankind (1) the virtually endless ability to recognize and analyze his interests, condition and circumstances and apply principles (derived from human nature) for his survival, sustenance and perfection for the present and the future; (2) the capability and desire to protect himself, his family, his community and the body-politic to which he belongs against forces that threaten the very essence, purpose and meaning of his joining together into families, societies and governments; and (3) the responsibility and duty to obey and enforce the HIGHER LAWS he owes to God, himself, his family, his neighbors, his fellow-citizens, and his posterity for the perpetuation and exaltation of the freedom.

Many books and articles have been written; many speeches have been made; and many arguments have emanated concerning the nature and character of our federal system of government under the U.S. constitution, as ratified by the then-existing States from 1787-1790. But we have reached a pivotal point in our history where it is obviously time to apply more than academic perspective to the form of government our fore-generation bequeathed to us, their posterity, for the blessings of liberty. It is time to do more than just talk about what the people of the states can, should and must do to resist tyranny and uphold freedom. It is time for leaders to rise up within the state arena and with confidence, knowledge, understanding, conviction, fortitude and courage, lead their state in an active resistance against this never-ending train of abuses perpetuated by the federal government (and those who control its agenda).


We must stop to observe that some states in the union are, to some degree, already doing just this. In fact, some thirty-seven (37) states, following the leadership role of Idaho, are planning to file suit against the United States government should the healthcare bill become law (FN1). I commend those states for their active role in this regard. Citizens of those states should likewise show their commendation to those state officials who are attempting to stand between them and the usurpation of the federal government.

However, with that said, let us use a little conjecture here. What if the FEDERAL courts rule in favor of the FEDERAL government? And what if the federal court does not enter a stay order of the healthcare law, and consequently, the enforcement of it goes forward without a ruling from a federal court in favor of the States? What will the States do?

Are they going to allow the federal courts to draw the lines of state sovereignty which only the sovereigns of the states can do? Are they going to allow the federal government to once again confirm and cement their supposed supreme power over the states? Are three-fourths of the states going to miss their prime opportunity to seriously and meaningfully limit this monstrosity of central government by amending the constitution to more effectively place the chains of the constitution around the federal government’s neck and ankles? Additional, would three-fourths of the states do what the States did in 1795 by confirming the TRUE construction of the constitution, mandating that the constitution not be CONSTRUED to deny the states their powers to resist the federal government’s unconstitutional actions? (FN2)

Are the county sheriffs and state governors going to arrest those federal agents for attempting to enforce those unconstitutional laws, which are void and null in that state? Are those state governments going to withhold tax dollars coming out of their state from being used by the federal government in what they deem to be unconstitutional? In essence, are these states going to resist or submit?

If a vast majority of the states do not draw a line in the sand now and enforce its rights when that line is crossed, then this leaves little option for those remaining states, who in truth and liberty, stand upon those sacred fundamental maxims and principles of individual, familial, societal and political freedom, as expressed by those noble and sacrificing generations before us. Serious decisions will have to be made for the body, soul and spirit of freedom not only to thrive, but to merely survive, within any of the states in the union.

There is little room left for mere academic debate any more. The federal government, along with those who control them, laughs at us as we try to figure out what to do and how to do it.
Meanwhile, they openly make haste with our freedom, property, rights, future and prosperity in their thieving hands, making it that much harder to accomplish anything meaningful through a peaceful political method.

The matter is really not that complicated: the states, as individual, sovereign bodies-politic, either invoke their rights and powers under the Supreme Judge of the Universe who ordained their rights and powers through those people comprising its borders and actively resist through its individual political process; or the states drudge along in this corrupted federal system, hoping, praying and begging some federal official to restore freedom to the states, and then upon being denied yet again, those states submit to the continual egregious assaults upon our freedom.

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The solution at hand is not a national issue to be debated on a national level. That is just what the federal government wants us to do: keep freedom’s debate in Washington D.C.! (How clever and conniving are tyrants who love centralized power!) The solution is a state issue to be decided on a state level: bring freedom back home, where it belongs! Until those states draw a line in the sand, you can expect that the ocean of the federal government will continue to encroach upon and beyond the sands of the States’ shoreline, destroying everything in its path. The States cannot be mere pebbles and weeds of resistance on the seashore separating the land of the States and the ocean of the federal government. They must be a strong wall made of the most durable, powerful and lasting material to resist the tides of tyranny.

FN1. 2ndDivisionVet, Idaho to Sue If Health Care Bill Passes, CBS/Associated Press, March 17, 2010

FN2. Eleventh amendment, U.S.C.: “The Judicial POWER OF THE UNITED STATES SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED TO EXTEND to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.” (emphasis added)

� 2010 Timothy N. Baldwin, JD - All Rights Reserved

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Timothy Baldwin is an attorney from Pensacola, FL, who received his bachelor of arts degree at the University of West Florida and who graduated from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. After having received his Juris Doctorate degree from Cumberland School of Law, Baldwin became a Felony Prosecutor in the 1st District of Florida. In 2006, he started his own law practice, where he created specialized legal services entirely for property management companies.

Like his father, Chuck Baldwin, Timothy Baldwin is an astute writer of cutting-edge political articles, which he posts on his website, Baldwin is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book entitled, Freedom For A Change, in which Baldwin expounds the fundamental principles of freedom believed by America’s forefathers and gives inspiring and intelligent application of those principles to our current political and cultural standing.

Baldwin is involved in important state sovereignty movement issues, including being co-counsel in the federal litigation in Montana involving the Firearms Freedom Act, the likes of which is undoubtedly a pivotal and essential ingredient to restoring freedom and federalism in the states of America. Baldwin is also a member of freedom organizations, such as The Oath-Keepers, and believes that the times require all freedom-loving Americans to educate, invigorate and activate the principles of freedom within the States of America for ourselves and our posterity.

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I, along with some other authors, have communicated repeatedly about the States’ responsibility and duty to resist federal encroachments. More and more, this reality of truth is coming to light.








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