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David R. Usher
May 6, 2006

When the story broke about the Men�s lacrosse team at Duke raping a black stripper, it reminded me of the many legendary false child abuse cases of the 1970�s and 1980�s. The story did not ring true to begin with. For starters, rapists sneak around and do things as anonymously as possible. They plan their mark and then police spend a lot of time and resources to figure out who did it. Gang-raping of women in busy college party bathrooms while hollering racial epithets is not something that happens even at �Animal House.�

The �suspicious� email sent by one of the alleged rapists did not add up either. Folks do not send emails to friends joking nervously about torturing and killing a stripper unless something very upsetting took place. As the story unfolds, I predict we will find out that the stripper made a blackmail threat in the bathroom � something like � �you give me a lot of money or I will say you raped me.�

Photographic evidence in the possession of the defense apparently shows that the alleged victim was already �substantially impaired� (a gentlemanly euphemism for �smashed.�) Upon arriving, she already had numerous scrapes on her legs and knees from falling down.

The victim claims she left the party early out of fear. But she returned later, with more photos recording �a major grin on her face.� She never mentioned any rape to her stripper friend, either.

Does any of this look like a case of rape and racism? No. Does it look like a publicity stunt to make a lot of money in a civil suit and book deal? Yes.

An important piece of news broke that settles the whole issue. We know that there was no DNA evidence anywhere on the stripper�s body. She was swabbed head-to-toe and nothing matched. Now, if a girl was gang-raped, the chance of doing so without somebody leaving even one strand of DNA on her is about zero. In fact, this essentially proves that none of the 46 white members of the team even touched her!

District Attorney Mike Nifong is risking his entire political career trying to make mother�s milk from manure. He is up for election in May. We have seen shotgun sex and race prosecutions backfire before.

My prediction: The case will be quietly TUA�d and quickly replaced with a tremendous civil suit by the two girls (buffered by �experts� at the local women�s abuse center) against Duke University. This is exactly what the University deserves for allowing feminists to run the campus in the first place while stifling the healthy political and social views of heterosexual men. Organized feminism is about women and trial lawyers using sex to make money from a pedestal of feigned Victorian purity. And Duke has about as much money as the State of North Carolina has.

The classic false child abuse cases of the 1970�s and 1980�s such as McMartin and Little Rascals had two things in common: the stories did not remotely match the realities, and the litigants were highly motivated by the foreknown scent of huge civil suit settlements. Feminists discovered that these cases often backfired because it is difficult to brainwash children. They discovered that false rape and abuse allegations are much safer and more productive � except for the DNA problem.

Our stripper is a student at a North Carolina Central University. Colleges are famous for mandatory hyper-feminist coursework featuring lawyers and feminist activists that teach women how to use sex to take advantage of men, and any institution that involves men.

NCCU has a chapter of the National Organization for Women on campus. One of its major �missions� is fostering the agitprop on which the Violence Against Women (VAWA) is based � to keep $4-billion in sexist VAWA federal funding flowing. As most of us know, this is just another wedge designed to distract from the fact that women initiate slightly over half of all serious spousal altercations.

NCCU is an extension of Duke, which has an extensive women�s studies department tentacled deeply into core curricula via its funded interdisciplinary studies program. Duke has a fully-integrated SASS chapter (that screams out all sorts of social statistics debunked long ago) and a Center for LGBT Life (complete with their own �lavender graduation ceremonies.�)

The mission statement of Duke�s women's studies program is an end-stage fascist manifesto expressing full intent to turn all core curricula into subdivisions of feminist dicta: "In the field's first decades, feminist scholarship reoriented traditional disciplines toward the study of women and gender and developed new methodologies and critical vocabularies that have made interdisciplinarity a key feature of Women's Studies as an autonomous field. Today, scholars continue to explore the meaning and impact of identity as a primary - though by no means transhistorical or universal - way of organizing social life by pursuing an intersectional analysis of gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality. In the classroom, as in our research, our goal is to transform the university's organization of knowledge by reaching across the epistemological and methodological divisions of historical, political, economic, representational, technological and scientific analysis. In our Program's dual emphasis on interdisciplinarity and intersectionality, we offer students new knowledge about identity while equipping them with a wide range of analytical and methodological skill."

But Duke and UNC, like most universities, do not have a men�s studies program. This is because feminism dictates that men are not allowed to have views on social issues, marriage, family, divorce, childbearing, or childrearing. The feminist idea of equality: women must have equal rights to be in the workplace, but men should not have any right to be in the family or to even think about it. Such is the situation of men at Duke.

But don�t take my word for this. A 1965 graduate of Duke noticed a feminist problem there too, �When this is all over, the team should demand and receive apologies from Duke's president and the local 'activists' who naturally assumed the worst, although no formal charges had or have been made. Further, the team should receive compensation for damages to individual and team reputations. Finally, the University should mandate a refresher course in constitutional rights for its faculty and students. That said, having observed the decided tilt to the left at Duke over the last three decades, I'd encourage the team not to hold its collective breath." � Daniel (Duke '65)

My recommendation to Duke: When they file the civil suit, do not back down. File a countersuit against the woman and the women�s abuse center for double the amount they are asking. You cannot stop the Pink Mafia by paying it off.

My message to men on college campuses everywhere: Stay away from feminists and strippers. The last thing you want to date is a girl who studies feminism. Be sure she believes in equal rights for men to be in the family. Make certain she rejects feminism before even asking her out on a date. Get to know her previous boyfriend to find out why they broke up. If she says he is a jerk but he isn�t, you probably have a feminist on your hands.

Start a men�s rights group on your campus. Insist on equal rights for normal heterosexual men to be politically organized and to have their views on social equality heard. Demand the creation of a men�s studies program that operates completely independently of the women�s studies department. Real women will support you in this. Be sure to include them in your work.

The Duke board of directors should be more than happy to have you restore balance on campus to prevent feminists from manufacturing future assaults on Duke�s finances and reputation.

All social change starts on college campuses. This is precisely why feminists have entrenched themselves into powerful positions controlling all campus social thought.

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This will not be an easy task, but it will be the best education that any man can possibly get in politics.

It is far better to deal with feminism at the political level now and change your future than it is to wait for your own social and economic destruction later. Feminism has already destroyed over half the husbands and fathers in America. What you fail to do now is what you will get later.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children











Photographic evidence in the possession of the defense apparently shows that the alleged victim was already �substantially impaired� (a gentlemanly euphemism for �smashed.�)