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Divorce And Child Support Are Eviscerating Military Recruitment










David R. Usher
January 13, 2006

Over a span of forty years �Father-absence� has became the greatest consequence of feminism.

Military recruitment is weak. Despite an ebullient economy, too many women and children live in poverty. Men are not bothering to go to college or develop careers. Illegitimacy and divorce are still at near-record levels.

Men were the first to realize that feminism is the greatest social problem we face. This is what we would expect, since men were the targets.

But now, most women have come to this conclusion too because feminism also hurt them badly.

Only professional feminists thought that women would be better off without a husband. The National Organization for Women and its many counterparts have pushed this since the 1960s.

Women found out that a couple cannot split up and support two households, and two lawyers, without sustaining a painful decline in their standard of living. Without husbands, women do not �have it all.� They have to �do it all� on less money.

Professional feminists thought they could become the �husbands� of the majority of women. This has been achieved in-principle. But it is a disaster in practice. Feminists are not the optimal providers for, and protectors of women and children.

Every social indicator measuring the overall well-being of women and children has declined measurably over the past forty years. It is perfectly reasonable to hold professional feminists responsible for this because every one of the major consequences we face can be traced back to feminist thinking, advocacy, and disruption of civil society.

It takes more than feminists to raise a child and support a household. This is because men are, in fact, a necessary and irreplaceable component of family, civil society, and the economy.

Kate O�Bierne succinctly describes how feminists accomplished this:: They [the feminists] put us at war with the men in our lives, the fathers, husbands, and sons who love and support us.. Because men don't like arguing with women and naively assumed that if they gave feminists what they wanted they would be left alone, the allegedly fierce patriarchy collapsed in the face of the feminist assault The moral intimidation feminists inflict on men means that other women have to take on the modern, destructive women's movement. In the pages of my book you will meet some of the smart, admirable women who take on the feminists. The feminist message is crippling to our daughters, but we mothers of sons in particular have to defend our offspring. We are not raising unindicted co-conspirators in the gender wars!.�

Most grassroots women today are �third-wave feminists.� They align with �first-wave� feminists who accomplished the truly-significant equalitarian advancements prior to 1960. Third-wave feminists have little in common with second-wave �professional� feminists [1960-1995], who among many things advocate abortion, women�s supremacy, lesbianism, and the end of marriage and religion.

A bitter battle is underway between these two factions for control of the word �feminism�. Third-wave feminists cannot possibly succeed. Professional feminists are heavily funded, politically vicious, deeply entrenched in perches of power, and are hand-training aggressive political replacements in every college in America.

Even if equalitarian feminists could gain control at the wheel, what would they do? The goals of the women�s equal rights movement are long accomplished. The word feminism does not bear an equalitarian meaning in the first place.

Women must realize that feminist revisionists have gone to extraordinary lengths to rewrite the history of women�s rights. They pretend that the �feminist political movement� has been around since 1837 when utopian socialist Charles Fourier first coined the word �f�minisme.�

Early women�s-rights advocates substantially attained equality for women as �suffragettes,� not �feminists.� The vote naturally delivered equality over time.

In those days, �feminism� was a word connected predominantly with female traits � the connotation of political activism was still nascent. Even as late as 1958, the word �feminism� did not connote the arrogant political movement, now known as �second wave� feminism, that we suffer from today [p. 207].

Second-wave feminists adopted the most acid ideas and political techniques from the discredited movements of Marxism, Communism, Freudianism, and Bolshevism. This ideological aggregate was hidden behind the veil of the suffrage movement and dubbed �feminism.�

Today there are at approximately twenty-nine subtypes of feminism. Twenty-seven of them generally advocate for female supremacy, abject socialism, or irresponsibility. This metastacized cancer cannot be surgically removed from feminism any more than one could excise racism from the Ku Klux Klan to make it an equalitarian movement.

Why wrestle with feminists over a dying, one-sided word? Equal rights are what most modern women want, just like their honored counterparts in the early women�s rights movement, who didn�t even practice feminism as we know it.

Recovering feminists now have something they can invest in with great confidence � �The Marriage Movement.�

Marriage empowers us all. It erases all physical, economic, and social disparities that exist between men and women; establishing a clear path for mutual advancement, which feminism has largely destroyed over the past forty years.

Recovering feminists are only one of the large interest groups who will find themselves moving forward by being organized within the Marriage Movement.

Black interest groups, whose constituents have been hurt the longest and the most severely by the Great Society, also have the most to gain of any interest group. 70% of black children are now born out of wedlock into the aggressive forty-year-old feminist socialist establishment that has destroyed marriage and the futures of the vast majority of black citizens.

Religious organizations now have a way to put the word into practice in ways that no one can object to. Our approach is in-line with the teachings of every major world religion. We will succeed where Promise Keepers failed. We know better than to blame father-absence on men, when it is feminism that caused the problem in both church and society.

This nascent grassroots movement will become a very powerful political movement. The Marriage Movement will grow and have the strength to finally end the dictatorship feminists established over family law, family values, education, and social policy.

What is in this for us? Every respected study indicates we will all live longer, healthier, happier and successful lives, and so will our children.

The Men�s Marriage Movement is walking out on the gender war to plant crops on safe and fertile soil, away from the searing flames of feminism. All equalitarian women, blacks, and all other affected racial minorities must necessarily be equal partners in this Movement if they wish to improve their situation too.

The Marriage Movement has plenty of work to do. We can accomplish our goals comparatively easily without having feminists in our face every step of the way.

Let us multiply our political power and lessen feminist disparities together, by following a path feminists cannot interfere with. Feminists simply cannot tackle The Marriage Movement because sexism, chicanery, hate or derived anger will be unable to get a toehold on this high road.

Our ideas are fresh, equalitarian, forthright, factually honest, and of the highest politically quality. Those who oppose us will look very bad in the eyes of the public.

The Marriage Movement is comprised of individuals working to rebuild marital responsibility. It is best for all when spouses are encouraged work responsibly through the normal problems and processes of marriage and aging.

We must call for an end the irresponsibility of �no-fault,� irresponsible divorce, and federal programs that entitle everything except marital responsibility. The two-year blues, the four-year boredom, the seven-year itch, the fifteen-year career crisis, menopause, and retirement are normal stress-points of marriage, not responsible reasons for divorce.

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States should fund programs assisting the responsible spouse (upon request), to help get a troubled spouse into treatment when problems such as abuse of drugs or alcohol is causing serious marital disruption. The monies spent on these efforts will substantially reduce social spending needs on many other social programs, reduce traffic fatalities, and provide a net positive fiscal tab to the state.

The Marriage Movement will return us to a culture living as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

� 2006 David Usher - All Rights Reserved

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children










70% of black childrn are now born out of wedlock into the aggressive forty-year-old feminist socialist establishment that has destroyed marriage and the futures of the vast majority of black citizens.