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By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.
August 19, 2011

For years, the United Kingdom has suffered from rampant criminal activities by gangs and criminal networks purportedly comprised of young teens and adults alike. These organized and asserted efforts have been described in various UK news reports as the fruits of the demoralization of society in the UK. This state has in part been attributed by UK’s Prime Minister as the effects of multiculturalism—an unworkable phenomena in society. While many political conservatives in the United States criticize the UK for having a socialist polity, there appears to be a striking contrast in the manner in which the UK is responding to their social problems and the United States theirs.

Perhaps the States in America could take a lesson.

In a recent AP article describing the rioting problems in the UK, the AP author describes how the UK needs the help of “anti-gang experts” from America to solve their problems. In particular, American experts are supposedly needed because the rioting and gang problems in the UK are almost solely attributable to the gang mentality and lifestyle portrayed by various American forums, such as movies, rap artists, etc. Specifically put, “British law enforcement authorities…billed full-blooded street gangs as an American phenomenon.”

Since these UK crimes’ origins are asserted to bleed from America’s wound, the logic follows that experts from America who are dealing with the same sort of problems are needed to solve UK’s criminal activity. At the end of the AP article, the author asserts that as a result of “American help” the problems in the UK have been substantially cured claiming that “gang-related violent crimes [fell] 46 percent in the past three years because of them.”

However, there appears to be more to the story than the AP report describes. Coming from a recent UK report, the riots and gang activities reach into the very roots of UK society itself, which cannot be cured by “American experts” at all. Rather, the problem lies in the morality of the people as a society, political entity and government. In his description of the condition of the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron describes the UK as demoralized and weak, the attributes of which he later details. To Cameron, the riots and criminal networks were not a cause of the demoralization and weakness. Quite the opposite: the riots and crimes were a manifestation of an already-demoralized society which took several generations to come to fruition.

Stated specifically, Cameron made these observations about the riots and their correlation to UK’s demoralized condition. “The riots were the result of a litany of social and cultural problems,…blaming irresponsibility and selfishness that lead some people to behave ‘as if your choices have no consequences’.” Cameron further blamed the demoralization condition on “children without fathers; schools without discipline; reward without effort; crime without punishment; rights without responsibilities; communities without control” (emphasis added).

To suggest that riots and gang activity (i.e. homegrown terrorism, as described by federal laws such as the Patriot Act, etc.) results from boys not having a father at home; from schools not being able to discipline students; from people being rewarded for their laziness; for children not being taught that responsibility is required where rights exist; from local communities not having enough political power falls into the category of political thought some reports in America categorize as “extremist” or “racist.” These assertions would be (and have been) facially deemed as instigations from hate groups. Such an example is the type of articles which gives credence to the Southern Poverty Law Center as some sort of “expert” on “hate groups,” describing people like Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes as leaders of hate groups in Montana. However, this is the kind of statement Prime Minister Cameron made regarding the state of the UK.

These statements form the foundational concepts for the future of these European countries to procure liberty in places where society is literally crumbling from within due to the lack of morality and national cohesion. Yet, America seems still to be drudging through the social and political mess created by philosophers like George Hegel and Karl Marx. Europe seems to recognize the error of this path. Why can’t the United States?

Compare the European response to some within the United States, from people who are considered and even known to be the close friends of President Barack Obama. In a recent article posted by World Net Daily, Cornel West asserted that the United States will suffer the same rioting and gang-related activities because America does not respect poor people. To West, this alleged disparaging treatment of a class of people in America will be the downfall of American society, a simple regurgitation of Marxian principles.

West’s position is reported as such: "Cornel West, a race-relations professor at Princeton, warned United Kingdom-style riots will come to the U.S. if the ‘poor’ are not treated well. ‘If you don't treat poor and working people with dignity now, chickens are going to come home to roost later,’ said West. ‘And it won't be about love and justice. It will be about revenge, hatred, and then we all go under.’”

In sharp contrast with the European response, people in America from the supposed highest levels of influence and education mention nothing about individual responsibility, family integrity, and self-determination--the principles which formed the foundation of the free Western world since the American Revolution in 1776. Instead, they continue to focus on how “poor” people or minorities are mistreated which ultimately converts into perpetuating the welfare state, class-treatment agenda, entitlement belief, and group-grade success.

To the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister and to a large number of its citizens, real social remedy can only be found in readdressing the foundation of society: the character and morality of individuals, in addition to its cohesive identity as a sovereign political unit. As they are heading fast into the abyss of social and government destruction, the people of Europe have gotten serious about saving their country with what really works.

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To that end, Prime Minister Cameron told reporters that his administration will “reassign policies on schools, welfare, families, parenting, drug addiction and communities” and will address “the twisting and misrepresenting of human rights that has undermined personal responsibility, and the obsession with health and safety that has eroded people’s willingness to act according to common sense.”

The United States of America has come to a sad place where the country from which the American colonies seceded in 1776 for the sake of liberty and freedom now recognizes and advocates sound principles which America seems not only to miss or forget but also to reject.

� 2011 Timothy N. Baldwin, JD - All Rights Reserved

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Timothy Baldwin is an attorney licensed to practice law in Montana (and Florida) and focuses on constitutional issues. Baldwin graduated from the University of West Florida in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English and Political Science. In 2004, Baldwin graduated from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL with a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree. From there, Baldwin became an Assistant State Attorney in Florida. For 2 1/2 years, Baldwin prosecuted criminal actions and tried nearly 60 jury trials. In 2006, Baldwin started his private law practice and has maintained it since.

Baldwin is a published author, public speaker and student of political philosophy. Baldwin is the author of Freedom For A Change, Romans 13-The True Meaning of Submission, and Political Discussions for People of States–all of which are available for purchase through Liberty Defense League. Baldwin has also authored hundreds of political science articles relative to liberty in the United States of America. Baldwin has been the guest of scores of radio shows and public events and continues to exposit principles which the people in America will need to determine its direction for the future.

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However, there appears to be more to the story than the AP report describes. Coming from a recent UK report, the riots and gang activities reach into the very roots of UK society itself, which cannot be cured by “American experts” at all.









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